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Just goes to show how out of touch some people are.

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Creative packaging like this is always cool.

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It's like celebrating an award for being the tallest midget.

Despite the hype, AW is a niche game released on a single console during a bad month for gaming overall. There's not much MS can do to try and sell it differently.

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Madden, Mafia II, Kane & Lynch, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Metroid: Other M

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Yes, but now Bobby Kotick is in charge and his soul is made only dollar bills.

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With so little known about DeathSpank, it's hard to put it up in the top 5 but good list otherwise.

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I believe Psychotic and Sadistic are available to begin with but don't quote me on that. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head.

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They should run a contest like 2K Sports did with MLB 2K10. First person to complete Crackdown 2 on Sadistic wins a millions dollars.

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Not for me but good to see people get more creative than "massage apps" for Xbox 360 Indie games.

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Good interview. They picked a bad week to release the game though.

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The RPG releases help keep it from being meh.

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That's like having a Crackhead National Championship.

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Paid trip to Hawaii for playing Pokemon? Not bad.

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Naughty bear is naughty!

Kind of sucks that the game play doesn't match up with the humor.

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I'll buy that for a dollar! Or nine.

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The comparison wasn't so much the price (since they are the same) but a comparison between how users are able to purchase subscriptions.

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Yeah, but looking at the total offering of PSN & PS Plus vs LIVE, you're getting more for your money. Mostly because of the free games.

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Demos - Free PSN users get demos available immediately and don't have to wait like Xbox LIVE Silver subscribers

Store Sales - Free PSN users get access to store sales. Xbox LIVE Silver subscribers do not.

Online Play - If the free PSN catches up to Xbox LIVE then it would send PSN over the top. As for now, the no cost for PSN versus the cost of LIVE Gold balances this out.

Downloadable Movies - PS3 has access to more content but Xbox 36...

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Sounds about right. The art assets aren't overwhelming and MS does a good job at compression with the developers they work with.

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Yet they approved 50 million massage games.

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