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"Don't come for me, unless I send for you."


ahsmullet - What are you even talking about? Hatred had 100's of articles condemning it. This has one. Neither game is OK - This is a form of hate speech. I'm not sure what your point is, but most likely because you don't have one.

beans - it's not OK to make a game that targets straight people or gay people BECAUSE of their sexuality.

Also - there is no game targeting straight people. If there was, it would be just as bad, which is what my o... #8.1.3
Because this game is called "Kill the Faggot", did I miss the game called "Kill the Straight"? Wow, I feel sorry for you. #8.1
I am so so so happy. I may lean more towards my PS3/4, but this is one of my favorite games ever. Everything about it makes me connect to it. Looking forward to potentially playing this again (sold my 360 yrs ago, but have the X1). I hope it actually happens! #32
Exactly. Let the game speak for itself. It's trying to, but too many articles have come out (before release) bashing the hell out of everything it can to negate any positive feedback on this game. How can something "speak" for itself when its buried under so much unfounded hate. Of course the developers are going to step in and defend their labor of love. #1.1.3
I didn't disagree with you, but just a friendly FYI, RER2 is actually set to appear on the Vita. See below for a link to the PS blog:

http://blog.us.playstation.... #1.2.2
ZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz. Bye. #56
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This is a very good observation. I come to N4G less and less these days, it's become a cesspool of negativity and immaturity. #3.1.1
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What a pitiful and disgusting comment. The people that have agreed with you, shame on all of you. Crawl back under your rock, because you on the wrong side of history. Whenever an LGBT related article surfaces, I am reminded that while people in general could be homophobic, it's sad to see my fellow gamers participate. How pathetic. #12.5
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Luckily, I'm not that busy at work right now, but I had to try for nearly 45 minutes to get what I wanted. It was bad. #2.1
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Thanks so much! :) #12.1.1
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Does anyone happen to have a list of all the games being offered? I think Club Nintendo is about to implode and I can't access it. :( #12
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Yeaaaa, It was pretty dope. I was looking forward to it, but I'm gonna hold out in hopes that it is eventually released. #1.1.1
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I will continue to dream of the smaller white N3DS, with those awesome super famicom buttons. Total bummer, I had $$$ set aside just for that particular model. =( #1
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That's what I've been reading, as well. #2.1
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It'll be a win for me when they release the smaller sized 3DS. Pretty bummed out because I was super into that white one! Ugh. #20
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Really? I have one bubble left so I will try to be as civil as possible. There is no "Straight Times" because that's what Esquire already is, that's what Details already is. Is it a crime for there to be a gay-centric publication? Something that focuses on gay-related crimes, news, politics that isn't being covered elsewhere? I am gay and I do not need gay-centric news, but it should be allowed to co-exist with everything else out there. Anytime something *GAY* pops up... #9.2.2
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This comment section is incredibly sad. Nothing like a game review from a gay website to bring out all the cretins. To all the people saying " I dont have a problem with gays BUT.." STFU, yes you do. You are a bigot, an asshole, and on the wrong side of history. #9
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Getting Destiny for PS4, but the Microsoft stores current promo (Buy Xbox One, get a free game, plus a 50.00 gift card) had me sold and I'll be opening my present this weekend! :) #32
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Same. I just read that and I was reaaaaaally not happy about it. I'll end up getting it, but I'll probably wait for the disc version. #11.1
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