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Sony, Nintendo and MS spent millions on research development and all of them decided against it for different reasons. #10.4
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Vampire The Masquearade is one of those gems that will probably never get a proper sequel. Every RPG ethusiast should play this game, it's old so it tuns on toasters even. #3
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They went with that CPU on purpose because it's not your typical discrete GPU/CPU setup. AMD has a really high chance of really pushing APUs this gen since pretty much every dev out there will be primarily optimizing AAA games FOR APUs. But hey, at least PC CPU cores will see more use in the next years thanks to that. #6.2.2
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Releasing another $500 console would have been very unwise from Sony.

>but specs aren't top of the line when compared to PCs

Power relative to PCs is irrelevant. Sony already knows that a decently powered console with enough developer support (PS1, PS2) is the healthiest route any company can take. No high-end console has ever been a 100 million console seller. #6.1
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There are far more accomplished invidiuals to spend envy on than pewdiepir. #1.2
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Heh #3.2
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It's my favorite fighting game in a long time; it's not very difficult to master chosen mains. However, I'm pretty much a casual fighting game fan. #3.4
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C'mon it's not creepy much less morbid. He can look suspicious if you wanna take him that way but we're pushing it here. #5
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How much better can these graphics get? For the first time in years I felt I was looking at an actual live game even though I was fully aware it is a video game.

Zimbabwe! #9
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No, lowest commin deniminator. Same reason NBA 2k 14 is using PS3 engine on PC instead of the PS4 one. If they used the new engine thry would alienate all those people with weak PCs who are the majority of PC sport games users. #1.5.1
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They're probably optimizing for very low-end rigs while developing the PS4 version separately. It's the only reason why thr consoles version would look better. #1.1
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It does #12.1
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Likes/Dislikes are for opinions, you can agree/disagree with a part or the entirety of any comment. #3.2
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Why did Nintendo go for a gamepad if its two latest games don't make fair use of it? How many games more to come will use it satisfactorily? 4 or 5?

It does not seem to warrant the manufacturing/development/mark eting costs that it inflicted on the console from the beginning. #1.3.1
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I don't see a reason to ever (like ever) listen to critics who more than influenced by their industry and are narrow-minded in their own perceptions. Reviews of users who aren't into profit and know of the game's genre are far,far more reliable. #1.1.3
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Whey can it only be the biggest let-down or an award-winning game? Why can't it just be ok? #2
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I'm pretty sure it was a tech demo, meaning that whatever they had running won't look anything to what they'll be releasing on any platform. It's Ubisoft #2.3
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R3's trophies aren't tied to online #1.3.1
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As if Ubisoft would develop an exclusive version just for PC, specially the one that won't sell as much as the other two #24.2
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Even if GDDR5 would have gotten cheap enough by then X1 with thattype of RAM today would have been still more expensive so most likely they would have not gone with it either way. #11.3.3
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