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Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm (width x height x depth)

yea right,... #2
You got to be kidding me,.. MS is unethical by defult with just about everything they tuch,...Bunch of cocaine in nose lying scum,..

Even Bill Gates could not handle it,.. and he is eugenicist freak,.. Upper manegmet was too much even for him #4.1
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Jep lots of smoke and mirrors,..Cirque du Soleil type of shit and Usher and Bieber,..

MS is crap. #2.2
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Why the hell not,.. release it in 1080P 60fps with better textures and lots of AA and Aniso,.. That would just be amazing #3
Damn, it looks great,.. wow #2
Still has no games. #89
Amazing game,.. Really hope they put it on the Vita also,.. #3
If anything is real time footage of gameplay,.. PS4 probably :)
Because,.. WOW #9.1
Panopticon is a type of prison or facility where you have no privacy,.. there is a center tower overlooking everything you do, (prisons are in sphere around it)..

Since you really don't know if they are looking and dehumanizing you,.. people for instance prisoners tend to auto censor and behave,.. Some sick full control of masses paradigm.
That is why the camera was in the trailer,.. #12.1
That is all I could find


Looks interesting,.. Jrpg for Vita I guess,.. ? Or ps3,.. looks beastly #9
Also hope for Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 go ultra HD with ultra textures, 60fps a lot of Aniso and AA,..

I'd go for that in a heart beat,.. #9.1
No,.. I think I'll stick with PlayStation.,.. couse games #34
Yep,.. Patcher? for real,.. His firm does business with MS ,..

Who listens to this guy anyhow,.. #28
This,..even 1080p ones,.. I think this is kinda dumb,.. Limiting the fov of my game, while this crap projects - ' kinda shitty' the rest of the picture onto my furniture,..

I get the ilinumi light on tvs,.. but even that would get distracting quick,.. #63.1
Sanja svinja kukurz ,..

(pigs dream the corn)

which is kinda - what a bs and wishful thinking, that is not based in reality whatsoever,.. #12
It is amazing,.. #21
Go cats go !!! #38
I think one day it is going to be amazing,.. but it is going to hit performance a lot ,..like 3/4 ,.. that is how much it needs to render,.. But I seriously cannot wait for this in a decade or so when they totally eliminate lag, make at least 720p and be affordable.. I am glad developers are excited about it though. I kinda want one now,.. but not with my rig..

One day this is going to be a game changer,.. Sony has something like this in the making,..But this is just awesome... #1.1
Did Torrence get that MS ''Jump in!!!'' tatto removed from his buttocks? #9
Cause PlayStation,.. that is why,.. #18
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