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Not sure what improved. It was a laggy mess.

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Probably the same games you can play at a local laundromat. They always have a Neo Geo cabinet with a bunch of games.

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You have to use your imagination!

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The smallest things have been triggering N4G users into very weird posts lately.

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They are making it so you need the Solaire amiibo for co-op.

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Is there a video available yet detailing exactly what he did and what a real submission should look like?

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It really isn't, lol.

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I still don't understand how dropping under 30FPS in any circumstance is okay to developers.

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Lol, which "adult multiplayer games" do you think are magically void of children now?

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Sometimes I get uptight, but holy crap... someone using the word "literally" brought you to why humans will destroy themselves? Go get some fresh air.

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"Is there any word on G Rank?

There’s nothing I can share with you at this time."


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I hate how once consoles finally start to get good there is talks about the next one.

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Burning Crusade was $40

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Kind of, but not really. They could patch the issues with PC but it would never turn Lordran back in the living breathing beast it once was. This remaster will have Lordran alive again. Something I thought would never happen.

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I hope you can turn off motion blur on console. Always ugly.

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Why do white people always get offended for black people? "Hey look, I'm not racist. We cool right!?"

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"Best of all is the news that jump can be mapped to L3"

Pressing an analog button feels wrong every single time.

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There really wasn't anything wrong with backstabbing. It was just the online lag that made it seem awful.

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