Bolt the f*ck up!
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Stoked for this game. Will be playing Revelator until KOF14 drops.

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You know what he meant.

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All fans ever wanted was for them to return to their roots. They have once again moved further away. I'm not saying the game is going to be terrible, but it isn't Resident Evil.

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Ideally, I want the NX to be something worth getting. I can get behind Nintendo titles if they are done right as well as having some 3rd party support. Between the Neo and Scorpio? Probably neither but if I HAD to pick I guess the Neo. Both Microsoft and Sony haven't offered much of what I like for almost 2 gens.

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I'm not quite sure what people expected.

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I'm always worried when it comes to Nintendo cause I know they can be so much better than what they put out.

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Remake 1943 please.

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Maybe E3 just felt better to me as a kid. Solid conference, but the best? Not sure.

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I thought the space battles were really cool. That part of the trailer pulled me in big time but as soon as he stepped out of the ship and it became a typical COD I was turned off. Still hoping they sell MW1 separate at some point.

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So instead of 1080p at 25fps, we can now get 4k at 25fps?

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Feels like the original PS4 was a glorified beta test.

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Lol, this comment section. Get it together.

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It is only first person cause they are betting on VR being a success. First person doesn't automatically make a game scarier.

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Supernatural stuff has no business in Resident Evil. This is clearly a cash in on P.T. failing. Next are they going to add Big Foot? Maybe while you are running away from Big Foot you can stumble into a lake and fight the Loch Ness Monster? Maybe after you get out of the lake you can run up a snowy mountain and fight a yeti. Sprinkle some ghosts here and there.. Forget all about those dumb zombies right?

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They lost me the moment the space battles were over.

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Game has definitely caught my attention. The name is iffy though, doesn't roll off the tongue at all. I also can't say I am a fan of putting actors into video games, sort of messes with the immersion a little bit when I keep thinking of the walking dead.

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Game will be good, but not worthy of RE7. This is very much a spinoff and should have a spinoff name. RE7 should of been the true call back to their roots. When did things suddenly become haunted in the RE universe?

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NRS is the king at making fighting games that appeal to casuals.

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Prissy fella

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