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The PS3 sphere will cost $30 for the controller alone, $50 w/camera and $70 with a game/controller/camera bundle

On the other hand Natal will be at least $100 or MS gonna loose money, and if you compare it to current peripherals its actually cheap for the 360

If you think otherwise please first think logically, forget your a fanboy & do not forgot that Natal has more technical stuff included that will make it more expensive

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Just wondering though, if the Xbox 360 and Wii weren't hacked would it have affected the sales somehow [Don't just mean US sales but Worldwide sales] ?

The world isn't perfect as many know and one could argue that because a specific console has an option to get free games [even if its illegal] then "cheap" people would get it because of that.

Hope I don't get disagrees I'm just trying to start a debate here :)

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Well me hopefully I'm getting the game tomorrow. Hope no one flames me ;)

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PEOPLE I made this up & its fake! I posted it in my small closed forum & some1 without brains leaked it out! It was supposed to be an april fools thing [I posted other fake stuff to just to laugh at the comments]

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I made up this list up, in a small forum as an april's fool thingy! posted other fake stuff also about gta and GoW so I can laugh but I couldn't beleive it somebody leaked it

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