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youve been watching too many American movies and fox news propaganda.

Soldier, pfft.

Warzones in small sections of middle east does not equal the entire middle east and the country of Saudi Arabia or the people who occupy it.

Get your head out of your ass, and stop generalising and stereotyping, you red-necked beer-guzzling gun-toting inbred yank.

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The Jackal in Far Cry 2 was pretty good imo. Not really a villain as much as your rival.

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What a terribly written article. Is that all it takes to become a "journalist"?

Sounds like the writer himself is whining alot

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WOWZA does she have tits which would knock down a building!

I'd love to explore her uncharted territory, 'na mean?

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In case you didnt know:


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More of a life than you, you seem to spend all your time here. go outside, lol

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Its probably the XBONE version

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People just dont like you. deal with it lol.

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Pay no heed to Foxtrot, he's always been an annoying little shit.

Regardless of my dislike for CoD, im sure the composer will do an epic job on Arkham Knight.

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Kojima is unfathomably narcissistic. Just can't stand him and his smug face.

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Do you even need to ask? :P

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What a racist list. Why dont we have top 12 white characters list?

Oh right, because its okay for Blacks have things for themselves, but not any other race.

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Nobody gives a shit, take your money and your harassment and shove it.

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Payback's a bitch!

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Because, you ignorant fuck, I dont live in America therefore am unable to watch the shitty superbowl therefore cannot view Video Game commercials if there were more of them.

Keep gaming and your retarded sports seperate.

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Maybe because not every single gamer in the world is American...

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Uhm...you're the one who submitted it, why not just change it to NG1? Genius.

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Mortal Kombat? WTF?

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Of all the controversies, I really dont like Lara's redesign. She's not the same Lara I played with (giggity) on my PS3. I hope the revert back to the old design for the sequel.

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