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What a load of bs..I played it solo and had a great time with it.

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Yeah because Hillary would have been so much better. At least he is actually doing things for the US instead of our enemies like Odumbo did. Odumbo is the one who made America look like a joke with his fake red lines he was always drawing and his support of illegal immigration.

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I doubt he plays Call of Duty, that was someone else's screw up..

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That would be so great if it does. I would love to see GTA go back to a single player only game..

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Supposedly they will be offering an upgrade option for current owners.

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Yeah so? What difference does that make? Does the label "simulator" give it a pass on quality and value?

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Yeah mine too. Great game..

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I don't really want to hear crude language. However, it does add to the realism of the game by showing us what kind of people the characters are.

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Like buying a new car, there is always something out there that is faster and cooler etc. It doesn't make what you own worthless..

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Thiss thizz tho thhilly..

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And a lot less replay value..

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Satan! I agree, I believe they have arrested the person who did it..

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Sounds great, I love the limbo type games.

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lol..where is all the bragging about never getting caught? Ain't too proud now are you..

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I am primarily a PC gamer but Bloodborne is what got me to buy a PS4, awesome game.

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They will eventually, but no doubt they have run into a brick wall. It's not because they don't feel like it

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A lot of people wanted to play it. It's an awesome game, very well done.

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I see $40 for digital but it's $29 for a physical copy

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I doubt it would have g-sync and the input would lag in comparison to a good monitor.

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