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Because opinions #1.6.2
Ten million in two years is terrible, there's no spinning that, especially whemboth the 3DS and PSP had sold way more by that time #27.1
The people who own one #1.1
Nintendo cares more about the Vita then Sony does. #3
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You don't think Smash Bros can hold it's own against a re-release? #1.1.1
I'd want one also #34
I'd like to win one #28
To be honest, if they ever do continue this series, they should do so after the Smash Bros hype has died down. #1
They're really trying to milk this for all its worth, can we just have the game already. #1
Lol at all those who said it wasn't coming to PS4. #8
Atlus, Sega, various indie devs ect. #7.1
Yep, The only other that comes really close is the Original DS. #1
This is the problem with the Vita, most of these only appeal to Vita owners. Where is the variety that PS consoles usually display? #3
But sadly, Sony squandered that potential #7.1.1
Now if only their handhelds could actually get a decent amount of love, then they could indeed have Playstation domination #7
Stealth seems to be heavily integrated, wonder how it will play out #27
Ace Attorney Games are still great #1.1
3DS Though #10
That's kind of funny #4
You're joking right? #1.1
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