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It would be nice to bring back yearly games(like it was with Uncharted on ps3 for example) in PS+.
Nothing too big but it would be great to introduce people to The Last of Us Remastered for example, or Uncharted Collection.

They could announce:
2016: Knack(that game sucked balls, but whatever xD)
2017: TLOU or Uncharted Collection
2018: Infamous SS or KZ: ShadowFall
Or sth like that.
And we would know that only AAA games we woul...

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PS4 camera to do some... video-chatting(mind=blown)

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Geralt japanese style?

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What happened to Deep Down?

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Yes, I would.

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Man, they couldn't come up with lamer April Fools joke?

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@XTGN - You couldn't miss more with this analogy.
Here is a proper one: imagine if J.K.R. cut quidditch stuff from the book because it was irrevelant to the main plot and sold it separetly to "add to the experience".

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What's the problem? Buy the inevitable "complete/definitive/GOTY edition" a year later, half the price. Or if it flops, it will come to PS + later.

Since gamers eat this shit up, companies are so bold to release later "complete" versions not even hiding that they tried to sell you the game in pieces earlier.

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Oh, so now we can finally buy a complete game. You know, not in pieces.

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Mountain Dew as a future dlc.

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@Daniel(I don't know why, but I can't reply to you, so I have to reply to myself)
"Give an example of a retail gane where pay to win has come into play. Not F2p"

I said about paying for costumes and such, like in the first paragraph of the article. You didn't have to pay if you "don't have time to unlock everything" which is the publishers' only excuse for such practice. You just ut the code in the main menu, and voila, all mode...

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'Even with all that being said, microtransactions are still... optional'

The other option were a cheat codes. They used to be free of charge.
I hate cheats, in multiplayer especially. But they were perfect for somebody who for ex. don't have time to unlock costumes or game modes.

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Oh, it's that game frome Conan O'Brien's video. And it's coming to pS3 too, nice. Cool music when Conan played it.

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Spot on. You actually used a picture of Angry Joe, unfortunately he bought - that there was because of the listening to the fans - right away. I posted this on his website:
"I can’t believe you really bought this Joe.
If they listened to the feedback, they would announce it RIGHT ON THE E3. You saw what outstanding reaction was when Jack Tretton proclaimed it? MS would be the same, hell, even better because their conference was first if they did it then.
No, they ...

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It's not only 3rd part, and not only the ending. The choices didn't matter throughout the whole series, for ex. from ME2 Ashley and Kaidan became one character(exact same dialogue), Anderson isn't in the council in ME3 whatever you chose(i actually missed THE ONE line of dialogue which explained it during the first playthrough, someone told me afterwards that there was the explanation), if you let some of the crew members die, your character data won't load in me3(what's t...

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Good example with CDPR doing the same thing FOR FREE. These guys rock.

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CD Projekt did that with Witcher 2. And with the first one, I believe.

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The only reviewer I trust. Pretty good score if you ask me.

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In this picture Leon looks kinda like Dante from Devil May Cry, you know, the old one.

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