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Because this is one of the biggest problems our society faces today. People are starving, in real wars, out of work, and homeless but they don't have to be concerned with real issues like this!

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Satan, it was actually a very good game..

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Even Battlefield isn't gory, you never see things like decapitations.

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Then you need to decide the default race, short or tall, skinny or fat, gay or straight etc etc. So if we really want to address all of the oppressed the default character would be a fat black midget who is gay..

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Man that really sucks we have to wait until next year. I was hoping by Christmas time this year, hopefully it's sooner than Christmas time next year.

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Yep, if it doesn't play exactly as the last one it must suck..smh

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Not sure what else there is to do in an open world besides a million side missions and collectables. I mean it would be a little out of place if you could go on these missions then go bowling with your cousin afterwards.

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You can solo with 3 AI teammates.

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Isn't "Play Anywhere" just for exclusives? I mean I won't be able to play the next Madden on my PC because it's available on the Xbox One, right? Seems like there would be other games like that as well which may be justification for some to buy an Xbox console. Not to mention if you have more than one gamer in the house it's much cheaper to just buy a console than trying to replicate a PC gaming system so multiple people can play different games at the same time.

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Is development finished? It's not out until March 2017

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I was thinking that too, it doesn't look as good as GTA V's yet

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Well if it has a really low price I might try it. Doesn't seem like it would be fun for very long.

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Definitely needs to be refined but I am still hopeful since it's not out for almost 9 months.

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Why would you stop playing Battlefield 4 just because Battlefield 1 is out?

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Satan, it's ridiculous..

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Really looking forward to this but March is so far away :(

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What a poorly written article, it's like it was written by a high school student who just realized it was due today. Who the heck gives two shits if some things are not realistic, welcome to video games. Are you really going to throw your controller down in disgust when you realize that server just weighs too much for that drone to handle? Personally I want to play the game for the same reasons I liked the first one, to have all kinds of fun exploring and starting shit with the people and...

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That would be great, but I doubt it happens.

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I hope you feel better..

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That's one series I have learned not to buy until I hear gamer feedback.

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