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seriously unless you have pre order that damm thing your are not getting it the same day, even if is black friday?

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signing in as we speak

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bro do do you even troll

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I don't know how cloud computing may benefit the Xbox platform but dedicated servers are definitely a thing to look out fit

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hahahahahahaha that was a good laugh

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Someone is butt hurt lol

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Guns have no recoil, this is just spray and pray, I'm proud to say I haven't owned a cod game since mw2 clusterduck and it will stay like until cod 15 comes out ;)

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Just wait a few days and someone will release a custom drivers or its going to be emulated

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Hahahaa that's got be the stupidest decision I seen in here, anyways is your choice, the lest kids we have in battlefield 4 the better

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That's for executions only, I think?

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my friend your living under a rock

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lol dedicated servers are provided by the cloud moron

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Wtff and I was thinking on waiting little be to reserve mine

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the day after tomorrow

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yeah but they were more difficult to have because of the policies Microsoft had at the time while the ps3 version got all the goodies with no problems so yeah mods are welcome as they should have been from the beginning

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who gives a crap, if you have the money and you are a true gamer you should buy both of them for the exclusives

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mods hell yeah about freaking time

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An essay seriously!? In the long run things will even out just like it happened this generation

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Mandatory Kinect should stayed like it was, now there no point in including with every console, if feels like just another add on, this Kinect has a lot potential that the first one couldn't deliver, imagine a
scp 173 game with Kinect

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did i read flashbangs, that's going to be annoying in close quarters

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