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Since most games are not exclusives, it's better to have something that can run them better than the small amount of exclusives out there. I also own a PS4 and the amount of worthwhile exclusives can be listed on one hand.

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So it would be ok to have male characters in inappropriate poses?

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Did the developers say the odds of meeting someone near will increase?

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I wrote the "Hello World" program in college. If anyone else does it I am suing!

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See R*, single player stories do sell. Too bad you forgot about story DLC.
I can't wait to play this..

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If they can do it for this there no excuse not to do it for Battlefield 1..

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Yeah I toss and turn all night just thinking about it..

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Can we get this for Windows and Microsoft Office? It would be a great excuse at work.. :)

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Watch Dogs 2
Mafia 3
Civilization 6
Battlefield 1

Probably a few more titles if the hype gets me excited enough...

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How is any video game "necessary"?

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I just wish developers would start releasing full VR games. I am a little tired of all the $3.00 specials out there..

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And then we could consider the fact that most games are Not exclusive and run\perform better on PC..

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I used to love the original, I might get this..

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Why would there be more planets because you live in Great Britain?

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Who in their right mind would pledge $2550 for frigging video game?? I guess maybe if you are super rich..

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Now if someone can make that web page work on an iphone..

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I just research what the best components are that I can afford and take them down to my local PC shop and pay them $100 to install everything. That way if they fry the motherboard or anything else they pay for it and I don't lose a thing.

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For me it will become more enjoyable as time goes on, when I know 10's of thousands of gamers have played this game for hours yet I am still able to land on a planet nobody else has and maybe see things no other gamer has seen anywhere else. If planets contain lifeforms and structures that are truly unique, it will live up to my hype because it will mean endless replay value due to endless discoveries.

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Oh no, they are removing nipples from a cartoon..

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