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"N4G, land of the experts."


A few more years and most people might not even have 4k. #1.3.2
Not interested. #72
Would love to see this without motion blur. #11
Best Game Ever. #7.1.1
Lol @ DoctorJones being a POS. #1.1.5
Clarity. #1.2.9
.Hack #3
Even if it isn't, cause a Youtube video just doesn't do enough justice, modders will make this game look extraordinary. #2.1
Pass #1
You could of stopped after the 1st paragraph. Yet you had to go on and rant even more? Your post is part of the cancer too buddy. #30.1
It seems like it should of been someone else picking between the two consoles while Sheldon is in their ear telling them exactly why PC gaming is better. #29.1
I used to say I enjoyed DeS the most but after Dark Souls 2, I have grown a greater appreciation for the first Dark Souls. It's a tie between the two now with Dark Souls 2 coming in last place. #1.2
Wish I could lock those death threat senders up in a room and practice shooting apples off their head with my bow. #26.1
Are people finally getting tired of the same formulas? #23
That price for Tekken 6 is not a deal. #2
Oh cry me a god damn river. I hate these articles. #46
As a competitive player and enthusiast, I love that they keep making iterations for what is probably my 3rd favorite fighting game ever. #1.2.2
They have done it since the early 90s, only now do people want to bitch and complain about it. #1.2
Is this bait? #18.1
Wait so this week we are okay with Dualshockers? #59
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