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Here's a link to the full interview http://n4g.com/news/1462821... #7
Moron- this occurs with 45 seconds of any normal game played as Franklin.....If you DON'T explain that it's Patrick- then most gamers will infact kill him.

So SHTOP IT #5.1
Feel like my previous reply may have answered several of your questions- as well, obviously, the Radio Program goes far more indepth...sort of why I posted it....

Would you not say- that SR4 takes more advantage of the basic tropes of gaming (both in style and function) than The Last of Us?

Also- Aren't some of the most impactful moments In the Last of Us expressed in instance where that same scene could play out with out the ability to intervene?
Thank you for at least presenting a competing conception of it's relevance.

"Comedy is not supposed to make you feel deep or think too much"

This makes me cry! It has often been the only way to provide scathing commentary and social upheaval through the destruction of public figures or convention through parody.

I bring up the Last of Us because, Like I said, it achieves incredible marvels of story telling, shifting nuances of... #17.1
You make the first cardinal sin of any claiming to derive meaning from art- you claim dominion over the intention of the author.

"Saints Row 4 has no artistic relevance. It isn't meant to, it wasn't designed to"

Then proceed to explain- that instead of presenting an analysis as to why SR4 lacks merit- you call the effort futile.

Your entire post could have compiled to this.
It's about form and function- artistic resonance through the mixture of sardonic game play and uncomfortable visuals.

The Last of Us achieves incredible heights of emotionality and impact- but it delivers that through the taxonomy of movie making. Still cut scenes and the like.

SR4 is more of a GAME than most- and in that respect it's artistic relevance to the medium is more important. #15
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This is a site that KNOWS what it wants to say #6
I think hence why they were defending it- I hope you can hear in the interview I am extremely supportive of the product. #4.2
Agree a hundred billion percent! #5.1
Steven Heck- Alpha Protocol. That is all. #5
I DID! CD PROJEKT- Give me a job- QUICK! #12.2
Click the link you can win a free copy of Witcher 1-2 #9.1
You sir have won at life- DING! #2.1
Having played it- I disagree. Fun action packed, visceral enough to get a boner. It could use some 20 sided dice RPG elements sure...but is that really required in every game? #7.2
The video for this story for some reason isn't attached.
http://www.youtube.com/watc... #5
Most beautiful game ever made- possibility of interesting branching story, fulfills 17 of 35 of my Rome fetishes.

Combat so visceral my e-boner has broken through the stratosphere....

So yeah #8.1
Do not disagree- Playstation rep was a thousand times better. Even if I am partial to Xbox. Easy to do great PR when you have public support #2.1
Only thing worse than an article pitting Sony and Microsoft against eachother?

an article about the fact other articles are pitting Sony and Microsoft against each- INCEPTION! #5
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