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Yes, I did... #11.1.1
Sucks to be you... #9.2
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And released at the same time as the console versions #9.1
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Well it's not every day a company provides a warning to not buy their product. Thanks for the warning Ubisoft, we appreciate it.. #4
1d 7h ago by Psychotica | View comment
RDR 2 Online, with single player that is totally ignored, yay!! Wouldn't that be so great!? #11
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As usual.. #1.12.1
1d 18h ago by Psychotica | View comment
Thanks, that's good to hear! #4.1.1
I think it deserves the attention. I can remember a game that took as long to load as this. That's ridiculous.. #1.2
I wonder if the PC is having the same issue. I hope not.. #4
Really? Every time a AAA title comes out it's 59.99. Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battle Ground, Assassin's Syndicate, Fallout 4 etc etc.. All $60.. #8.1.3
Yes, I agree with you about bots except bots allow you to continue to use the game when servers are down or when they eventually turn the servers off. #10.2.1
When it's a sequel I expect at the least the same functionality of the previous versions like playing offline vs bots in the multiplayer modes #10
PC gamers like me pay $60 for games all the time.. #8.1.1
Doesn't the cheats through the console allow you to get caps? #4
If only there was a game on PC that allowed you to shoot guns and throw grenades.. #7
I suppose you only buy plain cheese pizza? #21.1
How much bigger than NBA 2K16? #8.3
They were cool at first, now I couldn't care less about them. Same with trophies on my PS4. #4
Lack of all multiplayer modes offline vs bots like what COD has sucks #10
Ok, I guess it's my interpretation of what cut out is. I view cut out like removing the pepperoni from a pizza after it was added. From what you are saying it's not cut out but excluded. #19.1.2
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