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I would like to see more frames per second. #4

New Egg is selling the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable drive for $117-$130.
Costco has the same drive for sale with a case for $90. #1.1.4
The blood splatter on the walls looks gruesome. #4
I'm not so sure about this. It looks like more of the same, barring Black Flag. Black Flag was great because of the whole pirate thing. Unity looks like Brotherhood. If the missions are dynamic more than just catch that thief and the co-op is really fleshed out then I'll pick this up. But I'm probably gonna hold off a bit, I think. That's too bad because I was really looking coward to this one. They promised the combat would have more depth but I have yet to see that. #10
You're right about everything you've stated. However, a linear story and a bit more hand holding than most games is what I expect from Call of Duty. All the set pieces and Michael Bay influence is what I look forward to int he CoD campaigns. The mp feels very familiar which is what I like; familiarity. People played the different versions of quake and Counter Strike because it was familiar. They want familiar when it comes to the games they love. Battlefield got shit because it stray... #3.1
It's Sledgehammer, not Treyarch, that developed this game. But to stay on topic, AW deserves these high scores the game looks great albeit not as great as the cut scenes (maybe next year). I'm only two pr three missions into the campaign but it is fun and the storyline is intriguing enough to keep me interested. I stopped playing the campaign to test out the mp. I usually finish the campaign before I even touch the mp in any game but the double xp lured me in and boy am I glad I tried... #5
The Titan One is the new version of the CronusMax. But if your gonna get it to use the opposite controller, using a DS4 on a Xbox One is the better way to go as all the buttons are useable. Using a Xbox One controller on the PS4 doesn't work on many games due to the lack of a touchpad.
Headsets don't work either when using the Titan One. You'd have to use the Kinect to chat. Other than that, he Titan One is a pretty cool device that's relatively simple to use. #5.2.1
I'm still on the fence, too, but the zombie mode is probably going to be the reason why I buy CoD once again. Hopefully, I can find the time to play it between Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, AC Unity, and all the other games I plan on getting in the next two months. #2.2
F yeah. This guy is my hero. Everything he says is completely true. Watch the World Series on TV or even at the stadium? I don't think so. I get out there every day and play baseball myself. I also enjoy football and ice hockey. I can't watch someone else have fun. I get out there and practice my backhand in tennis 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

Reality TV? Why watch someone else live there life for a few hours a day. I record myself through my home security cameras an... #17
Cryptarch is still trolling me. I got common items from green engrams, WTF Bungie. #10
I was thinking the same thing but, honestly, I was thinking this was going to be a $20 game. With the Alien license, though, I figured the most it would be was $40. $60 is too much for this game. It's like Angry Birds all over again. #13.1
I only have 8 strange coins. I need to get to work. Anyone know how to increase my chances of getting strange coins? #4.1
It's "Where's Waldo?" #2
This is my go to farming spot. After about a half hour a war breaks out between the cabal and vex. It's great. You have to constantly be moving around all the time but I've completed quite a few bounties there as well as pick up a lot of engrams. #5
It is very difficult to go on long kill streaks in Destiny. There are no 200 kill streaks like there are in CoD. And e best thing is that there are no kill streaks. No reward for doing well during the game and after the game. The pressure to get the most kills or to capture the most points is solely reliant on the players 'want' to win. The fact that I can come in last place but still get a loot drop is exciting. It does suck when you dominate and get nothing for it but that's no... #16.2
Play Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 and then play Pac-Man on the 360. Then come and talk to me about how much better it is on the Atari and I'll tell you that your crazy. #2.2
Yeah, I thought it was level 20 to start the raids. I'm close to 20 and three missions left on Mars. I've been trying to get through the campaign on my PS4 that way I can have one character that way I can have at least one character that can start any mission.
I've beaten the campaign on my Xbox One so I know how the story line ends. I know it's rather weak but I liked the story. The whole thing about darkness and light leaves it very open to interpretation like many... #10.1
You know, these sites claim to base their review on what the game has to offer right now and not I the future. Yet, they put lines like this in their article "The disappointment of Destiny is that it fails to capitalize on the possibilities".
I think the reason why this game isn't getting close to perfect scores is because of the reviewers are judging Destiny as a regular military FPS. Review scores are supposed to be based off other games in their genre and generatio... #67
I did my thesis on online gaming "Online Gaming and Aggressive Behavior in Young Adults". I found that online gaming does not cause aggressive behavior in young adults. Apparently, though, the absence of online gaming after paying $60 or more for a game that can only be played online may cause aggressive behavior. /s

If I were in college now and this would have F'd up my thesis and my ability to graduate. I'd be pissed too. This blogger is an idiot. I paid m... #8
The ball is supposed to be act like a beach ball. They just didn't want it to look like one. There's a soccer ball as well if you want something a bit more weighted. But you're right. The physics aren't on the bleeding edge but they do make the game feel more alive. #4.2.1
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