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my comment was wrt KZ2 not the other contenders.

As for the controls adding realism is BS. Instead, they have p*ssed off alot of Ps3 shooter fans who will likely buy more MW2 and BF:BC2 than KZ2.

So GG's brilliant solution to realism is add laggy controls for supposed weighty feel. Why not add fully destructible enviroments, climbing, crawling, prone etc, fully usable vehicles, more realistic battlefields. Oh, that's right, DICE has done m...

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...the rest of the games are in there based on hype and/or past glories...or just to make up the numbers as also rans.

Uncharted 2 will dominate the GOTYs this year.

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KZ2 is a good game but had too many obvious flaws that GG should have never done in the first place - and never fixed.

Great graphics and definite improvement over KZ1 but lacking in the 'Wow!' factor.

I've been in the top 1% and know the game well. KZ2 might have sneaked into being a strong GOTY contender with proper responsive controls(like Battlefield at least and no autoaim), no spawn flare, vehicles added to MP online and making the DLC free. This is what I was...

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Hardware - Apple

OS - Apple Os X

Controller - M$

...and I'm a Sony fanboy.

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take over the Foundation, acquire Linspire/Yellow Dog Linux and develop Sony OS to be used on PCs, Laptops, Playstations, PSP, cellphones etc.

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...will still be a problem even with Foxy. But it still should be better than the ps3 browser.

The Ps3 OS just seems like a memory hog and inefficient....seems.

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Hope the rumor is true

Been only using firefox for years on Linux machines. Foxy's not perfect but helluva lot better than the Ps3 browser.

I keep saying: Sony should have made the Ps3 OS from Unix or Linux. Opera & Firefox would have immediately been available and if the Ps3 had more memory, multitasking xchat, browser, games and music at the same time, could have been done.

Bring on the Ps4.

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And have been for a while now.

Compare all their Ps3 reviews with IGN USA and other major game sites and you'll clearly see they are pathetic fanboys.


At least Eurogamer has come to their senses recently and just enjoy gaming on whatever console.

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..in gaming. Like you said, nothing is perfect.

However, there are games that overall, are such a great experience that they warrant being given a 10. But not for perfection.

Uncharted 2 is an example of such a game. Far from perfect but an awesome experience all round.

By the review video, 9.2 does seem fair and good.

Well done ubi. You're up there with EA now. Bring on more quality multiplats.

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Seems to be following on the heels of Uncharted 1.

Just wonder how better the sales would have been had it had MP/coop - adding endless replay value.

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...especially since the maturing of xbox live & PSN.

No excuses.

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...I just want a fighting/actioner/hero game with a tight "Gears of War" third person perspective.

This would be truly next gen for these genres and puts the gamer right in the middle of the action.

Otherwise GoW3 is just going to be the usual GoW formula with HD graphics.

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Need a new ip or to perfect Resistance:Modern Warfare 3.

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So you're telling me that there're more shooter fans and more xbox 360 than Ps3 owners in the USA?

No. Can't be. Are you for real?

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Consoles have dominated game sales for years.

It's about time developers say goodbye to the PC. And you have only to blame piracy and those f*wit gamers who are perpetuating it.

Frack PC gaming, Console gaming is the future.

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After the release of MW2, it's still the front runner for GOTY.

Just did not have the fanbase or hype like other games. How different it might have been had coop/MP been in UC1...and Sony fixed up their crappy advertising/marketing this generation.

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Indeed they have improved the game but they haven't copied the slick presentation, set pieces, level design and art direction, modes, and coolness of MW1/2 in MP & SP.

They really need to abandon the BC buffoons and go back to their 'serious' Battlefield roots.

copy, modify, adapt and improve - FTW.

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Yep, the xbox is more powerful but Santa Monica Studios showed what could be achieved if you know what you are doing with God of War. And had Bungie worked with Santa Monica Studios, Halo1 on the Ps2 would likely have been just as good as on the xbox - due to the skill/experience of the developer.

Also, third party developers like R*, Criterion, Ubi and Panademic didn't do too bad with GTA, Black/Burnout, splinter Cell/RB6 & Mercenaries on the Ps2. T...

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..they didn't.

M$ was incredibly lucky to see Halo demoed at the Macworld Conferenc back in 1999 and subsequently bought Bungie a year later. We all know how that purchase turned out for them.

They won't be that lucky again mainly because there as now so many developers who have stepped up their game and producing great works in diverse genres.


I would have loved to see Halo1 on the Ps2.

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Now they just need to announce that ME2 is a timed exclusive for the PC/360. Ps3 version to be released 6 months later.

Would be nice as well for Criterion to announce they would be redefining FPS with Black2 - an RPG shooter, huge maps, significant customization, fully usable vehicles, realistic ballistics & physics, destructible environments, 128 + players, 4 player split screen, coop etc.

Oh, but you can only dream. Suppose BFBC2 will have to do for the time ...

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