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Both my son and I were just thinking the same exact thing.

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Why on earth would anyone want that??

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If they had just created the game as a single player RPG game like The Witcher 3 they would have this problem. Stop creating MMO crapware..

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I don't cry over movies, I sure as heck won't cry over a cartoon character..

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I am surprised N4G doesn't have a mobile application.

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Yeah that's what I determined too. I was waiting but decided to cancel after hearing how it scratches glasses, everything must be installed to the C drive etc. Just to clunky, I am going to wait until the next version.

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What I like is growing your character into something powerful. It's fun to go back and fight enemies you once had difficulty with but can now blow through them like nothing.

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From what I saw it made me think of Unreal Tournament which I used to love. However that was so long ago and my tastes have changed. It just looked boring, I didn't even bother downloading the beta.

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how does cost come into this when it's just a comparison? If one athlete beats another is the reason because they get paid more?

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I think there will more "Dark Souls" like games coming out like Bloodborne. No way they would throw away something that makes them money just because the story ends. I wouldn't be surprised in 4 or 5 years there is a Dark Souls 4.

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Yeah cannibalism happens in nature too, so does that make it ok?

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Yeah just another article trying to convince\brainwash people that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and the ok thing to do.

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How bored do you have to be to do stuff like this? What's next, the computer at the public library?

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I have no crashes at all and playing in 1440p, way above what my PS4 could have done.

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I like the idea of letting the pirates invest their time then locking them out. Though if it was me I would reformat their hard drive for them.

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I wonder if there will be planets that are fully developed by alien races. So you could see cities etc.

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Good games though confusing at times. Some puzzles I solved I don't even know why what I did worked, I just tried all possibilities until I got the right one.

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When you are in the middle of a boss fight and you got piss like a rushing race horse...

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Ok, that really sucks then.

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Have people actually been charged for it or will they be charged once it ships? Because if I hadn't been charged yet the wait wouldn't bother me at all.

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