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Yep. Mentioned in the article to go ahead and install the games and download all the updates.

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Leads are confirmed as part of TU19. 4J teased those a while ago.

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No, because they don't even know the release date.They just target all the features they want in a release and work on it until it is done. Then it depends how long it spends in certification with Microsoft and Sony.

They have a general timeline on when they want to release the update, but if they announce something and miss the date then they end up with a bunch of pissed off Minecraft console owners.So, they never announce a release date until the last second.

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It's fine that they are raising the light levels and you have the option of staying pat.

The problem I have is completely wiping out the progress of Exotics when you upgrade. That's just hours of more grind to re-earn the perks you already earned once.

The other issue is why the introduction of Coomendations. What problem is a third level of restrictions on the use of Vanguard and Crucible Marks trying to solve exactly?

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It's still not "leaked." The reason they are unlisted on the YouTube channel is because they are part of a promotion on the Call of Duty website to get you to click around the site.

Charlie Intel covered this yesterday. Frankly, I'm surprised their article wasn't posted on N4G before Twinfinite.

If you haven't seen or participated in a Raid, go watch one of the Raid videos to see what I'm talking about. Being an FPS is fine, but players need something more interesting for PvE content than just dropping bodies if they want to commit hours and hours to it.

The Sword of Crota is a great mission because the sword does introduce a mix element to it. The missions with vehicles are meant to mix things up too, but they don't capture the same kind of magic that Bu...

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Excellent point. I added it as an addendum to the loot drop section of the article. Bubbles for you!

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Much more than horses. If you read the article, I explain how they are basically including features from three PC updates for the next console update.

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You could at least give credit in your article to the Reddit user who put this together for you to copy and paste.


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You'd have to play it at least once under your account, but yes.

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That's two separate accounts on two separate networks, so impossible for Mojang/4J to check.

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Interestingly, this article doesn't even touch on how Yerli threw the Crytek USA management under the bus. He blamed the management there for having high expenses and a high turnover rate.

That surprised the former head of Crytek USA in a follow-up interview with someone (can't remember who) where he stated that they had a small team to begin with and had only been together for a little while.

Give credit to Eurogamer for asking some tough questions a...

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This. Until Sony announces a subscription plan for PS Now, it's an apples and oranges comparison.

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It was unintentional bad wording on my part. GameStop reportedly told the person who obtained the listing that the retail release would happen the same day.

It's been updated so that point is clearer.

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While it is ideal to play with friends, it is not always possible. Even if I'm playing with friends, it would be nice to communicate with other people sharing the same space during missions, exploring, multiplayer or at the Tower.

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@darksky: In Titanfall's defense, the "Final Hours of Titanfall" piece from Keighley pretty much spelled out that the game wasn't getting made unless Microsoft helped fund it.

Just be happy that it's only a one game exclusive and not a series exclusive.

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Those deals are awful. Every single one. GameStop doesn't even try with deals because they are so dependent on trade-ins.

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He is doing IP development, writing and narrative design. Not directing.

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Obvious duplicate is obvious.


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That was in reference to existing games, not upcoming games. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to continually tweak resolution leading up to when a game goes gold. Respawn Entertainment was doing it with Titanfall, for example.

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