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The whole country would be a little much to expect but I would like to see a bigger map. What I would really like to see though is more devotion to the single player. The single player was basically screwed over with all the attention given to online. If we were lucky we got some new cars, but we couldn't do heists with bot partners, can't sell cars etc etc. #14
I have watched a lot of streams and it looks pretty fun to me. I am certainly not going to put much stock in some plain jane web site I never heard of before. #29
Looks pretty fun to me.. #3.1
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I suppose it's a big problem for kids who rely on their parents to buy them games. But for adults who have jobs, buy both... #24
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Since the GOTY declaration is each gamers own opinion what difference does it make.. #2
Seems strange to see a review for a game that was released ages ago and many reviews are available for it #6
No, why would it be? When you watch your favorite TV show do you worry about how many hours in total it will be before the Series finale? If you knew your show was going to be on the air for the next six years would that prevent you from watching it in the first place? #27
I have watched a ton of videos and have yet to see anything bad about it.. #12.1
Geesh, how many patches has this game had? It's like it was originally released several years too early.. #3
Probably quite a few games could compete with it. For example if GTA 6 was coming out on the same day most likely MGS release date would be moved. #15.1
When in doubt purchase both, I did.. #17
I don't see one. If you know what\where it is let me know please.. #1.1.1
My wife just finished 10 minutes ago and couldn't believe how short it was.. #7
As usual it pisses me off right from the start. I put the disk in and it takes me to a game I don't want to play then after I get to the main menu it starts playing garbage rap music which thankfully I can turn off. Now to play a game that will take 10x longer than it needs to be because of all the between play animations.. #1
The A.I is blind as a bat.. #4
Well that was different.. #1
You can see rain bands\streams in the corner and the side window in 3.0 is what I saw.. #1.1
Looks really good. The left side looks better in DC where it accumulates then runs down. In PC it accumulates but then just fades away.. #8
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I remember in Gears 1, one reason online multiplayer games lagged was because somebody came into the room that was using splitscreen. I hope that doesn't happen again... #1.2
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I am not anywhere near to close to finishing my first play through.. #1
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