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people pay extra for this shit?

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Really, I found GT2,3 and 4 very good. I played and finished forza 2 and I dont know, It just dosent have the same feel to it.

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I think the reason is that IMHO, Xbox controls are alot better for FPS and thats why more people are playing on 360. I dont have xboxlive though so I buy all the games I want to play online for Ps3, But im not big into FPS anymore. I couldnt even get into MW2 online.

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Who ever wrote this article is just trolling. Seriously.

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All I want in this game is a Mitsubishi Evolution 2. How cool would that be to drive my car in the game?

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Well, I cant imagine Oprah or Ellen really playing GT5. Martha Stuart and Judge Judy seem like they would though.

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...and people say Grand Theft Auto is a bad influence.

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that looks on par with GTA vice city graphics.

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Wheels... Not Rims, Wheels. And im pretty sure you mean Yokohama.

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Im pretty sure they can make bikes work since they made tourist trophy and im pretty sure it was GT4 engine it ran from(someone correct me if I am wrong)

I am thinking though, This person may have just made it up, like the "Official Car Lists" you can find on google that say GT5 will have over 10,000 cars.

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If it plays similar to L4D2 It should be pretty fun in that case.

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I bought mine yesterday from EB games (gamestop canada) it was $13.99 when I traded in 3 games worth over $8(and 2 games that werent), If I would have had 4 games it would have been free. I am getting it on the 17th.

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No Brutal legend? That was seriously one of the best sound tracks for a game EVER. Even if your not a metal head you have to appreciate how they incorporated the music into the game and it flowed together so smoothly.

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VR is a gimmick to sell more holodeck's on the star ship enterprise.

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realistically, GT4 didnt have interiors, high beams, or premium cars. Everyone loved that game, so whats the big deal? Its still a racing game. You dont need a 3d modeled interior to play the game. it just gives it a better feel.

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yeah, I noticed this after. It was the first I have heard of it lol.

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Did Anyone else notice the "Coming November 2 2010" at the end? Im so Stoked on this game, and finally it looks like its actually going to come out.

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Saying you dont want to have to wear glasses to watch 3D is like complaining that you want to drive a car but you dont want to get a license.

Im gonna buy one once the price comes down a bit (about half of what they are now) I think $3000 for a tv is a bit much.

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I've had my PS3 for almost 3 years now, and I'm just fine with paying for games. If this turns out to be legit, And it has some cool features (ie, PS2 compatibility, the ability to store movies or games I own on the hdd) then I might consider it.

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