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I seem to notice that with damn near every unreal game these days. Why is that? Like everything has this small coat of blur. Where is the clarity?

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Well, this actually makes sense in Japan. Hell, if I lived there I might consider a Switch too. You are able to use a Switch to its FULLEST potential over there.

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I liked RE7 a whole lot but once I got to the ship or even the tunnels it started to lose the fun factor. The earlier parts of the game are fantastic. Main house, old house, barn area. All amazing.

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The PvP area didn't work because FROM decided to make their own level caps instead of going with the community level cap which was 125 max, typically 120. But really they just needed proper matchmaking, DS2 arenas were pretty solid in that regard. Some people tried to do sl100 builds for the arena but it never really caught on, 120 is where people wanted to be. iirc, going to arena at 120 means you can also get matched up against sl 200s which sucks.

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Getting worked online doesn't inspire you to get better?

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But the PC version was a raw console port...

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Wait, wait, wait. Where did you read they are redoing it on the new engine? I hope that isn't the case. I just want them to fix the issues they were too lazy to fix the first time around. Not a complete overhaul. Game might just lose a whole lot of its charm if true.

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Could only agree with one thing on the list... The Blighttown frame-rate.

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New low for N4G. Can't believe I'm seeing Trumps face on this website right now.

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You guys are absolutely no fun.

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I got DS3 in Japanese to play it 2 weeks earlier and never really had any language roadblocks. Granted, I wouldn't want to play something like Dark Souls 1 or Bloodborne in Japanese cause lore hunting would just be too difficult. But in games like DS2 and DS3 where the lore is sloppily pasted together or just straight up forced it wasn't much of a loss to me. People that decide to get this outside of Japan should be just fine.

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You're fun.

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You aren't thinking of the possibilities. Hercule would be an excellent addition and would fill the void in the game right now which is the need for a comic relief character. Hercule would have assists out the wazoo with canon references to every time he has had his butt saved. His taunts would be absolutely amazing too. Their attention to detail would make Mr. Satan one of the more fleshed out characters on the entire roster. And by your logic, with characters like the Blue Saiyans... wo...

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Will be a nice test of patience when playing in public. Are you going to keep your cool or embarrass yourself by turning into a complete manchild throwing a fit? I'll be playing my Souls games behind closed doors, the usual.

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There was a decent amount of speculation that it would be Demons Souls and I was really hoping it was true but I understand Dark Souls is a bigger cash grab with all platforms for maximum profit. Dark Souls is my favorite and I will easily sink over 1,000 hours into the remaster but it was time for Demons Souls to return. Thought they had something planned for the 10 year anniversary.

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For collectors this is probably a must have but... I just need Dark Souls 1 so I'm fine. 2 & 3 will forever be blemishes on the Souls series.

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With their incredible attention to detail I think Mr. Satan would end up being an extremely fun character if added.

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Didn't the Kinect mark the point in time where Microsoft started to fall downhill? Something about putting all their eggs in one basket and abandoning the core gamer.

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It was never officially canned, just put on hold for a very long time. That being said, I think the game will eventually come to light when the time is right. They have been testing 2d mechanics in Tekken since Tekken Revolution and obviously Tekken 7 with the inclusion of Akuma & Geese. They aren't rushing this and when this game eventually does come to light they will already have a firm grip on it. I once thought 2d style fighting game characters would be terrible in Tekken but the...

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