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The negatives given in the review do not warrant a 7/10. A.I. That sometimes walks into danger sometimes and having to reload checkpoints because you don't know where to go on an on rails shooter. These negatives seem like nitpicking to me. That's fine and all but 7/10 is just ridiculous. You need to have more bad bullet points for that. #12
I see partnerships with SanDisk, Seagate, Western Digital in the future. Hell, one of them may throw a fighter into the console ring. #1.3.3
I can't seem to get mine to work properly. Way too much latency. I have a wired connection for both Xbox and PC. My router is an Apple AirPort Extreme.
My specs:
CPU: AMD 8350
GPU: Gigabyte GTX Titan 6gb
RAM: 16gb
MB: ASUS Sabertooth
SSD 64gb for Windows only
HDD 3tb 7200rpm
HAF X 942 #2.2
I had completed Journey about six times on PS3. When it came out for PS4, I was playing it in very short bursts for a couple of days. The last save point I left off at was halfway through the last level (with the snow and wind).
I had stopped there for a few days as I had received a call from my best friends parents saying that I had better get to the hospital. Rob had been fighting esophageal cancer for 5 months but that day they had told him and his family that he had a few wee... #11
Rocket league is one of the best sports games I've ever played. I've been playing against bots. Haven't touched online yet but couch co-op with my nephew has been a blast.

You mentioned Rocket League and I forgot what the article was about. #3.3
I did the same thing as you described, summons. However, when I asked her what move she wanted to watch, she said and I quote, "one of those is OK, I guess". When I was about to put a movie in our Xbox One, I said or we could play Final Fantasy X/X-2 on the PS4, which she had played the night before. She smiled and didn't say anything but sat straight up with her hand out, waiting for mentor give her the controller. I fell asleep 2 hours later and now I'm about to make her... #1.3.1
Play Bandit Six on the Samsung Gear VR. You could test one out at your nearest BestBuy. I bought my Gear VR s6 immediately after the demo. I drove to a different BestBuy that had one left in stock just so I could have it that day. #1.2.5
I know, right? I'm just about speechless. My only thought was,and still is, "umm...shots fired." #1.22
The Order: 1866 graphics are an exception, not the rule. The Order's graphics in an open world game is very unlikely at this point in the new console generation.
I think many people don't realize the sacrifices that were made to get The Order to look the way it does. The same could be said for Ryse as well. Open-world games have much more difficulty reaching high graphic fidelity than a linear game. #15
At this point, it's almost better to just buy/re-buy the last gen consoles to play the games you missed out on. Forget the remasters unless they include all the games in the series. By the way, the Halo: MCC is crap. It has a lot of games but only Halo 2 was remastered. They should have done all the games. #31
Have you seen he game running on the PS4? More specifically the same scenes as in this video? I'm curious because the beard on the dude ,who almost got killed by the griffin, looks really muddy like when your writing with pencil and your had smudges the graphite all over the page.

Also, have you noticed any screen tearing or noticeable framerate issues in either version? #1.1.4
Had the same issue but only when using my Astro A50s with the chat cable connected. Turns out the chat cable was faulty. I bought the turtle beach ps4 chat cable and all is fine now. #6.4
The textures on that dude are really bad. Almost Original Xbox quality. I can't believe that's a real pic.
Graphics are not resolution, so I'm fine with 900p but if the textures are that muddy, I'll be picking up the PS4 version instead. Framerate is a big issue too, especially if there is screen tearing. I made the mistake of getting Sniper Elite 3 on the Xbox One instead of the PS4. That screen tearing was horrible and once you see it, you can't u see it. I don&... #32.1
Just to be clear, I don't really believe this. I'm just playing devil's advocate. But I feel that my question was misunderstood. What I'm questioning is the control Sony has over their marketplace.
I know Sony can make changes to their system without repercussion. The other OS on the PS3 debacle is an example. What I'm getting at is the marketplace ToS. A $60 or a free to play game was downloaded, I paid for some micro transactions or not, the publisher wipes the... #11.1.3
I wonder if Sony could be in trouble for Konami's actions. For example, say I bought my PS4 for the sole reason of playing P.T. I had the hope of the full game coming out but my initial PS4 purchase was because of P.T. I would have never bought a PS4 if it wasn't for P.T.
Would Sony be liable?

I realize that P.T. and silent Hils might not be the greatest example but what if it's a different game in the future. Let's say it's MGS: GZ and MGS: PP... #11.1
I wonder if they're going to complain to YouTube about P.T. Playthroughs. It seems as though they bitched to eBay about PS4 postings with P.T. Installed. Maybe Twitch streams will be denied next.

Konami seems to be making every effort to destroy their legacy. It's sad, really. #7.1
Did you buy your copy from the PSN store on your PS4? I'm wondering if it's only affecting digital copies bought elsewhere like Amazon, Newegg, etc. #9.1
this game has just turned into evolve for me. I was fine with the character packs, but paying $20 to unlock the entire krypt is ridiculous especially since they patched the game so coins would be harder to get. The skins are a bit expensive as well.
Although, I don't think I have a right to complain since I bought BF: Premium two years in a row. I also bought watchdogs dlc. I may need help. #19
The cleric beast is an optional. Father G is actually the first real boss.

I found them both difficult but a little grinding early on helped me out a great deal when I finally did face them. #3.2
This games is so amazing. I'm a similar gamer to Brent. I mostly play shooters or Action/Adventure games. I've branched out a few times before with games like Child of Light and Home but the Souls games were never given a fair chance.
I played Dark Souls for about ten minutes before I got so confused on what to do or where to go that I gave up. The dying wasn't an issue for me cause I never got to really fight anything. But the hype around BloodBorne got me excited. A... #4
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