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Sounds good. I never got chance to try that game but always wanted to.

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Yeah, I looked it up. I am just joking anyway, no offense intended towards your game..

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La Douche? LOL..doesn't sound very appealing. Will the sequel be La Douche Bag?

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Exactly my main concern. They spent all that time and effort with the 3 protagonists of GTA V but did nothing with it after the main release of the game. That had all kinds of possibilities..

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"An Experience Like Never Before" - Well that could mean good or bad right?

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And by that definition there is no such thing as a game meant for children because it's all "art". So by all means go right out and play any of the "Putt-Putt", "Pajama-Sam's" or "Freddie Fish" games, I mean it's all art right?? Idiot..

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Except that it looks like a game for six year olds..

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In general, no. The only time I can think of that really happening is towards in the end of a console generation where the consoles hardware has remained static while the PC's have constantly received the latest and greatest advances,

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Except that gamers who can afford a good gaming PC also own consoles, they only use them for the rare AAA title that isn't on PC.

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Because most people dont have 4k televisions, I am sure there is a price consideration as well

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Same thing as buying a new car, it's not the latest for very long

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Graphics certainly sell games and consoles else nobody would have care about Consoles with 4K and PC gamers wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on new video cards.

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Looking forward to playing this!

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Yeah those where you have to think are a real bitch aren't they? lol..

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So if you have all the games of today but in the graphic style of the Atari 2600 would the games still be as fun? I don't think so..

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Yes, everything is a conspiracy..ridiculous

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Sounds like the same thing they promoted with the Xbox 360 and XNA game studio

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Actually the most powerful graphics card is the $1200 Titan Xp

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How many miles across is no man's sky or eve online?

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As a PC gamer I am looking forward to see what Scorpio based games will be available for people with high end pc's.

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