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lol gums007, take out the s and replace it with a p. You gump.

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It is going to take a whole lot to get impressed by graphics again. I would probably have to sit out 2-3 generations as well as know absolutely nothing about those generations just so I can come back and finally have that "wow" factor again. The steps are too small to really notice these days.

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It really isn't a big deal right now. If nexts month patch doesn't address it then I'd start worrying.

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There is seriously only one game on PS4 that needs a PC port and that game is Bloodborne.

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You know... I was hoping that with a new console, performance would get better... But if all this means is that I can play Bloodborne at 4k with the same shoddy frame rate then no thank you a million times.

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That money has been supplying you with lame indies every month man!

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God damn that video was annoying.

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@SonZeRo Not retail... right?

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I can easily wait for a standalone. Won't be suckered into buying a new crap COD.

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Why not play the best Battlefield ever made? Cause I definitely agree Battlefield has been pretty crappy since BF3. for active Battlefield 2 matches with BF2142 releasing this month.

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Best fighting game for casuals. Absolutely.

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Stop giving money to these developers. Find an alternative. Most times you will realize that the alternative is the better choice. For example. I personally don't think Battlefield has been AMAZING since Battlefield 2. (Honorable mentions are probably 1943 & Bad Company 2) So, I returned to Battlefield 2. Luckily there is an amazing revival project that doesn't have anything to do with EA. Plenty of packed servers at with Battlefield 2142 releasing this month! And it ...

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Come play Battlefield 2 in the mean time.

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For those that are ACTUALLY oppressed.. I mean those actually living in poverty and actually having to deal with BS every day..You really think it feels good when your spokesperson has no grasp of what it is even like? Colin has NO CLUE about the struggle. When people bring up his money and his white parents it is for very good reason. Why does he think he even has a voice on this subject? You don't have someone speak for you when they don't even know the struggle themselves. It is do...

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As an NFL player you are supposed to be a leading example professionalism on and off the field. Not standing with your team mates looking like a pouting child during the national anthem is flat out disrespectful from a lot of different angles. He has a whole plethora of options if he needed a platform to have his voice heard and it could of been done with class. So of course this looks like a publicity stunt in his fizzling NFL career.

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Lords of the Fallen is pretty bad.

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While the Wi-Fi upgrade is definitely cool and welcomed... remember, when gaming online you should always be wired directly to your modem/router. ESPECIALLY for fighting games.

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This comment section is ridiculous.

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Capcom can't handle a task like that. They will continue to juice their old games. They are still using the PS2 engine, they just upscale it and call it a day.

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