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A game doesn't become good just because of it's art direction and technical merits. Such statement only makes me think less of The Order.

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Now THIS is a story unrelated to videogames, but god damn it is juicy.

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TLoU doesn't deserve to be in the top 20, putting it in first is just too much.

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I hope they fired the person who wrote that absolutely abysmal review of Ace Combat Infinity. Read it and tell me that person deserves to be called a reviewer.

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It wasn't even my game of the month, I'm honestly amazed by how people ignore the bland gameplay, combat and overall feeling of repetition.

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Ninja Theory AND Unreal Engine again? that can't be good.

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DLC? but all of those things were supposed to be from the start, they were part of the extra goals from the Kickstarter campaign. Is not really DLC.

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It's a film that knows what it is and I can't blame it for it. it's a bad one but that's a completely different subject.

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I hate the whole concept of "mature games" , it only seems like an attempt to justify the media and ego stroking. To me, a mature game is one that doesn't pretend to be anything but a game, and realizes the importance of fun and interactivity.

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I does look like the superior version, but I still can't recommend it over other games on the genre. I'm sorry future PS4 owners, but Diablo 3 is nowhere near as good as the sales might indicate.

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CALLED IT, great news although I wonder if that means they will also release some more DLC.

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Justice is not real, God is dead.

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Ridiculous, Commander Video would be in Smash Bros. before Meat Boy.

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As boring as those jokes in image macros are, they are a reflection of the costumers and their opinions on those companies. He's on no position to call bullshit.

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Oh Crytek, that just makes me sad.

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Why is Kotaku still on this site?

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It looke like an extremely average game.

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This could have been amazing a few years ago, but Blizzard is no longer the company I used to respect.

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I honestly don't even care, I can't recommend Diablo 3 to any console players.

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Why is this whole sexism fad still going? people are going to insult you regardless of your genre. It's not complicated.

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