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It's not a game I could play for hours in a row but I think it will be fun though. The main problem for me is that the price is way to high for what it offers so i am going to wait for a good sale price #11
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Um, games used to always be that way but developers don't want to be bothered with it anymore. They add tons of replay value for many especially for people who aren't in school anymore and don't have tons of friends to play with. Not to mention that when the online servers are eventually turned off this game will still be playable. #1.1
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Why do people always mention the price of PC's? One of the primary benefits of a PC is I don't have to replace the entire thing when I upgrade. I am still using the same case, same power supply etc that came with my computer 7 years ago. Three years ago I swapped out the cpu, video card and added more RAM. I plan on doing that again in the Spring. #1.3.15
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Hopefully it's as good as the Souls games. Those games are my most played games since they came out though GTA is pretty close.. #9
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Victims dont plead for their life in gta 5 and you cant put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger #15.1
Another fine idea ruined by being an MMO.. #8
I will pre-order but just a day or two before release. My money is better in my pocket until then. #12
Is there another zombie game with parkour? #1.4.3
Ridiculous score, this game has been awesome.. #1
Lacks replay value? This game will have tons of replay value for me just running around having fun with the zombies.. #5
Except you don't throw your weapon away after you kill someone.. #1.1.3
Techland is not involved in Dead Island 2.. #11.1
This is going to be a lot of fun.. #4
I haven't finished it yet because the game is good at what it does. It makes me so tense! I will finish it eventually when I feel my blood pressure can take it.. #40
To me the aggression and running away from zombies sets it apart from Dead Rising 3. I watched some streams yesterday where they were playing co-op and afraid to leave their safe house at night. The volatiles were literally slamming against the doors and gates to get in and it gave you a feeling of dread. Listening to players yell "Holy Shit!" when they are being chased across rooftops and other obstacles trying to make it back to a safe house is awesome too. Dead Rising 3 to me see... #8
That's cool. I hope it runs on Windows 8 now, I own Homeworld 2 but it won't run on Windows 8. #1
I really hate when the story is over you have a phone full of contacts that you can't contact, they never answer the phone. I would like to race that tough blond bitch on a bicycle again etc. Why do all the buildings that we could enter in the campaign need to be locked up after the story is over, frigging pisses me off I wanted to look around more than I was able to. Why can't we take hookers back to our place, why do they insist on going someplace private? I want to do it in the mid... #18
I played the Beta once on my PC and though it was amusing I could tell I would be bored of it in a short time. No way will I pay full price for that, I will wait for a sale. #6.2
I have owned GTA V on PS3 and now PS4. I can't wait to trade it in for the PC version... #1.1
There are a bunch of new Zombie games coming, why would that make anyone think it was drawing to a close? #3
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