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Just like bad old days, you can buy American copies of Muramasa right now on Amazon UK and the same will happen for Dragon's Crown... rather depressed they can still think release lag like this is acceptable.

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Hope to read a similar article for the Wii U in a year's time... hardware might be sneered at by the haters, but most formats will find their niche or place in the world eventually. Shame Sega ditched the DC so early, who knows where it could have ended up.

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Pretty much, made you a chart - http://psp2roundup.blogspot...

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Me too, Vita greatness awaits!

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Link to a collection of video walkthroughs of the demo if you're not afraid of some spoilage.... http://psp2roundup.blogspot...

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Have to say, footage this early really shouldn't be shown. It looks like a BAD game, won't cover it myself until things look more positive.

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The original was fun, this should be excellent!

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Looking seriously good, as long as there's enough leg-room in each level.

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Getting back into GR now, it has really clicked this time around and I want to go exploring all the nooks and crannies, the music isn't really essential to the experience though, but still an amazing game to play.

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Perhaps if it was 10 mildly underrated titles.... I'd have agreed with the writer's choices.

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And gamers will be paying a lot of money for hardware and services that they don't need or want - Would you buy a 25 piece penknife if all you needed was a butter knife? No, so why should gamers put up with crap they won't use?

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Seems odd they'd run this on TV, show the Panopticon trailer on the web and not link the two events. Here's hoping two different games are coming out.

Plus the scaling on Panopticon seems really off for a handheld game (okay, its pre-rendered, but can they really do that sort of landscape/monster/character scale on a Vita at any decent framerate?)

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Their financials are based around Japanese relesaes. So, there's that Sonic title, Let's Be A Pro Soccer Manager, and three others... another Miku maybe? Guess only the Sonic title will come west.

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The 3G model went straight back up to £199 after I wrote this, must have been a typo at Amazon, sorry about that.

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Considering the fairly tame efforts from Sony at the PS4 "unveiling," MS would have to really botch its reveal to lose this round, but that's it - just one round in a 7-10 year war, don't get too excited yet.

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It would be bad in that all the indies that grew out of the ashes would be putting out way too many games. I can just about keep up with the best indie titles across PC, console and mobile as it is, imagine if 20 more big studios splintered into 100+ indie teams....

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Other reviews suggest a solid average of 8, http://psp2roundup.blogspot...

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Quick review - http://psp2roundup.blogspot...

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Indies can fill in the gaps until the next Christmas big-sellers arrive, would be more appropriate. But if Namco can't be bothered to bring its games west, and western developers are keeping shy, things are looking pretty dicey... still with a good roster of indies and smaller third-party titles plus Sony's "blockbusters", I'm pretty happy.

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The demo makes it feel more like an extended fighting game than it does a MH-type title. I kind of miss the going-exploring part... but now I'm getting into the combat power-ups and skills, it's starting to feel really good.

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