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I'll give NBA2k16 a shot, as well as Siren and God of War. Idk about Gone Home though.

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Got rid of the worst Xbox console ever made in favor of old school gems? I see nothing wrong here. I would get rid of my PS4 for a Gamecube + GBA Player if possible.

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Another lame comment section. Derailed almost instantly.

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Sort of sad how far we have fallen. There was a time when almost every AAA studio was packing some serious heat. I miss the PS2 era.

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$40 at the most.

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I swear Monster Hunter is almost PURE profit. There really hasn't been any effort put into a Monster Hunter game since the first one released on PS2. Speaking of PS2, they have been using that same engine for over a DECADE. Minimal effort, max profit every single time. I have MH4U, and I'll be getting MHGen. I am part of the problem.

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I think Capcom realizes that if they went to another console, they would have to make a new engine. You can only reuse and upscale the PS2 engine so much. They already make a fortune from putting in minimal effort into the handheld Monster Hunters, why would they ever stray away from that?

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I know someone who pirates and then boasts about his pirated library. Pretty damn sad.

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A game is a game.

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If this happened pre-cata, I don't blame you.

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When casuals cry, FROM software hears it. Anyone else want to explain why PvP gets worse? Molded in favor of the casual. All that crying in DS1 finally paid off. Went from good old fashion 1v1s, to the invader being greeted by 4-6 phantoms damn near every time.

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@Nix That is just a crock of sh*t and Idk if you are trying to be funny or not. My buddy has TWO jobs, is getting ready for a wedding and STILL slayed DS3 in a timely manner. I know people hate hearing this, but get good. Seriously.

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Definitely don't miss GW2 but I agree on WoW to a certain extent. Current WoW is absolute garbage, but Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK are good.

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I do agree that I should be playing Ratchet & Clank but the others? Nah.

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Bloodborne is the only reason I am struggling to get rid of my PS4. The thought of not being able to play it whenever I get that urge really troubles me. Other than that, my PS4 really just sits under my desk collecting dust.

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Blame the parents. They didn't do a good enough job.

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Actually a pretty damn good collectors edition. I'll be getting it as well if they confirm legacy support.

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@Venomous I hear you and I would be willing to miss out on certain titles to get that separate model. I recently bought a 2DS, can't play every 3DS game and doesn't do SNES VC. But for the lower cost, and lack of the 3d gimmick I find it acceptable.

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The lore in Bloodborne in unrivaled.

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I always mark the transition from 4:3 to 16:9 as the real death of Family Guy. I think that would mark it around Season 9 when things started to get REALLY bad. I love South Park and I am ready for the next season already. I have to say that I don't think South Park is as good as they once were, I really liked the episodes they pumped out around Season 10 but they still get the job done every new season. I'll admit I haven't given Bob's Burgers a solid chance, I don't real...

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