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Nintendo killed it at E3!!

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Playing this on a plane or on a bus will be so enjoyable.

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Yes!!! I enjoyed beating Splinter Cell Blacklist on the hardest difficulty. Great game!! I'm looking forward to the next Splinter Cell.

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@UltimateMaster Probably because Nintendo doesn't want the PS4 Neo or Xbox Scorpio to launch with NX capabilities, or be advertised with the NX capabilities until the NX releases first.

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You must have never played Road Rash. It's a great series and this game is a spiritual successor to that series.

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You were a manger of a Gamestop store not the Executive President of the corporation lmao. He probably does know something about the NX. I highly doubt he knows everything, but he probably knows something.

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Unfortunately, Nintendo has thrown in the towel on the Wii U. This is why nothing will be shown at E3 but Zelda. Nintendo has promised Wii U fans Zelda so that game will be present at E3. I wouldn't be shocked to see less than a hand full of new AAA Wii U games from now on. Nintendo NX will be here shortly!

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They have the Wii U Pro Controller you know.

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I don't let reviews keep me from buying some games. It's just someone's opinion who didn't like the game. I may or may not like this game myself. I am impressed by the gameplay footage so I might pick this up after a price drop. There are other games I want to buy first.

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Sony wrote that they would own everything Nintendo in their contract, but Nintendo initially didn't know about this. Nintendo read through the contract and were furious. This is why they went to Phillips afterwards. I don't blame Nintendo for getting out of that deal.

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It's not okay! But at least you can still say that Black Ops 2 isn't on other current gen consoles other then the Wii U. It's still messed up that BLOPS 3 isn't on the Wii U though. ;(

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It's about time for me to buy this game now. I'm glad I waited for my more DLC to fill this incomplete game into a complete one. Hopefully I'll get this game sometime in the next two months. No promises! But it's definitely on my radar now. I'm very interested in purchasing this game now.

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Nintendo hasn't made very many new IPs. I'm not talking about 3rd party exclusives or 2nd party games. I'm talking about 1st party IPs.

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Exactly what I was thinking man. Nintendo needs to realize that their fans do want new IPs. If they continue to make new ips then more people will come on board. They also have the option to reboot one of their amazing IPs from the NES & SNES. They can continue to release a 3D Mario every generation, because that's a flagship series. But they don't have to make every Nintendo franchise every home console generation. They are allowed to skip a generation. Bring Metroid back ...

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@Heavenly King Bayonetta 1 sold across 2 consoles that had a much larger install base than Bayonetta 2. If anything the attach rate was on Bayonetta 2 isn't bad.

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They showed Fatal Frame on a Nintendo Direct already. They showed Devil's Third on last year's E3. This article might just be bait.

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Umm, no!

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If Xenoblade X doesn't have voice chat then I'm selling my Wii U. I'm sick of this no voice chat BS. It adds to the experience when you can use voice chat. The Wii U has great games but I need my voice chat.

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As a Nintendo fan I'm disappointed myself. It is ridiculous for them to do this.

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The console isn't coming out until 2017. They are announcing details next year so expect a 2017 release. Nintendo announced the Wii U in 2011 and it released in 2012.

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