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Nothing was "stolen." Fixya was credited completely and properly and the article even refers readers to Fixya for solutions to the issues.

Furthermore, Fixya contacted me ahead of time to let me know that this report was coming as an article idea.

But haters gotta hate and not even bother to read the link I guess.

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Deal is dead. Don't bother.

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Or it could be Target trying to entice people to come back to their stores after the stolen debit/credit card debacle during the holidays followed by posting a $1 billion loss from opening Canadian stores.

Not everyone is running this big of a deal. Only Target.

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Yep but it would be nice if they actually came up with games that actually supported it in a meaningful and entertaining way.

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The headline is wrong on two accounts.

1) EA said "planning" DLC not "in development."
2) That is not the same headline as the article linked.

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FWIW, the Xbox One version dropped to 24fps, not 18. It was a glitch with the Digital Foundry recording software that caused it to show 18 in the counter even though the graph showed it briefly dipped to 24.

Still, if fps is what matters to you, then the Xbox One will be your last choice. My personal experience was no noticeable frame rate drop though.

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Naughty Dog has said that Ellie is the only playable character though.

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That's the thing though, we are only two months from release. Respawn has been developing the game and the maps with 6v6 in mind "for months."

So, a beta or demo would be more to prove whether or not 6v6 with up to 36 AI bots is fun at this point. Any increase in player count would probably come via DLC at this point.

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@cyguration: Brink failed for a lot of reasons but mostly because it was an incomplete and unpolished turd that never lived up to the CGI videos that originally hyped it up.

What little story there was also did not serve any purpose in the matches.

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@Kingthrash: Why is 6v6 mixed with up to 36 AI controlled characters bad?

Honest question. Haven't played it so I don't know if the experience is bad or not.

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They are trying something different by making a an online shooter with a campaign. I give them kudos for that.

I don't know if it will work without playing it yet but I'm glad to see someone try something different.

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The Playstation Now reveal wasn't anything new so I doubt they caught Microsoft unaware. It's been known (except for the branding) since Sony purchased Gaikai in 2012. They even mentioned they were bringing it to the PS4 in 2014 during E3 last summer. So yeah, nice announcement but pretty much a known factor.

Just FYI, Microsoft demoed game streaming in-house last September with Halo 4 being streamed to a Windows Phone so this is something they've been working on...

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This has been known about both systems since before launch. This is nothing new.

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MS wasn't at CES at all so that's pretty much a non-issue.

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Eventually but a release date hasn't been announced yet.

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Yeah, it will support remote play on the PS4 version (which will have bigger worlds, bigger multiplayer) but will be out for the PS Vita as well (which will be on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions).

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Yes, it is actually coming to the PS Vita.

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Not yet. Microsoft has said that it will bring free games to the Xbox One eventually but it will take about a year before they get a big enough library of games to start putting free ones on there.

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If a company feels that a request for information is unlawful, they can refuse to comply. How often that really happens with the threat of the federal govt coming down on your business like a ton of bricks is anybody's guess.

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Right but that is for individual instances where a lawful warrant has been issued by state or federal enforcement agencies.

The leaks from Snowden today say that the NSA performed mass surveillance /collection on LIVE users. That's a different animal and one that any company will likely not comply with.

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