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What's up with the clickbait image?

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They're just vocal minorities, that's what the Internet does, it's a megaphone for opinions if you're listening. Then again don't listen and ignore them and you'll remain sane.

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Star Wars could be set in the far far future or far far past, who knows. SW is a space fantasy.

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It's a 60fps game, they could easily make this game run at [email protected] if they wanted to.

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>"exactly, [the PSVR] isn't $400"
>"but the [PSVR] device is"

That's what you're saying, think it through again

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Word of advice: git gud

After playing for several months I can conclude there is no significant difference.

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Anything can be art

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It's great time to be alive any week.

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Should've known better than to name yourself XXXtboysn1p3rXXX back then

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This honestly feels like Bronies complaining to the My Little Pony creator about the show not exploring more mature themes. That show like Pokemon, is for goddamn children ffs.

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The majority of Pokemon players are just kids who play for fun. If you wanna call them casuals go ahead but that's Nintendo focus on delivering a fun experience.

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I'm tots going to get a phone based on gaming capabilities, us gamers amirite XDDD

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Technology is years behind boob technology, I'm sure you remeber when boob technology started.

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This is far from a fps game based on shooting skill, input device has nothing to do with it I assure you.

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This can't come soon enough

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I spent $100 on both versions of Cyber Sleuth. I have no regrets because it satisfies my weeb need for games.

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That Reddit-tier image is cringey as hell.

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Who's specifically is mad?

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Except SJWs aren't the only cheering this on

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If this was a "security" patch it's a waste of time, the doors are fully open

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