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Sick of the way ninte do act. They know what the western world wants...they know that is where the money...they know for an unveiling be truly successful show it at a time when the rest of don't lose sleep over it. The Co pay is a joke...pride, self righteousness and samurai pride will cost them dearly. Bunch of muppets

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You must be waited how long for uncharted? I think the ps4 has a lot of catching up to do...there have been tons of quality games on PC. More so than your ps4. Perhaps you mean exclusives...but the bias Is hilarious...people complain about forza being rinsed...gears of war...halo..etc but what about God of war..gran turismo...uncharted etc they both have quality just a preference. But don't even put into the argument that power don't matter...

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"Thats not the point I am making, read my post again."

....So what point are you making? Because as far as I am concerned whether you admit it or not..power plays a big part..considering most casuals for third party...fifa etc. If x1 didn't mess up and was the most powerful console I can tell you know the numbers would be alot different. Your clearly a fan boy...Sony can't compete with Nintendo in gaming innovation in my opinion...but I don't see you h...

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I dont get that logic...why the pc market isnt running away..are you not aware they are 2 completely different markets...PCs need to be upgraded every so often...costs money..most casuals don't know how to upgrade let alone the hassle involved...

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Wait a minute....Sony announced games that are not out this year mostly and late next year and they smashed it? Lol

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........they may not know what teraflops, ram etc...but they do know one thing....what they are told....and that will be that the Scorpio will be the most powerful console available....fact. funny that, the average gamer, large percentage of them own ps4 consoles...yet they know what 1080p is and frames per second..

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Oh I it doesn't matter? This generation so far has been about fanboys slagging of xbox due to 900p etc....but now it doesn't matter? does matter, for the casuals anyway...the call of duty and fifa crowd...not only will it attract more third parties but you can bet your lucky balls tables will be reversed just like xbox 360 took everything. HAPPY TIMES

698d ago 7 agree3 disagreeView comment mean how Sony copied xbox they also copied with an enferior gamerscore system? The share button is just a button....and that touch panel....big deal.I got a wii u for that

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710d ago Show you have an iPhone...perhaps a galaxy? Well I am not sure if you are aware but those two brands release an updated handset twice a year in some cases...does that stop people upgrading...forking out 700 for a mobile? They won't be alienating's an option...want more power pay the money for it..otherwise get same game but not in say...4k.

Doesn't have to be everyone who buys it...they already making enough through ps4...those who invest in an...

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And another point...must be a bunch of noobs on this site...the xbox 360 was power pc based. The reason developers didnt support or port over titles to wii u is cause of the timing...ps4 and xbox one were on the wasn't within there benefit considering the install base of wii u to port older games, especially when most were already working on ps4 and xbox one titles..Nintendo had the perfect opportunity to release wii u as a console as powerful as xbox one or ps4 and it would...

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Your point is invalid regarding 3do, neo geo etc. Neo geo was a 2d console...and it cost a one wanted to buy that...3do wasnt powerful at was a marketing ploy...I can tell you probably have no idea on hardware and must just be going on the fact that it 32 bit...which meant nothing it could barely handle 3d...and it was expensive....ps1 was powerful, attracted third party support and was back by a company that at the time anything with sony stamped on it people thought wa...

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Yes...more powerful n64 would have beat ps1...but it wasn' had limited storage capacity and could not compete with ps1 polygon pushing power...Google before you open your mouth...

Yes....more powerful gamecube would have beat the ps2....but it wasn't...again limited polygon pushing power and storage limited.

Wii u.....doesn't count came too late in cycle and only slightly more powerful than a ps3.

The package as a whole need...

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So racism has nothing to do with Japanese market not appreciating western product? Yet a Japanese company like capcom will make a game that has alot of western influence the form of streetfighter....yet your argument that western design, modeling etc is reason why japs don't buy?......of course they are not racist...

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No one is disagreeing with innovation. The problem is what is sacrificed for that innovation. Since gamecube that has been power...which has led to third parties abandoning Nintendo...which has led to consumers abandoning's the butterfly affect. Time goes by and trends change...the secret to success is innovation and improving on a winning formula....Nintendo since gamecube abandoned those principles by giving us a wii...wii u and possibly a wiI me innovating yes, but at what sac...

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Urghhhhhhhhh. ...Yes used games that you already own. Microsoft were going to charge you to play used games. Keep up mate. And a fan boy? Hate to brag but I am fortunate enough to own all consoles including retro...I am rich like that. Unlike you and many fan boys that need a reason to justify owning a console mummy bought for them. Microsoft are not's business at the end of they day. For someone to wish another company to crumble just shows how stupid you really the ...

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Furthermore....remember psn used to be FREE? Yep, Sony decided to get in on that moola action. Yet at time before they did charge people were like...Sony is great..bla bla bla. In fact, i think Sony are still taking the piss charging for PSN...not like they are using dedicated servers like microsoft...piss take

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Yeh sony are a a very sly bunch. We all know they were going to include DRM and camera as standard but they pussied out and waited for microsoft to make the first move. I find it hilarious how sony stated during e3 that unlike microsoft they wont charge you to play used games, yet here we are, roles reversed...I aint paying to play my 360

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Would be those that are the same people that only own 1 console...the ps4.

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Many are saying Sony are justified charging for these ps2 games because of enhancements such as resolution, trophies etc...Are those same people forgetting that graphical improvements are done by emulation..not because Sony put in the work. THE ONLY WORK they did put in was adding trophy support. Thats it. Does that justify charging customers....nope. Xbox 360 emulation adds a ton of xbox one features...and emulation of the last generation..not 2 generations ago. It's a blatant cash ...

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