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Gump. #5.1
How many of those games actually ran at 30FPS? Yes 60FPS is better but 30FPS isn't that bad if it is actually locked at 30. I can't tell you how many consoles games I played that were supposed to be 30FPS but averaged much lower than 30. #2
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Hmmm... Maybe cause it's video games? #3
Lol. Plenty of top players on controller.. This isn't the 90s where controller is taboo to fighting games. #2.5.1
Putting Metal Gear twice? Lame. #5
Reminds me of a good Dave Chappelle skit, "How old is 15 really?" #7.2.4
Th4Freak sums it up well. #1.1.4
It just goes to show that fanboys/girls in general are extremely lame no matter what side they are on. #26.1.1
I can't wait til USFIV drops on PC. #12.1
Meh #7
Fair enough... yet it is still all I remember, lol. That didn't change. #6.2.1
All I remember from E3 2013 is, "Sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, television." #6
He might look lanky compared to the other beasts on the field but he isn't lanky at all. #1.1.4
" I just don't get online and tell everyone to look at me I'm a true dedicated souls player"

Yet... you still sort of did exactly that. #2.12.1
This is why it is very hard to support them. They make so much money but can't fix sh*t. #2.1
I strongly believe it is the weakest and metacritic isn't going to get your point across.
That doesn't mean I think it is downright terrible either. I personally don't agree with the new engine and some shortcuts that were taken. #2.10.1
Fans definitely wanted the DkS1 DLC but I haven't seen one person beg for DkS2 DLC yet. #2.5.2
Animations and move sets have taken a plunge from the last Dark Souls. #2.3.1
Cry baby. #1.1.2
Nice asshole remark. #1.1.1
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