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Anything that makes their favorite hobby actually a challenge works for me. #83.1.1
They need their damn hands chopped off. Seriously. Bring back the guillotine except make it chop off hands instead. Place it in the middle of a big city, grab some popcorn, and watch your least favorite DDoSers lose their hands as they cry like babies. #70.1
Sticking to what I originally said before. Find them. Adapt 3rd world techniques. Cut their hands off. #83
Do I really have to click a new page to see each game? You can't have them all on one page?? #9
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If you are going to blame Resident Evil 5, which I totally agree by the way. You can't forget Resident Evil 4. Yes, I know RE4 was a GREAT game but it was also the first step in the wrong direction. #17.1
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That is what I hate about the last generation and current generation. It was all about pushing the limits on consoles that don't have the hardware suited for it resulting in "30" FPS games that struggle to even stay at a locked 30. #1.2.1
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Adapt some third world practices and cut their hands off. Get the toes too. Make it so their favorite hobby is actually a challenge. #22
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GTA1&2? Okay, but 3, and VC??? Not so much. VC to this day still has the best atmosphere out of any GTA title ever made. #5.2.1
I prefer VC as well. #3.1
We all know once the money started rolling in he was everything but dedicated to minecraft. #24.1
Yeah but I mean, how many people were REALLY even playing SF? It comes out, people go nuts in that first month, but then it's just the competitive/tournament players left which is a really small number in comparison to other games. I feel for the competitive SF players that have an X1 but the rest? They know damn well they can live without it, easily. #43.1.1
This DESTROYED my Dark Souls 1 Steam migration hype. Was excited to get back in there to do some PvP/Co-op... but of course, something has to go wrong. #29
Pretty sure that has been out since October too. Going to get one eventually. #2.1
It wasn't that long ago that Virtua Fighter 5 had some relevancy. Maybe 1-2 years ago a newer version dropped and got some tournament play. #40.1
I'm still not sure why X1 fans are mad about this. #43
Jaffe continues to be lame. #49
Monster Hunter needs a PS4/Vita crossplay title. #6.4
This type of stuff should get the death penalty. I know that is extreme and I don't care. #99
I don't think they are actually hacking. #92.1
It better be a LOCKED 30. #39
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