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Can't believe I'm saying this, but already Injustice will be a better game.

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Doesn't mean much. SE is probably too deep in development to go back and make a downgraded version of the game work on Switch.

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Go play Ass Effect Andromeda or Asscreed Syndicate.

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Horizon isn't an rpg, the Witcher barely counts as one

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This, Blizzard is really pandering to the straight male community in reality. I for one am really pleased and found anyone against this a degenerate.

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How can you tell frame-pacing problems from a YouTube video?

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It won't look like that. Nintendo recently sent out devkits so these devs are working on theoretical target specs.

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Exactly, I only feel it for his family and the ones of those he ruined. For him not at all.

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Yes, can't believe it's actually looking at lot better, I was losing faith for a while.

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I know, all these people mentioning 7th gen games makes me realize how much most haven't been playing.

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MGS3 and FFVII if I really have to pick

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Isn't he the guy who claimed that all PS4 games would be 60fps or something like that?

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Who is the girl at 11:45?

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If you bring ideas to the table as a temp you stop being a temp and become full-time. A temp that gives ideas will keep on giving them so he becomes a permanent. That's how the world works outside your room.

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Guns are finally back

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That's how it was hyped before release but it turned out way different after release. Games struggled to keep co sister 30fps and most were sub HD. As a matter of fact, before PS3 release, somer would call the 360 the Xbox 1.5 because it's ports looked barely better than the OG Xbox. Oh boy was it disappointing to find out the PS3 couldn't keep up early on. Look up comparisons of early gen games like Oblivion to see how behind consoles have been (since the 4th gen imo).

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The Japanese being "sexually repressed" is an opinion. That they have WAY less sexual assault PER CAPITA than the US is a fact, which pretty much debunks you.

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"This makes us feel some sort of way, and it's not good."
Who is us? Are you being forced to play the game? Even if they WERE being assaulted in the game, murder and assault are both illegal yet only murder is ok in videogames so it all comes down to your own personal feelings. Down with all this "emotionally safe" rethoric

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