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They are a timed exclusive, so not that big of a deal.

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It's not optimized for release yet. They've been putting out performance improvements steadily as they work to release. Additionally, they showed a "Detailed Graphics" option but we don't know what that does yet.

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You only have to buy it once.

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"Where's the trailer? Release date? For how long they will keep this on early access?"

They've had several trailers for ARK: Survival Evolved. There's been a trailer pretty much for every content update to the game, which happens at least once a month.

Release date was for July, but was delayed so they could add more content and features. It is now holiday.

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Did you play the beta at all? It's not been very fun IMHO. Throwing more money into a multi-delayed product that isn't very engaging or fun isn't exactly a winning strategy. Sometimes you have to cut your losses.

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Thank you sir. :)

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That's not the thrust of the article at all. Even at the end, it notes that Xbox One is unlikely to outsell the PS4. Having a solid and competitive second place finish is key to staying relevant in Europe.

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It's about market share, not total sales. Yes, the Xbox One is selling better than the 360 at this point in its life, but the PS4 enjoys a 70-90% market share in continental Europe countries.

That's unhealthy for the Xbox brand.

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Actually it was classified as Ugly, which is used for gaffes. The delay combined with having to restart the demo a minute in was a gaffe.

It's a minor one, and a big improvement over past E3's, but still a gaffe.

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Ugh. What an odd typo. Thanks for the heads up. Fixed.

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"The gif below is the old build while the one below is the new build"

"Same here with the one below being the old build and the one below being the new build."

Phrasing! </archer>

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That 18.5 million people have purchased a PS4.

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@SilentNegotiator: Good question. I have no idea. Would probably have to find a way to trick the Xbox One into thinking a Blu-ray drive was hooked up...which may have been more trouble than it was worth.

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Only thing I would have done different is not include the Blu-ray drive. Might as well make the tablet all digital and save some space.

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Thinner at least. He'd still need to find a smaller LCD screen than the one he used in this build.

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Yep. Mentioned in the article to go ahead and install the games and download all the updates.

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Leads are confirmed as part of TU19. 4J teased those a while ago.

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No, because they don't even know the release date.They just target all the features they want in a release and work on it until it is done. Then it depends how long it spends in certification with Microsoft and Sony.

They have a general timeline on when they want to release the update, but if they announce something and miss the date then they end up with a bunch of pissed off Minecraft console owners.So, they never announce a release date until the last second.

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It's fine that they are raising the light levels and you have the option of staying pat.

The problem I have is completely wiping out the progress of Exotics when you upgrade. That's just hours of more grind to re-earn the perks you already earned once.

The other issue is why the introduction of Coomendations. What problem is a third level of restrictions on the use of Vanguard and Crucible Marks trying to solve exactly?

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It's still not "leaked." The reason they are unlisted on the YouTube channel is because they are part of a promotion on the Call of Duty website to get you to click around the site.

Charlie Intel covered this yesterday. Frankly, I'm surprised their article wasn't posted on N4G before Twinfinite.