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"If you play it and enjoy it you are a disgrace." yes, sir, I do believe you insulted someone here. I find it difficult to believe that you are on your soapbox casting stones at the age of 30. There is something wrong with me because I like art that you do not like? Should I not admire the work of Caravaggio and instead only gaze upon the works of Monet or Kincaid?

You speak like it is a sin to play GTA. It seems rather impossible that in all your 30 years you hav...

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The main reason why I have not picked up a VR headset other than my gear vr is the games. They all seem like proof of concept games but the big hang up I have is first person games. They are the reason I really want vr and the movement system in them seems so crappy. That teleport mechanic seems so lazy and analog stick movement seems too confined.

I really want to get a Vive but until movement is shown to be as fluid as head and hand movement I am going to hold off. Not ...

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Sean has stated several times that he prefers a small team. He said that the team he has now (14 people, I believe) seems too big. I think he turn down any offer of making the team bigger. But you are right, Hello Games deserves something more than money for No Man's Sky. I wish them all the best.

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Good analogy for Until Dawn and you make a good point. If you don't like Quantic dream there is a high chance you won't like Until Dawn. But I do think that Until Dawn is a better version of those games.

Just want to say I love the name. I was born in July 1981 and was hooked on gaming ever since i sat on the floor 4 feet in front of the living room tv, joystick in hand, shooting boats, gas tanks, and helicopters in River Raid.

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Gaming4Life1981's opinion is about the norm for people that don't go I to this game with the right mindset. I didn't care too much for the other Quantic Dreams games either. I beat them but never felt the need to go back again. However, Until Dawn, for me, is way better than those games. I believe it is because I am a fan of '80s horror movies. Having the mindset of playing Until Dawn like it is a B horror movie may make the experience more enjoyable. The story is weak and fi...

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I feel like this was done before, way back in the middle of the 360 life cycle.

Also, I have a feeling that Sony and MS may be heading towards a tick tock rotation. Similar to how Intel used to release CPUs. However, not just within its own company but with the opposition as well. Sony releases the PS4, 3 years later MS releases XB2, 3 years later PS5, 3 years later XB3, and so on.

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ISIS thanks you Mr. Blow. Pull the attention off of them so they could keep killing innocent people.

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I am sorry that you didn't have the same experience that I have had. Hopefully, you will give it another chance and become part of this amazing community.

I believe:
Rocket League is as close to the perfect game as a game can be. It's beautiful, controls are supreme, rarely are there connection issues, it is extremely easy to play but difficult to master, the matches are bite size but long enough to be fair, DLC is purely cosmetic and priced reasonably, th...

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Humility brought it on.

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$20791 ÷ $84 = 247.5 hours ÷ 31 days = 8 hours/day. That's more than a few hours. That is what you call a full time job. No one is paying just any bum off the street $84/hr. Unless, you are doing what VTKC is suggesting.

edit: just noticed that kehuxuce sounds a lot like cock sauce. Maybe VTKC is on to something.

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I just thought the reveal trailer was amazing. I buy both Battlefield and CoD with season passes every year. I am more of a fan CoD and play it way more but this trailer made me boot up BF immediately and made me want to get better at it. I did not have the same reaction to the infinite warfare reveal. Maybe it's the WWI setting or that I'm getting a bit burnt out by futuristic shooters. Feeling a bit tired of Shooters in general, lately.
Either way, I was just attempting an...

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After seeing the Battlefield 1 reveal, "CoD, who?

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MS may take the lead over the PS4. The Neo just may canabalize the PS4. Many will skip the PS4 and go straight for the Neo. Also, Customers looking to buy a PS4 may opt for a used one since their will be a influx of trade-ins at GameStop, Best Buy, or any other store that will accept trade-ins. And a used console does not count as a sale for any manufacturer. MS may finally catch-up to the PS4 but only he PS4. If you combine the PS4 and the Neo than, no, MS still will be sitting comfortably i...

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I was struggling to remember if it was Pong on the 2600 or Pac-man. I think it's Pong. Then you mentioned Pitfall. God damn scorpion. The alligators were a pain as well but the scorpion was my downfall. My favorite for sure was River Raid. Oh, and Haunted House can suck it. I'd rather play E.T.

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This game is unbelievable. It's got its hooks in me bad. I got it free on ps+ first but then bought all the dlc. I have since bought it on PC and Xbox one. I mostly play on the Xbox one now but it's great wherever you're playing. I just want rocket labs on the Xbox.

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So, what happens with exclusive content? The twisted metal truck on ps4 and the gears of war and halo trucks on Xbox one. Are they available to unlock on PC now? What about bigger content like the dlc for destiny or call of duty or the division, where one console gets the content first?

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Exactly. This is a great game to hang out with friends. The Division, with its limited open world, does what it does well. It's. It is not GTA. There are not a million things to do or million places to go, but that's OK. There is something to be said about simplicity and Ubisoft has refined simplicity with The Division.

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I can buy a chess board and pieces for $5 or I can pay several hundred dollars for a chess set. Both do the same exact thing but one of them is made extremely well with better materials. Bluray movies cost about $30 but "B" movies cost significantly less. Not because of the studio that made it but because of the quality of the acting and directing. You get what you pay for and Sony believes this game to be held in the same caliber as Fallout, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, The Witcher, ...

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"Anyone who pays 60 bux for indie,is insane and moron. "

I believe you started with the rude comments. What goes around, comes around.
You then went on to demean the work that Hello games or any indie developer, for that matter, does. Your whole comment was filled with ignorance and rudeness.

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