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Molten #4.1

It is a once in a blue moon type thing though. Also, I have a bunch of fight sticks.. not one issue with any of them. #1.1.8
Twitch will still be Twitch. Google+ integration will make it less fun and slightly annoying each log in.. but it won't hinder the actual viewing. I hope... #41
Anything is possible. PS3 made a comeback and I don't think anybody was expecting that. #45
Just like Titanfall did, right? #36
The joke will probably be the PC community getting their asses handed to them by Tekken veterans that decide to get the game on PC. #4.4.1
The best players play on whatever the tournament is being ran on. #4.6
You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Tekken is an ARCADE GAME. It is released in the arcades before it ever gets ported over to consoles. Pick a relevant comment section at the very least, masterfox. #2.5
You know exactly what it meant though. #2.2
I feel like Dark Souls would actually be a seriously hard game if it was in this style. #3
Leaks are going to happen unfortunately. I am disappointed with the fighting game news site that reposted it without spoiler alerts, ruining it for a good chunk of the core community. #16
Gump. #5.1
How many of those games actually ran at 30FPS? Yes 60FPS is better but 30FPS isn't that bad if it is actually locked at 30. I can't tell you how many consoles games I played that were supposed to be 30FPS but averaged much lower than 30. #2
Hmmm... Maybe cause it's video games? #3
Lol. Plenty of top players on controller.. This isn't the 90s where controller is taboo to fighting games. #2.5.1
Putting Metal Gear twice? Lame. #5
Reminds me of a good Dave Chappelle skit, "How old is 15 really?" #7.2.4
Th4Freak sums it up well. #1.1.4
It just goes to show that fanboys/girls in general are extremely lame no matter what side they are on. #26.1.1
I can't wait til USFIV drops on PC. #12.1
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