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Fox News doesn't need to talk about their own popularity because the ratings show they are miles ahead of all cable news stations.

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lol I used to watch living single

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As someone who used to work for a huge CPA firm, let me tell you that professional "office jobs" bring more stress than the average person can handle. I know it was too much for me after a while.

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Steam is PC gaming.

OK and

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Really ME2 isn't that different from FF13? Really? Come on man.

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I've beaten Red Dead and i have to say Mass Effect 2 is the best game this year so far.

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How on earth would a game like this work on a console? An mmo without a keyboard sounds ridiculous to me. Also consoles die and the PC never does which is needed for mmos to have a long life.

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Hi Guys,

The only PC game I play is Diablo II. Should I upgrade my Vodoo 3 card to this?


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HHG lol.

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Can't even do 1080p for blockbuster games. Give me a break.

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This has huge potential.

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Yea Fox's ratings are really down nowadays. Oh wait, no they're not.

Actually, Ray, Fox is the biggest player in the news game and this story isn't even a blip on their radar.

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ROFL. How many rumors do we have to hear about MMO's coming to consoles that turn out to be false?

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Jimmy Carter and an Isreali peace treaty? Come on man.

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There are plenty if immature newbs at neogaf. That said, it's not a bad place.

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Guys the current consoles are what is limiting the release of HL3. Source is a current gen engine and HL2 still looks great compared to any fps out there. When Valve creates the HL3 engine, you can rest assured that neither the 360 nor the PS3 will be able to handle it. It will be next gen.

Even though current PCs could handle it :(

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This is probably in no small part due to what IW did to PC gamers. I bought BC2 for PC but I will never give money to IW again (and didn't buy MW2).

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Source is crap technology? lol

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Usually I would agree with you, but Dragon Age released with more content than any game I can think of in a very long time.

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