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Lol, lame.

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I haven't played LBP since the first one, and I can't really comment on how active LBP is in Japan but I can sure as hell tell you the Japanese players made the BEST custom levels.

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I agree when it comes to The Sims Online. That game was really fun and nothing has even come close to it. I still crave a new Sims with online multiplayer. Blows my mind they haven't done anything like that since The Sims Online or even The Sims Bustin' Out on PS2.

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From a casual standpoint, yes.

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You must of got a decent price for it on day 1 then. I feel bad for anyone who bought it full price.

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Best fighter goes to Guilty Gear Revelator.

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There are so many trash games out there. I get that people have their panties in a knot over the kickstarter and whatever but damn. To think that Mighty No. 9 is the most disappointing versus a lot of the crap we got in the last 2 generations is baffling. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the title is good.

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I finally took mine off auto renew.

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When I was a kid I thought I had finally beat DKC on SNES. Set down my controller, cheered in victory, looked back up at my TV and saw it wasn't actually over and I just died.

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4 isn't shitty, just the first step in the wrong direction.

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PT and VR is exactly why this game is first person.

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Pretty low grade trolling going on in this comment section.

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One of those Smash kids took a dump in the pool and got it closed down.

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So at a STREET FIGHTER tournament comprised mainly of adults... a fan cannot dress up exactly like the character in the game that is being played all weekend? If you aren't going to do justice to your cosplay then why even cosplay at all? You sir are ridiculous and no matter how much you tried to play both sides you are a certified SJW.

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Stoked for this game. Will be playing Revelator until KOF14 drops.

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You know what he meant.

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All fans ever wanted was for them to return to their roots. They have once again moved further away. I'm not saying the game is going to be terrible, but it isn't Resident Evil.

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Ideally, I want the NX to be something worth getting. I can get behind Nintendo titles if they are done right as well as having some 3rd party support. Between the Neo and Scorpio? Probably neither but if I HAD to pick I guess the Neo. Both Microsoft and Sony haven't offered much of what I like for almost 2 gens.

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I'm not quite sure what people expected.

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I'm always worried when it comes to Nintendo cause I know they can be so much better than what they put out.

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