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I hate upgrades that happen right in the middle of a generation but Nintendo pretty much invented that, so of course it will happen.

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When Sony gets to the top they like to coast along not puting as much elbow grease as they did on their climb to the top. Once momentum starts to shift in other directions they will get on board.

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I'd rather heal on the run than backtrack to a different zone to get a completely safe heal. We are finally seeing elements that will give this game a huge boost of immersion and people are against it?

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You have had this hidden layer of salt with your posts as of late. Everything alright at home? And if we are really going to pull the casual card with the series, that happened back with MHTri on the Wii.

"2-Unified world (uninterupted areas) ...also a huge change that maybe lessen the difficulty of Monsters in order to be playable"

This one made no sense to me. So you mean to tell me that because a Monster can now chase you everywhere... it is ...

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And an actual fight stick is better than all that... But it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. Casuals just like to mash. Mashing works on all controllers just fine.

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My hype levels continue to rise...!

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Seems like most people would have considered at 400 but not 500.

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Not interested in Dauntless.

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All Blizzard remasters need to be done that way. They are classics and not to be tampered with. You "remake" them and they will effectively lose their original charm.

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I wish Killer Instinct was multiplat. They did a damn good job on that game. Input delay is low, netcode is arguably the best to ever grace a fighting game too.

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I can't speak for other genres, but fighting games typically have less input delay on Xbox. That usually makes it the better version.

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@FarEastOrient, you forgot Tekken7 and Persona 5.

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I would play Rocket League again if this happened.

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If it isn't 60FPS then it really doesn't matter. It could be 8k and I wouldn't care.

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What a bunch of BS.

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Looks like it will be solid but I can't help but feel like the game is lacking personality right now.

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What does that have to do with Monster Hunter finally coming home?

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