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Specimen: Continue being a corny boring loser! Hurry, be angry that different people exist! Yup, we got that parade in NYC brah, keep livin' in your swamp. =)

InTheZoneAC: I'm sorry, I truly am, but I dont get what there is to understand in your opinion that you don't agree with people who are gay, don't want to hear about it from gays, that its a twisted delusion. It sounds horrible and wrong and filled with hate. There is nothing of substance in what you ...

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Inzo: Really? I didn't know I have that much power over you. Also, I actually think they'd rather homophobes or , wait, people who "dont approve of people being gay" buy their games. No one asked for your approval nor is your approval necessary for someone to live their life being gay. That's the problem with you religious homophobes, you think your "approval" matters or is relevant. You are so sad.

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Gh05t: Not sure what you're crying about. I literally told him to let me know what type of oppression he has dealt with, I was being genuine. Not here for your life story but you can treat people any which way you choose to. Enjoy!

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You're an idiot.

Edit: Help what? You crying about SJW antics? Na, rather see you continue to get pissed off. Oh no, what're you gonna do, not buy the game? lol

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Inzo: and you're a redneck imbecile.

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Eilers: Let me know when you've dealt with any type of oppression throughout your life and I'll cut you some slack for calling me an idiot, yet trying to sound neutral. Also, he does sound like a neaderthal, assuming LGBT is a "twisted delusion", so I have the right to clap back against that because I take offense to that. Its less of an opinion and more of him stating what he feels as fact: "Until one sex dies off completely, check yourself" umm, no thanks. I shou...

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A lot of people are stuck in the past and are obsessed with media staying focused on the straight and white.

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You sound like a neanderthal and now I remember how brain-dead homophobic this site is. Any LGBT related articles always attract the dumbest comments. I'm not sure what 2 sexes existing in the world has to do with people being gay. Do you even Science, bro? Also,you are a homophobe if you think being gay is a "twisted delusion" and just dont want to "hear about it" - sorry to pop your precious snowflake bubble you live in.

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Cool, let me know how you feel when homophobes both rob and beat down you and your boyfriend for being gay. Personally, I don't advocate for violence against others for any reason (except self-defense), but you don't know where this person is coming from when they say something like that. I know it's just the internet, but you just never know.

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Amazing trailer. I wish Amazon still had the collectors edition in stock! :(

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@JohnathanACE, all good, at least you had an idea! I tried to think about who I'd like to see and I couldn't think of anyone that would make everyone happy.

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Your sound logic has no place here, leave! Also, I cannot fathom how someone would down vote this truth.

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This idea makes me cringe.

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While Trump is a degenerate con artist, I highly doubt Trevor would use the award show as a platform to bash Trump throughout. Though, I do enjoy watching republicans cry "get over it" because their sensitive feels are hurt when someone makes fun of their pick.

Bluefox: Pretty sure people on both sides were/are crying, whats your point? Also, if the ones on the left are the only ones you've heard crying, perhaps you live under a rock and never s...

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Very interested in this.

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Just looks like a custom unit, not a big deal or breach of ethics. It's similar to a TV network building a custom TV spot for a movie release.

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I'm thankful for my family, boyfriend, friends and our good health & happiness. Also, I am thankful and grateful to be a part of this great lifestyle of playing video games. It is truly my home away from home no matter where I go in the world!

Have a great holiday everyone!!!!!!!!

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ahsmullet - What are you even talking about? Hatred had 100's of articles condemning it. This has one. Neither game is OK - This is a form of hate speech. I'm not sure what your point is, but most likely because you don't have one.

beans - it's not OK to make a game that targets straight people or gay people BECAUSE of their sexuality.

Also - there is no game targeting straight people. If there was, it would be just as bad, which is what my o...

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Because this game is called "Kill the Faggot", did I miss the game called "Kill the Straight"? Wow, I feel sorry for you.

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I am so so so happy. I may lean more towards my PS3/4, but this is one of my favorite games ever. Everything about it makes me connect to it. Looking forward to potentially playing this again (sold my 360 yrs ago, but have the X1). I hope it actually happens!

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