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I agree with you. You can't exactly say it is returning to its roots when all it is doing is borrowing from horror games that came out in recent years, or failed(PT). A return to its roots would include fixed camera angles. Can't really blame them though, a Resident Evil true to its roots isn't for everyone. Sure, for gamers like us that started on RE two decades ago but your average gamer today wants first person action. Capcom doesn't make games for us anymore, they make gam...

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Playing the newest demo right now and I can confirm, it definitely looks like a late gen PS3 game that got upscaled and rereleased on PS4. This is definitely a gameplay > graphics type of game.

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So many things I wish I had bookmarked over the years.

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Didn't use ink ribbons for RE2, or RE3. Saving is for the weak!

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Was starting to consider RE7 as the date got closer but a season pass? Really? If Resident Evil 2 was to magically release today for some reason I guarantee you it would be $60, but Leon B, Clair A, and Clair B would be part of the season pass. Ridiculous.

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Maybe there will be Zelda WiiU bundles.

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I never forgot about terrible launches, and I was quite disappointed in the PS4 launch. This is slightly different though. This is Nintendo just coming off the failure that is the WiiU. You'd think they would of tried their best to get everybody on board with a stellar launch, but no, they decided to keep doing Nintendo things. Nobody is surprised. The only reason Zelda even got delayed wasn't cause the game wasn't ready, its cause the Switch needed it to barely get by on launch. ...

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"Then it would be just another playstation/xbox. "

The GameCube wasn't another PS2. People want to play Nintendo games, but they don't want gimmicks attached to them. You can have a powerful Nintendo home console that still feels like a Nintendo console.

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6 hour is probably when you are doing simple things. 2 hours is when you play Zelda.

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It was terrible, they hardly detailed anything and the launch is looking like it is going to be really bad. Any time there was important information we were told to look it up ourselves on their website. What kinda bs is that?

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Everything has potential, hell the WiiU had potential, but this is Nintendo we are talking about.

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"Zelda looks better than Horizon imo"

You can argue the art style is better, sure, but overall, no. And this is coming from someone with zero bias as I have no interest in either title. Zelda looks great from a certain distance but good lord, 2017 and still no AA?

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Maybe I'll get a Switch, but if I do, I'll make an effort to make sure Nintendo never sees a dime from me. Stand outside GameStop on week 2 and catch the disgruntled people coming in to trade theirs, buy it from them before they even enter the store. Catch a slick $150 discount and effectively pay for the console at the price it is worth.

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Seems like Nintendo did learn a thing or two from Sony. Releasing games that fall to 25FPS or lower is not okay.

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"People need to consider that I liked the GameCube lol "

That was the last Nintendo console I actually liked. Just been downhill gimmick central after the GameCube. Maybe the GameCube wasn't that amazing in comparison to what was already out, but when you compare the GameCube to what they do now... the GameCube is amazing.

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This is just terrible though. After the WiiU you'd think Nintendo is ready to win their fans back. Apparently not.

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Good lord. I don't even know where to start. That presentation yesterday drained me of life. I went from being in an excellent mood to a straight up buzzkill and wanting to sleep within 30 minutes.

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That was terrible... some cool stuff, but overall... terrible..

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After playing Monster Hunter on the 3DS after not playing since the PS2 days, I seriously hope there is some innovation in this one if it is true. But seeing as most of the rumored titles are just ports... Idk. It is still cool, but for someone that has been a Monster Hunter fan for over 11 years, you have sorta been ready for that next big step the game is going to take and it hasn't even taken baby steps torwards that yet. The only reason I think they get away with it is cause most Mons...

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I really hope Monster Hunter gets some real love. It is time for a reboot on a brand new engine. I got Monster Hunter back in 2006 for the PS2 and they are still using the same engine to this very day. It is time to shake things up.

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