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The desert area has a bunch of rabbits.

I had trouble with rats until I saw someone posted the place where Aloy fell when she was a child. Finally was able to fully upgrade my bolt capacity after I beat the game. But it was nice to have when I went back in for the platinum. This game is amazing. Can't wait for the sequel.

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Like dsammy04, I do the game share thing. Only, I own a PS4 Pro and a PS4. So, I basically get two copies of a game for $60 (no tax on psn but taxed on Live). One for my son and one for me. Would cost $120 plus tax to do that with physical discs.

For many people, this situation doesn't work but we've taken advantage of the system's loopholes and it works for us.
Plus, the ability to play any game I own at the push of a button is awesome for me. Yes, I...

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Many games are gimmicky, if not all of them, right now. But I just got to say, I love my Vive and all the gimmicky games. Especially The Lab and Rec Room. Paddle Up and all my wave based shooters. The biggest obstacle for VR, in my opinion, is locomotion. As soon as I have to walk with the controller instead of teleporting, the motion sickness sets in. I've used the Vive for many months now and have only marginally gotten better with feeling nauseated. But unlike trying to find my sea leg...

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Just bought the ps4 pro yesterday and, man, is it gorgeous. From the pictures, I thought it looked too big, clunky, and all around ugly. But when up close and personal, it just looks classy like it is in a league of its on (aesthetically speaking). Same goes for the Xbox One S compared to the original. I can't believe the size of the pro at 11.5" X 12.75" X 2.25 when the Xbox One S is 11.5" X 9" X 2.5". Wonder if the Scorpio is going to compete, in dimensions, th...

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Hey, some of those BC games are great. Although most don't stand the test of time. It's hard playing BF1 then switching to BF:BC2.
Just finished downloading Killzone:SF again. Want to have where they were before HZD fresh in my mind when I boot it up for the first time.

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The short version:
I like your tv. I am prepared for HZD. GOOD DEAL AT GameStop. My friends switched to PS4. I spent way too much money. Horizon: Zero Dawn is up there with The Last of Us.

The long version:
I love vizio, but I just recently converted to all samsung for 4k hdr. The vizio, I believe has 8-bit hdr vs. Samsung's 10-bit. That was last year, though, I'd still double check to see if you're fine with 8-bit. It all may be bullshit numbe...

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Budget Cuts is television breaking. This is not a joke.

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Very interesting, indeed. No belly button on Reedus and the erasing of Kojimas name. Hmm, very interesting.

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When the PS4 released I bought two for myself (living room and den/guest room). I also bight two extras because I figured the supply would be low and I could sell them for a profit. Supply was low but my conscience got the best of me and I sold them at only a $50 profit since I did stand in line for a few hours to get them.
Stopped in GameStop yesterday and there was a paper on the door saying they were sold out and didn't have a shipment date. Went on eBay later that day to fin...

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The PS4 Pro is about the same size of the original PS4 or the Xbox One S. IGN put them side-by-side

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Yeah, PSVR is superior in comfort. That headband system is so awesome that I'm seriously looking into that welding helmet mod for my Vive. The screen door effect seems better than the Vive as well. The PSVR graphical quality is a lot lower but almost imperceivable when immersed in a game. My good comments are all from playing the entire demo disc at BestBuy, I don't actually own a PSVR yet. Maybe for Christmas.
PSVR is most likely going to dictate the future of VR but my Viv...

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Let me help you decide on which VR to get. Get the one that minimizes the risk of putting a hole in your TV. Lol. Just kidding, I love my vive. In fact, I just upgraded to a 1080 specifically for VR. I was not joking about my TV though. Sadly, it could not withstand the knock out blow of a Htc Vive controller. Damn you, Budget Cuts!

Please be careful, whichever one you choose. You really do lose yourself in VR. It is quite easy to forget where you are standing or which dir...

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I don't know where I stand on the tanks yet. I put 4 sticks of dynamite and two anti-tank grenades right next to the tank and that was just enough to take it out. Two people could take it out a bit easier and if you use the canon sit will go a lot quicker or another tank. Coordinating with a full squad could easily take a tank out. Taking a tank out solo is very hard. Maybe the limited arsenal is the problem and not the tanks. It is definitely something DICE should be taking a closer look...

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I'm not sure every one remembers the flak Respawn received about the first game. Many are complaining about Attrition being taken out even though we have only been shown three game modes. Regardless, bounty hunter is a way better addition than attrition ever was. With attrition, you could farm grunts and specters away from the action or soak them all up with the light mech and electric gun while zooming around the mal with your three dashes. Attrition didn't force opposing pilots agai...

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The crashes suck, especially when going for the survive in extreme climates achievement. Game would crash almost every two hours if I didn't do anything. And the crashes nearly everytime I warped more than once in a row I thought were bad at first and then somehow after around thirty jumps, he game would crash every time I tried to warp.
Then the update came out and I have had only one crash. So, the patch worked wonders for me but I am so sorry that it has screwed it up for you...

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I was going to go back to the list and paste some stuff here but the list is gone now....strange. Anyway, one of the things on list were bugs. Bugs were said to be missing and then someone posted a pic/video of something similar to butterflies. I don't recall the other things but there were a few more corrections.
He also stated that dinosaurs were not in the game like the ones in the trailer but I beg to differ. So many people just warp to the center and don't take the tim...

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The list was compiled prematurely and has been corrected in places but the damage is done. With that said, HG did leave out a lot of content. However, people that have been following the development know that there was a massive flood and a couple of lawsuits that they had to deal with. Sony also had a hand in the development process no matter what HG says No Man's Sky is not completely their game. With everything that has been stacked against this tiny team, I think they still put out an...

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Thanks to Sony whooping there ass, they finally got the ball rolling on creating an ecosystem. Apple has been doing it for years with their devices. MS should have been keeping a closer eye on Apple's methods and less on Sony's tactics.
Sony has left the past behind starting with the PS3 remodel to the PSP, Vita, and PS TV. Sony has no identity as a whole of all its products. MS doesn't either but they seem like they have been making an attempt to get there recently.

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It's crashed for me as well but only a few times and only in warp speed. But for me, I can easily look over that bug.

The game is a polarizing one, most likely because it is a fresh idea. I am sorry you are having a bad time. I am having a blast. Hopefully you can get your money back or at least sell/ trade it in. There's millions of people that shied away from No Man's Sky due to the price tag.

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2.5 out of 5 yet it reads like an 8 at least. Everything said in the article is exactly why I love the game. It's not Hello Games that failed at making the game. It is the players that expected something different when everything was clearly stated from the get go.

But I do understand that this game is not for everyone. Just don't judge it based off your expectations. Judge it based on the game and only the game as No Man's Sky is the trailblazer for a new genr...

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