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If only the community came together and were like, "5 Souls games in a row with bad performance? Fix please." But instead they chant how perfect the games are. Overlooked every single time. FROM knows they can release a game without fine tuning and get away with it at this point.

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If we are just talking Bloodborne without the DLC versus Dark Souls 3 then I think Bloodborne is better but only by a little bit. Bloodborne as a complete package with the DLC stomps all over Dark Souls 3.

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I don't care how good COD4 is, if I can't purchase it separately I won't.

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I hope it is true and something you can purchase separately. Won't purchase a new crap COD just to get a classic.

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I honestly see more of the same happening. The fact is devs aren't maximizing games for said consoles. When I say maximize, I don't mean having the game look pretty but chug along at 20fps. I mean that they should know what they are working with a develop a game suited for the hardware. There is no reason FPS drops should exist in any game on console. PS4K? I see the games getting prettier, but the fps being more solid? I doubt it. Devs will continue to try and juice the console to th...

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Bloodborne DLC wrapped everything up. BB2 would feel like a forced entry.

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A lot of potential but I'm afraid it will go untapped.

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Please hit us with a GOOD drastic change to the Souls formula. Starting to get a little stale.

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They don't want to touch the engine Dark Souls 1 was on and they definitely won't remake the game from scratch on a newer engine.

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So what is going to stop someone from spamming the other emotes instead? What a dumb decision.

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Last for years? Make it seem as if it is going to go for a FULL console cycle, as if Sony doesn't plan to release the PS4.5k 2-3 years later.

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We really got idiots in here trying to compare this to AUTOMOBILES!? LOL! The cellphone comparison was already a huge stretch. Can always count on the N4G comment section for nonstop laughter.

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I definitely feel like I am getting backstabbed. My PS4 is what... barely 2 years old? PS4 is most definitely my last console. But I've felt this way long before the news of a new console. This just ensures it really will be my last. My PC will be seeing some upgrades by the end of the year, that is for sure.

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Man, this new N4G website looks like one of those websites that is actually one big ad but tries to trick you into thinking its legit. Not cool.

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I know I have seen "MMO" thrown around in regards to what might be coming next but I don't really think it will be in a traditional sense. I just think they are finally going to expand a little bit on their archaic multiplayer they have now.

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We need something new. Bloodborne was very much wrapped up by the Old Hunters DLC. It completed the lore and everything started to make a lot of sense. PvE has always been outstanding in BB. The only thing BB missed the mark on was PvP, very lackluster.

As far as something new, I'd love to see a scifi game that follows the souls format with some more bells and whistles than we are used to.

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I also thought it was fun but I don't think I will be purchasing it. FPS games are very much behind me but I'll always remember the golden years with games such as Quake and CS.

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If you play the game regularly (Leveling up and upgrading your weapon every chance) then it should be more or less pretty easy. At least I thought so on my first playthrough. My second playthrough is low level only and I'm finally starting to feel the difficulty.

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I'd really like to be able to emulate Demons Souls someday.

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