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No thanks, looking forward to Mafia 3 on October 7th instead. A great game that embraces single player and solo gamers..

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Can you be a bigot against bigots?

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It could also be cheaper if you are just upgrading. You may not need to buy mouse, keyboard, power supply, case, HD etc.

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Same here, I am just waiting for whatever the next card is (1080Ti?)

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Yeah I keep telling myself those things too except I do it with Ferrari's. Nobody really wants to drive a Ferrari anyway, those are just for people with no life.

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That's a ridiculous stretch. It doesn't say "Douche" it's pronounced like Do-Shawn.

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Why? Does it keep you awake at night?

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I agree. It wouldn't bother me so much if they hadn't totally ignored solo gamers both online and offline.

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Gamers that can afford high end PC's have consoles as well, it's just that the PC is their primary gaming machine. I only use my PS4 for sports games like Madden and the rare exclusive that I am interested in like Bloodborne. Because of that the new PS4 Pro is not worth it to me.

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That would suck..

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Just the fact that one Xbox has to do double the work would make it slower than the other Xbox's in the same game session. Then all the data that both sessions send to the server has to go out one network pipe which is like the drain in a sink, the more stuff you jam in it the harder it is for stuff go down. I could certainly be wrong and I probably am but I just remember what it was like during GOW 1.

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So when your online game is lagging it's probably because someone is playing split screen with someone. That used to happen all the time with the old Gears of War versions.

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Since pc's are used for non entertainment things as well they are the better buy.

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That's the glory of the PC, I can get the best hardware I can afford not just what they hand to me in a box..

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And they actually tested it this way too?

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My wife and I both loved Fallout 3 but we got bored with Fallout 4 after about 40 hours or so.

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Yes, I have two of them myself though I haven't played anything on them for close to two years now.

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looks fine to me...

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I meant you don't have to buy everything again at the same time. One year I upgraded the video card, a year or two later I upgraded the motherboard and cpu etc etc.

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Except when the PC gets old you don't have to buy the entire thing again. I still have the same case from 8 years ago but have swapped out motherboards, video cards, memory etc several times since then. PC's are also used for non entertainment things which makes it a better value in my opinion.

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