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"Don't come for me, unless I send for you."


Def. in for Child of Light/PS4 during the PAX 2014 sale.. I think next weekend? Also, RE:R for PS3 this weekend, def. #18
I'm due for an X1 next month, but I may hold off to get this. I'm really not sure at all about the color and how it'll work with my set up. Aside from my PS4/Wii U being black, I have a very eclectic, colorful, West Elm-y set up. I'm very OCD about color, but this is very tempting. #19
This game looks so fucking dope. I cannot wait to play this...and Until Dawn. Love me some horror-y themed games. #6
Welp, this was obvious from the get go. Not sure why everyone freaked out. I had previously said in another article "Looking forward to playing this in 2016". I really have no problem waiting, since I have a shit ton of other games to get through. #48
Can't wait to play this in 2016 on my PS4. #31
When you say "more games", does this only mean exclusives, or is this also including smaller downloadable games/3rd party? Did you count every game for both systems to compare? Do you play each and every game that releases? I assume NO, so why even mention it? #2.2
Not that sexy. :) #5.2
Just picked up Injustice/PS4 for $8 bucks! I may get Origins for 8, too. Nice sale! #9
Is there any logic and coherence in anything a troll has to spew? =) #6.2.1
Are you upset that you're going to have to see 9/10's for TLOU all over again? You sound upset. #1.3.10
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Damn gurl, you MAAAAAD. #5.11
Scary purple face sighted! #12
Some good reasons, particularly, there are no real adult games. I love horror games, so this is an instant purchase for me. If only they could give us Fatal Frame 4, in addition to this... maybe on the same disc? #3
Uhh, it also applies to PS3 and Vita. Also, I have around 6-7 games that are "little india games". You sound maaaaaad, brah. #3.4
lol u mad? #19.1
It's great for people who have yet to play this game. No one is forcing people to re-buy this game. That said, I just put in my pre-order to play this AGAIN. Granted, I got a 10.00 discount from BB and had left over credit - It's a fantastic game and I have expendable income. :) #21
I mean, this is the best thing I've ever seen you say. You are such a joke. #1.1.7
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While I do agree with you, that Joel isn't the villain. There was a VERY interesting piece written about how he was the villain of the game and we were playing on the wrong side the whole time. It was a very unique take and a good read - wish I could find it. I do think he is more of an anti-hero, but ya, it's about doing what you have to do for the people you love - totally agree. #1.2.1
I 2nd that. I didn't expect to be holding back a tear and a lump in my throat so soon. Fantastic game, and I'll be re-purchasing it. #1.1.2
Totally. I wonder why that hasn't happened yet, but I'm hoping it's announced soon. My ID is "Nuggets_82", add me! :) #4.3.1
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