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Shut up

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PS1 had a decent handful of classics. I can see how one can forget once the PS2 came out, best console of all time.

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Breath of the Wild has been ready since the first time they announced the delay. It was to port it to the Switch. Basically a remaster.

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Anonymity plays a major role.

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I still have yet to get a chance to take P5 out of the plastic and play it. Looks like it won't be til Sunday or Monday. I hope.

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Hey, some old games are lame, but some aren't and Starcraft is definitely one of those games that isn't. There is no other competitive video game out there with a skill ceiling as high as Starcraft. It is to be respected.

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This is Capcom though, they don't do a whole lot.

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Because I don't just think about myself, and the whole point was that some people live in areas where it can't be helped.

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Yeah, I thought this cause I have only lived in areas where a cockroach problem is 110% your fault if it occurs. But thinking about living in the heart of NYC... How would one even stop them from coming out of the subways and eventually roaming into your homes?

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Should have launched with 1TB, 500GB is a joke.

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Lol, people getting hung up on the use of the word victim. Anyway, game looks fun and I'll eventually get it.

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The only reason I find it better is because of that new game smell. Trading in your games has always been a gigantic ripoff. I have friends that had massive collections keep trading handfuls of games to get at most, 2 new games... Just to repeat that process until they have almost nothing...

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There is definitely a fine line and it isn't nearly as clear cut as you'd like to believe it is.

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"The SNES version is the better game."

I disagree. Both Aladdins are great but the Sega version reigns supreme.

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I'm hoping for Monster Hunter, but not some 3DS port. A new fully fleshed out Monster Hunter built from the ground up for the new Nintendo system. If it isn't that... I don't care.

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It all makes sense now.

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After the last one, no thanks.

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@Eonjay, I wouldn't say the war is already over. I said that last gen halfway through the PS3 lifespan when it was a steaming pile of crap and to add insult to injury, they got hacked and PSN was down for awhile. However, they turned it around and PS+ was amazing. I NEVER expected Sony to come back. Never over til its over.

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