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Here we go...

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Horizon Zero Dawn for sure

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You got any sales data besides VGChartz to prove that?

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Because it was the combination of The price cut, Super Mario 3D land, and Mario Kart 7 that gave the 3DS a sales boost followed by a steady release of titles. Besides how do you know that Nintendo didn't have a part in this? The first one was a timed exclusive on the 3DS, not to mention it outsold the other versions. Capcom could have simply thought the 3DS was a bit too weak for a game like this. Also, you do know that Capcom was initiallly going to put MH on the DS first, but it wasn...

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You got that backwards It was Monster Hunter that made the PSP popular. It was basically dead in Japan till Monster Hunter came

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This Game is approaching Sonic 06 levels of bad.

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I give it about five minutes before the console warriors show up....

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Wolf and Fox...., Starfox crossover confirmed!

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Because opinions

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Ten million in two years is terrible, there's no spinning that, especially whemboth the 3DS and PSP had sold way more by that time

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The people who own one

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Nintendo cares more about the Vita then Sony does.

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You don't think Smash Bros can hold it's own against a re-release?

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I'd want one also

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I'd like to win one

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To be honest, if they ever do continue this series, they should do so after the Smash Bros hype has died down.

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They're really trying to milk this for all its worth, can we just have the game already.

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Lol at all those who said it wasn't coming to PS4.

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Atlus, Sega, various indie devs ect.

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Yep, The only other that comes really close is the Original DS.

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