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So strange why they don't just copy the same flying mechanics GTA 5 or even Just Cause 3 games use. The flying in those game seem very natural..

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I don't know why I keep buying race games, I keep falling for the hype I guess. Honestly they are the same exact thing as the previous versions except they look prettier. You are still just driving most of the same cars on the same tracks doing the same exact thing. I guess the same can be said with Madden with it's yearly roster updates.

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So glad I got the 1080Ti, all settings to max and play..

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Yep, exactly the way it should be..

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true, though going to work does suck..

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Even if Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5 and the next Assassin's Creed came out the same day I would just buy them all..

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Great, an expensive dust collector..

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Space Invaders?

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I got to get back to that. I got over 40 hours in and I am not even close to being half way done.

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Not that I believe this hearsay conversation, but who is surprised by this? How many games released new dlc almost 5 years later?

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It's going to take me 10 minutes just to select a car... :)

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Do people have these debates over other household appliances? By the way my dishwasher is better than yours...

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You mean players will finally die when you shoot them?

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Looks real fun to me. I don't know what it is but I love climbing the buildings and collecting those little tokens at the top.

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typical open world is what I want..

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Making games available on PC loses system sales from PC gamers. I would have considered buying an Xbox One X if I couldn't play Forza 7, Crackdown 3 etc on PC when they come out.

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I got it for free when I got my new GTX 1080Ti, never even installed it because the beta was incredibly boring..

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I loved the previous Crackdown games, can't wait to play this on my PC.

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Only one of them actually works, all the rest were thrown in frustration while playing Dark Souls games..

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Maybe those are his too, he just stores them at your place..

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