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"It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change ( in terms of development) but will unlock more capability for devs.( as in huge increase as stated by many developers)" #25
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Seriously, are you people dyslexic? How did this get so out of context. PHIL said and confirmed what he meant by his statements, he stated that it WON'T be a massive difference in terms of developers utilising direct x 12, the code, the api. Meaning developers will be used to using the tool set and won't have difficulty using it. The original claim that in effect it's like the x1 getting a whole new gpu is FACT. It will double performance as mentioned by few developers. Some of y... #24
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They certainly were! :-) #2
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Definition of news from Wiki itself is "News is the communication of selected[1] information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience." News is by no means factual, and I never stated the article was. It's a discussion. It was my own personal view which I am entitled to just as others are entitled to theirs. It's ok for leading publications to print rubbish that is irrelevant yet I can't for... #15.1.1
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"The Vita is being release on or around the 31st" it looks like you need to learn english. I suggest you go play with your 3ds. No, actually don't, that 3d is not only messing with your eyes but clearly it has had an impact on your ability to READ and interpret. Muppet. #22
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Ok. Just thought I would post some feedback as I am the author of this article. Firstly me and my team are based in the UK, we are not American thus there is no biased point of view. The reason we based this article on the US is because of the sad fact the UK and Europe are always deemed last In the industry, well most of the time. The truth of the matter is UK and Europe won't get their hands on the Vita until the US does.

Secondly a few people have stated the artic... #15
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