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After seeing the Battlefield 1 reveal, "CoD, who?

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MS may take the lead over the PS4. The Neo just may canabalize the PS4. Many will skip the PS4 and go straight for the Neo. Also, Customers looking to buy a PS4 may opt for a used one since their will be a influx of trade-ins at GameStop, Best Buy, or any other store that will accept trade-ins. And a used console does not count as a sale for any manufacturer. MS may finally catch-up to the PS4 but only he PS4. If you combine the PS4 and the Neo than, no, MS still will be sitting comfortably i...

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I was struggling to remember if it was Pong on the 2600 or Pac-man. I think it's Pong. Then you mentioned Pitfall. God damn scorpion. The alligators were a pain as well but the scorpion was my downfall. My favorite for sure was River Raid. Oh, and Haunted House can suck it. I'd rather play E.T.

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This game is unbelievable. It's got its hooks in me bad. I got it free on ps+ first but then bought all the dlc. I have since bought it on PC and Xbox one. I mostly play on the Xbox one now but it's great wherever you're playing. I just want rocket labs on the Xbox.

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So, what happens with exclusive content? The twisted metal truck on ps4 and the gears of war and halo trucks on Xbox one. Are they available to unlock on PC now? What about bigger content like the dlc for destiny or call of duty or the division, where one console gets the content first?

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Exactly. This is a great game to hang out with friends. The Division, with its limited open world, does what it does well. It's. It is not GTA. There are not a million things to do or million places to go, but that's OK. There is something to be said about simplicity and Ubisoft has refined simplicity with The Division.

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I can buy a chess board and pieces for $5 or I can pay several hundred dollars for a chess set. Both do the same exact thing but one of them is made extremely well with better materials. Bluray movies cost about $30 but "B" movies cost significantly less. Not because of the studio that made it but because of the quality of the acting and directing. You get what you pay for and Sony believes this game to be held in the same caliber as Fallout, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, The Witcher,...

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"Anyone who pays 60 bux for indie,is insane and moron. "

I believe you started with the rude comments. What goes around, comes around.
You then went on to demean the work that Hello games or any indie developer, for that matter, does. Your whole comment was filled with ignorance and rudeness.

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I think your parents got ripped off when they paid for your education. But to your point, with inflation, games cost about $30 less now than 20 years ago. Publishers know that $60 is the sweet spot for games. DLC is optional but it is a way for them to make more money. With games costing upwards of a million or many times more than 100 million to make, people need to get paid for their work.

1 development = $50,000-$80,000 per year x 3 years $150,000-$240,000 for 1 game. 10...

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I had a couple of occasions of frames dropping to the point where it was definitely noticeable. However, it only happened about two or three times and it was in areas where nothing much was going on. Fighting the cleaners with multiple explosives going off never hiccuped for me in both betas.

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Does this also mean that cross play will be enabled for every game, past, present, and future?

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It's "Gaming with Character", I am pretty sure all his videos are like this. Don't take it seriously, just enjoy. I think he's funny. Check out his YouTube channel, you might like it when you realize he does this for every game. I didn't like the rating on this one, though. Where's the 3.67135 out of 7?

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What platform are you getting the division on? Xbox one has the most people on my friends list, quite a bit less in ps4, and none on PC. But the allure of the better graphics and much smoother framerate of the PC version is systematically whispering in my ear everytime a new game comes out. Yet somehow I spend almost all of my gaming hours on Xbox One even though my steam library has literally thousands of hours to be played in order to complete my backlog. Maybe, subconsciously, I'm tryi...

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Hit accept and continue and then pre-order and pay. Then, go into account settings-transaction history-second item on your list should say hitman: full experience with a cancel pre-order button under it. Just hit cancel but make sure not to cancel the beta download.

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I want to give them my money because it is the best free game I've ever played. It's not a shame to pay for something that deserves it. However, as I'm thinking more about your word usage, you may have meant that it's a shame that MS couldn't have made the same deal Sony had made.
Either way, I will be buying Rocket League this time around.

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i bought three ps4's on launch day for my living room, bedroom, and nephew's room. i bought two xbox one's for my living room and bedroom. All three PS4's have really loud fans. I just assumed that it is a side effect of having a small console and the power supply inside of it. The Xbox ones on occasion get loud but a quick restart fixes the problem on the few times I've had to deal with it. Sadly, that solution does not work for the PS4s. However, I did have to return bot...

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I'm not so sure about far superior but it does have more controls; a.e. Gyroscope, trackpad, and lightbar. If anything you should be using this converter to go the other way, DS4 to Xbox One.

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So true, however, I think this is due to Ubisoft downgrading the graphics and not because the Xbox can handle ultra settings. Unfortunately, for Xbox, trying to hit that 1080 mark seems to have some side effects. I did notice some screen tearing and slow down but only a few times and only in places where there was not a lot going on. When fighting the cleaners with fire and explosions going off, there was no slow down or screen tearing for me.
On the PS4, I did not experience any issu...

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Xbox has always crushed the black levels but ps4 seems too bright. I always have different brightness settings for ps4 and Xbox one games. I have AC U & BF, TR, and Destiny on both consoles. PS4 brightness levels are always tuned lower. I do tend to like the darker Xbox version, it seems to make the other colors pop. Maybe it's because I'm a Samsung fan. Samsung TV's always have unrealistic colors out of the box where Sony TVs almost always are closer to real life out of the b...

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True but you still have to depend on Amazon sending you the code. With the region trick, you can download the beta immediately.

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