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I don't care where I buy it from but I want to be able to register the key with Steam to keep all my games in one place. #4.3
Imagine if you played Battlefield 4 and every time your character died you burst into tears..die,cry,die,cry,die,cry ... #21.3
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Why would you want to play with people who don't have microphones or scream in your ear or play music full blast? AI would at least be devoted to trying to play the game as intended. There are also many games out there that provide AI teammates like Dragon's Dogma for example. #2.3.1
Sorry but some people are not 15 years old and can play with all their high school buddies.. #2.2.4
Of course solo players will be screwed because they can't be bothered to add AI teammates. #2
I can't think of anyone I know that doesn't. #85.1
So do you refuse to buy a car unless it has every option or a pizza if doesn't have all the toppings? #1.1.1
That's too bad, I used to like the voice of the guy that did their reviews. #79
You make it sound like friends can't play VR games together which is not true, they can and will. #4.2
MGSV was fun but it was also unrealistic. Like sneaking around in a cardboard box, distracting the enemy with a girly poster or wearing a chicken hat. Just stupid shit that ruins the immersion. #2.2
Why? Just because you can't afford it? #3.2
The difficulty is what makes it satisfying when you finally get by the enemy that is causing you trouble. #1.1
Neither system is perfect. Every time they show off the Vive there is some guy playing while someone else is managing the cables which won't be available for most people. I also don't want those giant lighthouse sensors and all that cabling cluttering up my home. All that stuff would be fine if you have a room you can dedicate to it, I don't though. I have pre-ordered the Rift but mine won't ship until June, so I have time to hear feedback from the first consumer versions of t... #1.1.1
Um, the Oculus Rift will have controllers too and from the reviews I have seen the touch controllers of the Rift are better. #1
Well it needs to be big if there are flying vehicles to use. I also find it fun to explore and find the hidden items in the large open world. #1.1.2
I am not sure why people have such a problem with DLC. I would rather be able to play the game at a lower price and less content and find out I didn't like the game, than pay a higher price with more content and find out I didn't like it. #20
Reduced to? It looks awesome, a lot more interesting than more of the same old combat oriented games. #2.2
I am scared of heights too but I can't wait to play this. I remember feeling a little squirmish climbing towers in Infamous 2 and Crackdown, this game in VR should really do it :) #1.2
Depends what kind of games you like. How many of the top multi platform games have not come to Wii, quite a few. Would you have missed those games, if not then buy one. We bought one when it originally came out because my wife wanted to play the new Mario game. She played it for awhile but has not touched it since then. It has been sitting in the corner collecting dust this whole time while she plays PC games. #11
This game would be awesome in VR.. #4
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