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Except you replied to my comment and skipped replying to many others.

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I own an xbox one too, i just prefer to keep the majority of my games in the same library.

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No thanks, I am getting the Steam version

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In WW 1 where if you are playing Battlefield 1 you can shoot at him as he prances across the battlefield.

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I would think R* would want RDR2 this year, if they maintain their release cycle then GTA 6 would be next year.

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FYI, here is the list:

10. Grow Up
9. Ultimate Chicken Horse
8. Owlboy
7. The Witness
6. Inside
5. Parkitect
4. Hitman
3. Zero Time Dilemma
2. Hyper Light Drifter
1. Abzu

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Well keep telling yourself that, I hope it makes you feel better..

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Just some assholes attacking their servers..

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I wasn't disappointed by Watch Dogs 2 at all

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It certainly won't happen with the current generation of consoles. I am primarily a PC gamer but exclusives is what made me buy a console this gen and the previous one.

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Yeah standing up against something that is immoral and perverse is so bigoted..

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Thiss thizz tho thhilly..

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lol, you got a long wait..

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For me the main disappointment is that most online things can't be played solo..

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I gave you a like for your comment and the creativity of your insult :)

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I would play it but I wish they would take all the online modes and make them possible to play solo with ai teammates.

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So when they eventually shut the servers off the game will be entirely useless. Which of course is because they want you to buy the next version..

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it's not an mmo

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Very true, the room scale experience is awesome on the Vive. The fact you have to face the camera with the PSVR would drive me nuts. Not to mention the controllers on the Rift and Vive are more suited for VR than the PSVR controllers.

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The game is fun for the first two or three times you slide down a hill, then it gets old real fast..

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