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If even 10% of what he is saying is true/cool then that's nice. So it would be hard to be totally disappointed.

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Graphics are gonna be amazing.

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I'm looking forward to trying to get into music games again. I had a lot of fun with them last gen.

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That's a good problem to have...

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Microsoft definitely placed an emphasis on games last year and that was good but they not only need to keep up the momentum but take advantage of the fact that their controversial policies and the reveal of the console itself aren't issues they need to address or even sidestep at this point.

I thought their conference last year was good but it got overshadowed, I think if they can repeat that level without the distractions, it will work much better.

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I guess I just don't want to see a rehash of the Locust/Lambent issue since Gears 3 should have basically closed the door on that storyline. I guess a new antagonist going forward could work but I think there is a rich history that could be properly exploited. I mean regardless of setting, it needs to be done well. That's the important part.

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I would love to see a Gears game that basically just went back to the Pendulum wars and let us play as a new group in a new setting entirely. I love Marcus and company but it's time for something new.

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His range is impressive, I was blown away by how good his Joker was.

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This isn't an overlooked games list, they are games that we have personally not gotten the chance to play.

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We were going more for moments about the console as a whole and not a particular game.

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It should be working now, but check my comment below if it still isn't working for you.

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Disney Infinity and Skylanders starter packs are also $37! ;)

Yeah it's $10 off the games that are tagged for the PS4 and X1.

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I love it when I have a chance to play with the Wii U but the multiplayer stuff in Nintendoland are the only things I've really been super interested in. I have Madden 13 for it and I like the play calling but not the actual control. I think we just desperately need those first party games to start hitting like Super Smash or a new Zelda game.

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Right I think that's starting to become more prevalent, mp options are being made by a different studio and it keeps the single player basically untouched.

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It's funny, I actually don't play much multiplayer (I mean I play it but I am always more interested in the story mode). I just think lots of games have done well to add it and overall these mp experiences are becoming more important to gaming so trying new ideas is a good thing. It doesn't always work out (obviously) but I'd rather see a game like Arkham Origins or Mass Effect 3 try it to see.

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Sorry about that I noticed it and fixed it on the site but forgot to fix it here.

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Yeah I am so pumped, just pre-ordered it.

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Ha good one. I still like Halo, I still like Gears of War, and I'm buying all the next gen consoles (for example, I have a Wii U) so I can give them a try and, you know, report on them. I'm getting a PS4 as well so cool your jets.

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Unfortunately I don't see a change towards gameplay trailers anytime soon but I'm sure we'll see gameplay closer to release.

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Well, if you didn't romance Tali Shepard kind of pokes fun at how corny this movie that they are watching is. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek.

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