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Or they'll eat just eat their words just like they did with the DLC if (god friggin forbid)microtransactions become a norm.

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Fu** this gen. Indies look so much enticing right now. I heard Hellblade is pretty damn good with no dlc/microtransaction bs, i guess I'll try it out to support thse guys.
Something will die inside of me if we'll learn about TLOU2(The only one game left this gen That I'm waiting for) having lootboxes.

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Yep, this generation ina nutshell/ Why bother buying on release? Waiting brings so much benefits.

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Yes, we want good platformers! Not Knack 2!
Europe ftw x)

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The problem is that new generations start to play games, and who are used to microtransactions in their games(from the FREEtoplay model from mobiles). They are willing to spend the extra money because it is only natural for them and we are all screwed in the process.

More and more, when you are buying a new game nowadays you feel like it is only the beginning/incomplete product. So now people are hesitant to buy them day one because there is virtually no incentive. So you...

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Nah, I'm not that into MP in general.
And I don't play on pc, don't like tying games to account on steam(we fought against on consoles when MS tried it on Xbox).
TLOU2, Persona 5, Uncharted, Horizon, I won't need PS plus to enjoy them :)

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I see I made a great choice choosing not to pay for the online since it was free on ps3. Single player games for life! ;]

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Yes! Genius who came up with the god-child. Now the series is in good hands.

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Yeh, this is what it came to. Let's pretend that this game is "available only on one system, when a google search says otherwise".

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We let them in on Leaderboards with recent Resident Evil 1 & 0 remakes and they are so much better than us. They whooped our asses, they beat the game in outstanding 00h:00m:01s. What a bunch of legends! Hats off.

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I feel you, the prices on PSN(and probably XBL as well, never had an Xbox) are insane. Why they are more expensive than physical? It makes no sense.

On the other hand, on PC steam is the thing that keeps me away from investing in this gaming(despite great prices). I hate this tying physical game to account so it is pain in the ass to resell them. And I don't want anything between me and the game like steam, uplay,origin etc.

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Are these numbers of full games downloads only? Or PLUS income from the microtransactions which can also be classified by digital? Then that would make sense.

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I know. I was being sarcastic(that's the purpose of *** in my original post). I found it funny that even when brief description says "US" someone is asking: "Duuh is this uk also?"

Even gave you a pity up-vote.

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Yes. Read the article.


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No effing spoilers please!!!

*sorry, I just had the urge to write it x)

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Yes. Tekken doesn't need it. But since they announced it alongside PS4-exclusve content, it was very intriguing.
And now it is revealed it is only to look at character models in customization mode. Lame.

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It's still disappointing to hear the way they are introducing VR. I thought it would be something meaningful. Though I don't know how you could implement it in a faighting game.

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"but you can't fault them for bumping a 30fps game to 60fps at no cost to the current owners"

Oh, they patched game for free. What a novel(noble?) concept,

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Having custom sizes (S/M/L)would not hurt. I actually prefere the old design of Playstation controller. Except triggers of the Ps3 era, they were the worst. What the hell were they thinking.

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