Bolt the f*ck up!
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You guys give Sony way too much credit. I think I even saw someone say Sony came in from "nothing". Okay, the PS2 was never a thing I guess. I also guess the first 3/4th of the last console generation were perfect too. Even during the red ring of death fiasco, 360 was STILL the console of choice. The best thing to happen to Sony was them getting hacked and PSN being offline for like a whole damn month. I'm dead serious too. That lit a HUGE fire under their ass and they started t...

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Raspberry Pi is waiting for you guys. Slap Retropie on that badboy and play all the classics. Can even put Kodi on it too.

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Lol, oh no.

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Like the Switch?

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The download speed is okay, terrible in comparison to my PC download speeds though.

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Hm interesting

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I'd buy this horribly optimized game if I could play with Xbox users.

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Wait a second, New Age Retro Hippie? ... Pichi... is that you?

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Why do people pretend like they don't understand what someone meant when a typo was made. It actually makes me think people are more dumb than the person who made the typo. Of course you are doing it to be a douche, but still.

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Thought about this Heavy Rain video instantly.

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Bloodborne doesn't need a sequel, just like Dark Souls never needed two more games. Demons Souls is beautiful and got left alone, Bloodborne needs the same treatment.

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I don't even like this guy but I wouldn't group him in with those terrible types of people. People are just overly sensitive these days for some strange reason.

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Wonder what the input delay is like.

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It is called recreational outrage. Some new hobby kids are getting into.

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Starcraft Remaster has me right now, but definitely picking this up in the future. Looks amazing!

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I seriously agree 100%. This is why I don't pay for PS+ anymore, especially considering I haven't really liked a PS+ game since Rocket League, arguably Tricky Towers. Only game I play online these days is Tekken 7 or GTAV races. And since I don't play those games all the time I just open up a second account with 2 week trial of PS+, then make sure it is set to primary so my main gets PS+ benefits. Been doing this for awhile now. If you don't play your PS4 that much I highly re...

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I remember the first time I played Dynasty Warriors. The first game doesn't really count... I'm talking about DW2. Was at my friends house just blown away at all the action taking place on screen.

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Already got my pi waiting on the Starfox rip.

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For anyone that would like to read what the owner of the modding forum had to say I'll post it right here. Just be warned there is some colorful language used, nothing terrible.

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Go somewhere.

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