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Google fiber also means everyone within the earth that provides internet will have to up there game big time. Our internet service will be get faster soon because I am positive that nobody is going to let google take over easily.

All of his situation will be good and the Playstation gaikai cloud system will be running smoothly on every PS4 and VITA in the future and if the king of kings and lord of lords in gaming want to allow remote play to PC, laptops and tablets if you ha...

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Please note the only continent in the west that sony does not dominate is north america, The PS3 dominates every else in the known world but they don't dominate in north america due to a slow start within society.

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The Image of the uncharted series will rise again on the PS4 in my predictions within the earth, I cannot wait to see what this legend will do on the next greatest console from the masters of console designing sony.

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Cannot wait for this brilliant game, latest technology is no surprise to me because we all know that gt series as always been breath taking with it technological achievements in interactive entertainment on the earth utilizing all playstation consoles since the first playstation.

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logically gamers have always won upon the earth, but in the case of a console there is always a winner in different departments.

this generation

Sales - Wii

Exclusives - PS3

Third Party - 360 and king PS3

Technology - PS3

Last generation

sales - PS2

exclusives - PS2

Third Party - PS2

Technology - game cube


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PS4 as already won the next generation console war base on historical facts and human intelligence.

Historical fact - The PS1 rule since its birth in 1995 defeating anything in its path with games that blew us away, this journey continue with the PS2 become the greatest selling video system within our planet with games that blow our minds.

Intelligence - The PS3 as showed even without being the biggest selling console like its ancestors the PS1 and 2, it stil...

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Consoles will be announce in 2013, but I personally believe the mighty omnipotent and omnipresent console the PS4 will arrive in 2014, until then I will be satisfied with all the great exclusives the PS3 as to offer within the society upon the earth.

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Naughty dog and the Playstation fan base will remain one of the greatest fan base in the world, We see excellence in the games naughty dog produce and we see godlike games on the PS3. These are the things that makes us proud to own the PS3 for all eternity.

When the PS4 comes the fanbase will grow even more because of the level of superiority in developing games from sony.

When the PS1 came into existence it took the world by storm becoming a console that rul...

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HAHA you made me laugh, like I care if your ashamed of someone loving what deserve to be loved for all eternity, the PS3 is greatness and I am proud of my love for the greatness it produce to all mankind existence.

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The great and mighty uncharted series still have much more to offer the world and I think it will be announce right beside the majestic PS4 console, uncharted 2 is the greatest game this gen and it will be foolish for the kings to not have uncharted 4 on the PS4.

A lot of the sony studios are working on new topnotch perfect IPs, so bringing back atleast uncharted should be mandatory in society.

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Sony will strike down anything within its path like lightning from heaven, Ouya combining with onlive will not even touch a hair on the PS3 console, in fact if the new PS3 is sold for $99 or $150 I am certain that ouya will perish from the corner of the earth it arrives from.

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I was no big fan of the original wii controller upon the earth, but the Wiiu controller is an excellent piece of device that will change the way we all interact with many games upon the earth. I do not agree with this man in society

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The PS4 could be sold for $5000 I would surely pay, because whatever sony does its always perfect within the earth. The PS3 was basically a $1000 console at launch but the kings sony with great compassion decided to give us the system at $600.

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Ogre will be on the PS4 but it is true we are not certain if its exclusive to the master console. But MGS5 will be a PS4 exclusive because kojima himself knows that it is a blessed thing to put MGS games on the Playstation console.

Kojima visiting naughty dog recently could be about getting some intelligence from naughty dog for the new engine and if he gets this then more than likely project ogre will be utilizing the PS4 exclusively as a launch title.

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I always thought nothing next year will be as powerful as bioshock but the last of us seems to be on par with the greatness of bioshock infinite. I cannot wait to see the next trailer that they showed to the chosen ones behind closed doors.

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Since the existence of the Playstation in the mid 90s, PC gaming as been classified as dieing, even though its not dead. The Playstation as surely crippled the PC gaming community releasing countless games upon the earth.

PC gaming is not dead its just crippled by trying to stand in front of the king of consoles. Pc gaming was lucky to survive though, it did not went the way of the dreamcast. But when the PS4 comes out I utilizing the gakai system to allow me to stream my PS4...

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I do not know if mods will be allowed but regardless of modding or no modding, the PS4 will still deliver enough games to keep us entertain.

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Microsoft realize that they cannot compete against the almighty sony so they go the route and created insignificant games upon the earth to get money from the people the have under there spell.

This spell won't last long because or saviors will get rid of this form of black magic from the gaming community when the PS4 comes upon the earth.

Microsoft end of brain washing will arrive in a few months.

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I like how he told all of us all in the article

“You can now make mobile games that are really compelling. It no longer requires a high cost device. But there’s nothing like playing Uncharted on a console in front of your TV

This coming from the creator of the xbox as lead to have great respect for him acknowledging the greatness of consoles and the greatest game this generation, uncharted 2.

Consoles will always be king of gaming and who kn...

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