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It was $38.99 for most of the day. They deal is dead now though. The article has been updated to reflect that but the other XBL Gold sales listed are still good.

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Yeah, the first episode is still free. That's what makes this $10. The other four are $2.50 each.

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He's stuck in Detroit on a 4-12 team that loses even when he puts up bonkers numbers.

I'd say curse not broken for the sole reason he's stuck in the hellhole that is Detroit. LOL

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The game has been fine for the most part. The special promotions and now the DLC have been anything but.

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Yeah, that's harder to do unfortunately because of the way it has to be setup for co-op (different from War Games). Just one person with a bad connection can screw it up for everyone.

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343 is trying to keep the number of playlists at a manageable number so it doesn't become the mess that the Halo: Reach playlist became. As a result, they are rotating out playlists that aren't necessarily popular.

I'm not defending the practice, just pointing out their reasoning.

There's no skill ranking in Halo 4 yet but it is supposed to be coming in a future title update. Maybe they'll add a ranked playlist then? <shrug>

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You can expect to see this deal more widespread on Sunday. At Target definitely.

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And with limited support.

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Yeah, the Crimson Map Pack maps will be in their own playlist along with some of the other maps. So, you'll see the new ones frequently but there's still a chance for Haven, Ragnarok, etc.

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I'm not feeling Harvest. Maybe its because I just got finished reading the book for a second time (yes, I'm a nerd) but it doesn't scream "agricultural" to me.

Otherwise, yes these look pretty good.

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Apparently the pub tool is having problems sorting through a crap ton of links for some reason. This is a brand new issue I've not seen before.

I've removed the individual links and left in the main links to Best Buy's Black Friday game deals.

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Whoa Whoa Whoa. Are you telling me that retailers actually discount software to entice consumers to come buy said software and possibly also the console from their stores?

This is madness I tell you!

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All sold out around me. Depends on the area and the stores.

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Yeah, they did nothing to advertise that Nuketown 2025 would only be available for a limited time.

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It's been going in and out stock online all morning.

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Super Mario Bros. U launches on Sunday, 11/18. I imagine Toys R Us and a couple of other retailers will be having deals that include it then.

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Really, I can't tell that it's the same three maps when Haven gets voted for every Infinity Slayer match and Ragnarok for every BTB match.

There are other maps to play Halo 4 owners!

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Pretty much.

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Sorry, but KMCROC is right. It's been almost four years since Battlestar Galactica ended its run on SyFy and the channel has really pushed nothing but crap since.

Defiance sounds interesting but I don't hold any confidence in anything put out by SyFy these days.

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