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"N4G, land of the experts."


No Mans Sky will be that game you play at the end of the night for 20 minutes after smoking a bowl. #27
Want games to run smoother? Get developers to stop half assing their games. #4.5
"Trolling is part of n4g culture"

Unfortunately, trolling is a part of the internet as a whole. #1.1.8
There is a whole lot of opinions being thrown around in this thread as fact and it is pissing me off. #60
Finally found a game I want that won't work on PSTV. #1
Only game that makes me raise my eyebrow is Killer Instinct. I could spend roughly 300 on the Xbox One, 200 on a new stick, and 40 on Killer Instinct... or... I can wait for the PC version to release and spend around 40 for the game.

$540 vs $40 #2.1.4
"Just like the first Mario game or the first Mgs" That is a huge stretch. I agreed up until that. #1.10
Perhaps Dark Souls 1, but not 2. #4.1
Been asking for a new engine since MW2. #1.1.9
Wife is life. #4.1.2
Lol, name a few fighters that started a brand new entry to the series and has more than 16 characters. I'd prefer the fighters be relevant. I'll wait. #1.6
"As we've discovered since launch, the default 500GB hard drive really isn't enough space"

We knew that the moment the hard drive size was announced. #1
"The PS4 controls are better than KB&M."

Well then, that is YOUR preference. #7.1.2
I'm pretty damn sure KwietStorm is a FIGHTING GAME fan and not trying to stir some stupid console war. He didn't say "big xbox one group hug" he said Killer Instinct. Also, I completely agree with Kwiet. It is a great fighting game, but the best? No. #7.1.7
Fun with friends. Zero fun without friends. #11
I wish WoW would make an official vanilla server. Something similar to Old School RuneScape. I've tried 3 times now to get back into WoW and failed miserably each time. #1
I'd like to see his design shift more into the feral direction. Not necessarily as far as Blanka but, give us a little more if he is going to be clawing it up. #10
Please no #23
Netcode needs some work though. Waiting for the GGPO to be implemented. #1.1.1
I hope this is as fun as THPS4 was online. #4
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