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3DS Though #10
That's kind of funny #4
You're joking right? #1.1
That's reassuring /s #3
Or maybe they didn't have the funds to purchase one. Don't generalize, because it does not help you're argument #6.1
How awful, hope those laid off find new jobs quickly. #1
What exactly is Sony beating in Japan of all places? #2.1
Because 3DS is outselling all Sony consoles in japan #1.1.6
Might have to keep an eye on it on steam #36
4D? Wonder how they plan to approach this... #38
Looks intresting #49
Don't Stop we're in luck now #34
You don't think people weren't demanding in the examples I provided? People were sending Death Threats for Platinum making Bayonetta an exclusive. Forums were completely filled with some of the most obnoxious port- begging I've ever seen. Don't even get me started on that hole final Fantasy incident. #2.1.1
I see Entitlement all to often. Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 4, that final fantasy game (which I can't remember the name of), etc. #2
I'm not #3
No 3DS Version? :( #3
@ndub317 I provided sources for my Argument, where are yours? You claim IGN is in league with the 3DS, but you have yet to give any examples. #13.1.2
Sleeping with the 3DS you say?
So you don't remember this?

Or this that was posted a few days ago? #13.1
Does anybody get tired of seeing Articles like this? Headlines Nowadays:
"Why PS4 is destroying Xbox One."
"Has Sony Abandoned the Vita?"
"3DS outselling Vita"
"Mobile Gaming will take over the Handheld Market"
"Is Sony going Bankrupt"
"Why Nintendo should go Third Party"

This crap gets tiresome. #2
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Trying to Control hype levels #1
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