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So apparently your opinion is greater than everyone else's, cause you believe to know what makes a great game?

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*waits for the "Runic games don't know what they're doing" comments*

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People are getting out of hand with the mass disagrees now.

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actually retro, his analogy works.

He said popularity and quality aren't the same, which is true, not specifics of that.

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You expect people to read and understand on this site?

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"Thats like Team Ninja approaching Sony to publish NInja Gaiden 2 on the PS3"

It IS on the PS3. >_>

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I laughed at the truth to that Thom.

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Blade you did a stealth edit. >_>

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You got some brown on your nose there.

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Dude, sales numbers don't define quality. It defines ease of access.

The problem being is that yes they admit towards that, however on the flip-side, you got jack***** here that play that into going "That means the platform sucks. Ignore it!"

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I want to have what drugs Look_Behind is on right now, cause something tells me he's an alt account.

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"Otherwise you wouldn't be settling for less. Don't lump me in the same category as you."

You're right. We should lump you up with mud, considering you got nerve to try and oust Sony on what they do, and then you turn around and act completely immature.

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Yea once I saw his name, I know I was going to have a facepalm somewhere in that article.

The guy is an instigator first and foremost.

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In that sense I agree with you, but because of the console licensing thing, it adds $10 to the actual price.

Hence why you see a lot of games on Console $10 more than the PC component.

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They can't help it that some of them just started gaming this generation.

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The PC versions don't have resale either.....

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Usually happens when you try to hold a discussion. People either call you a fanboy, insult you, or a combination of both.

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Hey i'm Black, and I even got to say that some of the stuff he does is ridiculous. It's not because of his race, it's how he makes journalism tend to look almost like a joke.

Just because he's very passionate doesn't mean we should just excuse it.

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Was gonna comment on the same thing, but you already mentioned it. :)

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Um....I think people KNOW that this isn't serious....

I mean the first screen puts it at -1 which means it's not out yet.

Look at the last line:

"Obviously this is a mistake that is going to be fixed soon and no one will ever mistakenly pay the 'Required Balance,' but it doesn't stop it from being pretty damn funny."

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