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"N4G, land of the experts."


That is absolutely 110% subjective. Knock it off. #6.1
That one tasteless mass murder game built everything it is off of controversy. #8
3 so god damn much. All it is so far is remakes or continuations of games that come out every single year. #18.1
That is sort of crazy too. Usually games sell the console but somehow the PS4 sold extremely well without any amazing games. I'm hoping Bloodborne will be that title but I've been on a constant disappointment train that I don't even know anymore. #16.1
Solaire is a lone drifter. #1.4
It's sort of sad realizing that Bloodborne will literally be the only title played on my PS4. #31
For me this is easy. Super Mario World wins. If it was Super Mario World vs Sonic 2 then we would have a tie. Sonic 2 might even get the edge cause the music so damn good. #2
Seriously? #4.5
There is no possible way this game can be any worse than Dark Souls 2. #32
I was told come back in 2014 and in 2015, now 2016? Will I be told 2017 in 2016? #3.2.3
Excellent way to put it. As good as RE4 was, it was the first step in the wrong direction. #1.1.1
Why are you ignoring the fact that games that say "30FPS" aren't actually 30FPS. Your whole argument doesn't even tackle the issue. The issue is that the games fail to run locked at 30. That is when games start feeling like crap. Last gen had that problem and it appears this gen will too. Locked 30 is perfectly fine if they can actually do it but since they are trying to push graphics on consoles lacking the hardware we get subpar30fps. #6.2.4
Yeah it is pretty crazy but not surprised at all. At the very very least it needs to be a locked 30. But I just don't see that happening. #6.1.3
I'm willing to bet it will be "30FPS" with frequent dips. Just like last gen titles were. #6.1
Why do people act like they go crazy for SF like it's the 90s? People bought SF4, played it for like a month then started bashing it. The only people left playing were the competitive community which is such an incredibly small %. It will be the same exact thing for SF5. #16.2
PS4 currently sitting collecting dust. Bloodborne... I need you. #11
Knock it off. #7.1.1
I. need. Bloodborne. My PS4 is starting to collect dust. #89
It's funny how that works. #2.1
I love when people get bent out of shape cause a single player game is now receiving online treatment. #11
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