Pissed off at retarded N4G people who can't read. That is for you power hungry faggots out there too


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Ive been really unsure about Farcry Primal. This was a good listen. Keep em coming!

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The reason these games are overrated, is not just because of what gamers expect. Its hugely because of what Developers/Media make you think it will be. I think that 2015 was not a great year for gaming. Nothing truly groundbreaking. Hopefully 2016 has something better for us.

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See, thats how I originally felt, but as I played more, it grew on me. Im glad its not the same old same old. It may feel like LoU alot, but it definitely feels more like Uncharted 2 then Uncharted 3 online. To me that is a very good thing.
Also, if I dont play with friends, I get crushed. Teamwork is so important.

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I bet the "Last of Us" movie comes out first. Casting drake will be hard.

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So very precise with gammar. I'm impressed.

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I seriously had this arguement with a group of Uncharted fans. They said it was a dead series. Plrobably should have explained that a bit. I thought it was implied really.

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I tried not to make it too click bait, but failed apparently. Its hard to get things approved with a generic headline. *still not an excuse for click bait* my apologies.

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Oh nose!

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im not reaching. this was a personal experience. i made it very clear the pros, i know the cons sound really bad, but the pros seem to always be overlooked.

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The sound is fine. Maybe your too old :-P

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To be completely honest...this is definitely the best steering wheel....for the Xbox One, right now. There are plenty of other wheels that are better, but they do not work on Xbox One. All Xbox One peripherals are encrypted and have to be Xbox One certified. The wheel is actually the best product Mad Catz has ever had. I know because I am the one that was there. With that said, still not at the level of performance that is expected from high end wheel makers, but is excellent for the companie...

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Not exactly sure what to expect from this one -_-

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This game is HOT!

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I agree with him in some aspects, but this dude is way too extreme. Maybe if he wasn't so ridiculous, people would take him seriously.

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Really? Don't you think that is a bit of an overstatement? You are right about the $60 tho. I would say its worth $40.

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i thought this is a good rating because it is definitely sticking to its crazy roots. i dont know why everyone was expecting some kind of next-gen shooter or simulator. This game will be loved by true duke nukem fans.

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theonlylolking has a good point. Try your chances at getting yourself a free copy through the article.

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Does anyone ever read these articles. The article says they will enable a controller to work with the iPad instead of the screen. And since when has Borderlands, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, or any other games on there suck? Hatin is bad yo. OnLive is the ish. People that comment on N4G articles really hurt my brain with their stupidity and exaggerations.

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These are some great ideas! I hope Insomniac see's this!

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Dude, have you played R3 yet? Cuz you can't tell too much from just watching it. I have had several times where I played the multiplayer and single player. The controls are much better and the game plays soooooo much more smoothly. To say a game sucks is to say you would rather play ET on the Atari. Their games do not suck, there are a lot more people that like the game then the ones that feel the way you do. People over exaggerate too much. I do agree that R2 was a downgrade, but R3 is w...

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