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You are right...the ps4 has loads of new games and remasters...especially in 2016... #51.1
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I find it amusing the amount of fanboys who say it playstation now is relevant? Paying to stream games you may own with lag and sub he resolution... It's highly relevant for many who have an xbox as many had purchased a boat load of digital streamlines the whole process...not all buyers prefer to buy on disc. If this was announced at Sony's conference I guarantee sony fanboys would be singing its praises....perhaps sony can start a kickstarter for b... #47
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Yeh exactly....all that honour and samurai rubbish will be the downfall of japan. Oh well....they never learn #2.1.11
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Well....I associate it with saturn and pc...but that isn't going to stop me not playing it on my x1. Jesus... #1.28
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Before I start, let me make it clear I own both systems. As to sonys conference vs microsoft, you have to be a fanboy to not realise sonys conference was no where near as good as microsofts. What is coming out this year? I was left disappointed. I find it hilarious sonys conference had more on media and tv services than microsofts lol. Roles reveresed. And even funnier they asking us to fund not like it confirmed 100 percent... Tight bastards...they should pull out there wallet an... #32
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Seriously...fanboys the worst. When you get to an me...and have a high pay cheque every month you could afford all 3 consoles...I buy everything, literally every game for both ps4 and Xbox one and Wii u. Sadly I don't get time to play much money I don't know what to do with it...I just buy everything in site and play each game like a demo. Sad really considering I was once what you would call a hardcore gamer...these days I more interested in making money...woma... #29
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Do you have an answer for forza? Sunset overdrive? I could go on..... Worthy answer by the cant...check out meta critic scores on average Xbox one games are just better #36
115d ago by PsVitaBuzz | View comment that it. Wow. What else? I compare it to ryse as all it is is a graphical show case. What else am I missing...oh sorry little big planet and a ton of indies...your embarrasing yourself #33.1.1
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Sorry. But saying ps4 has more exclusives this year means jack if they are all worthless lol.5if your being honest with yourselves you would admit Xbox one had the better games since launch and it appears 2015. I own both and the ps4 is more of a door stopper than what the ps3 was at launch. Its your drive club...I got forza 5, horizon 2 and forza 6 to look forward to. Play second son coming...I got sunset killzone...I got halo chief collection, titanfall and halo C... #33
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This deal was made a long time ago. I always wondered why ryu was in thé ps4 advert in thé uk. If you go youtube ps4 commercials for when ps4 was being released u see ryu in thé car #88
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The Order 1886
Ratchet & Clank
Uncharted 4
Uncharted Collection Remastered

Xbox One

Quantum Break
Fable Legends
Halo 5: Guardians
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Gears of War Collection Remastered

And lets not forget all the great titles us x1 owners are enjoying right now...Sunset overdrive....halo collection...forza horizon 2.. Greatness awaits my ass. #7
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"PS4 at 14M
X1 at 7M

PS4 sold 5 mil and has 1 milion lead in NA.

X1 sold 4 mil and will have to sell 100k more units each month for 10 back to back months to get even with PS4 sales.

Rest of the world the PS4 sold 9M, the x1 3M.
Worldwide x1 will need to sell 200k more units than PS4 for 30 strait months to get even with ps4 sales .....

Starting february exclusives are coming to PS4 , Order, Bloodbo... #6
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Ok. I have just exchanged my x1 for a ps4..I want that extra grass. This is for the players.... #26
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SERIOUSLY. Ok, so what if it has more foliage. Are you ever going notice? REALLY? I would be even more pissed expecting over 50 percent power difference to only get more foliage, which by the way,you won't even notice. It not like night and day. It's not like someone is going to play the ps4 version and go...its amazing then go to xbox one and notice there is less foilage. WTF. MUch more powerful GPU for better foliage...great...greatness awaits #25
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This is for the players.... #80
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Why did i get 3 disagrees for stating greatness awaits? Wtf. Greatness certainly awaits...perhaps not this year...maybe next. #76
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Greatness awaits........ #56
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"It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change ( in terms of development) but will unlock more capability for devs.( as in huge increase as stated by many developers)" #25
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Seriously, are you people dyslexic? How did this get so out of context. PHIL said and confirmed what he meant by his statements, he stated that it WON'T be a massive difference in terms of developers utilising direct x 12, the code, the api. Meaning developers will be used to using the tool set and won't have difficulty using it. The original claim that in effect it's like the x1 getting a whole new gpu is FACT. It will double performance as mentioned by few developers. Some of y... #24
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They certainly were! :-) #2
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