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@sunnygrg: The article clearly states the price was "cut up to" $25. Meaning all amounts leading up to $25 which includes $20 as well.

Only so much info can be fit in a headline before it becomes unwieldly. The body of the article more than explains the price difference as well as the fact that Amazon is probably the preferred source if you want to order it online due to tax and shipping while Toys R Us is the best candidate if you don't mind running over to th... #2.1.3
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"Slashed up to $25" means that the price was cut/dropped/marked down by up to $25. Not that the price is now $25.

In other words $59.99 - $25. #2.1
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It depends on what they present at Gamescom IMHO. They are going to have to provide the full details on what indie developers will have access to, revenue split, etc. That will be the first step in repairing the damaged relations with indies. #1.1
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Broken Link #3
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You can get the maps alone for $6 if you aren't interested in the weapon and armor skins. If your interested in the skins but not the maps, that's $3. The armor pack is another $3. #1.2
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@Alethian: I'm pretty sure MS will do whatever it can to ensure that there's never a PS4 version of Minecraft. #2.1.2
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Nope, they will continue to update Minecraft on the Xbox 360 even through the release of the Xbox One Edition. #2.1
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You don't have to use it right away. #6.1
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I just wish they had a deal on the Season Pass by itself. Otherwise, these are stellar. #1.1.1
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Heh. While I think MS should definitely throw in a free headset at $500. That complaint sits far down on the list behind the mandatory Kinect and price. #2.1
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Silly typo. Thanks for the catch. #2.1
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The exact language was "participating retailers" but yeah, whatever this trade-in system is that Microsoft has setup will likely suck for Mom & Pop game stores as it will obviously favor large retailers like GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, etc.

From a gamer perspective, there will likely be little impact as the overwhelming number of game trade-ins are done at major retailers and not Mom & Pop stores. #5.3.1
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Again, Microsoft clearly stated that they will not enforce any kind of fee for trading in Xbox One games but is leaving it up to third parties.

This is the same policy for Sony and the PS4.

There's enough BS policies from MS about how the Xbox One handles games to complain about without the need to make up new ones. #5.2.1
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Yeah, the lack of support for game rentals and loaning games to friends plus the limit to only sell a game once (outside of retail) are huuuuge downers for the Xbox One and completely unnecessary.

There is no issue with trading in games with GameStop, Amazon, etc however. #5.1.3
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Reason #2 is completely off base and I'm tempted to report this submission as "fake" because of it. Microsoft clearly stated that it will support the ability to trade-in games at retailers and is leaving it up to 3rd party publishers to charge a fee or not.

There will not be a case where retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, etc decide to exclude Xbox One games as a result. #5
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I noticed a small freeze at the beginning when the second player joined the party but really nothing after. #4.1
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FWIW: SmartGlass can be used on Windows 8 devices (PC/Tablets/Phone), Android and iOS. Not sure about Sony. #7.1
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There would be some improvements. The most notable of which would be the increase in world size. The Xbox 360 version is limited to a defined area (can't remember off the top of my head) and players can quickly run into the world's edge.

Another improvement would a large increase in the number of players online.

I hope they do something about allowing custom textures but that's probably asking too much of Microsoft and Xbox LIVE. #1.1
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Depends on how it is setup...which we and Blow know nothing about at this point. #2.3.1
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Braid, sorry. #2.2
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