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"next gen <3"


the mods here hate me! lol #29
I got the game and I can't get into it.. does it get any better or should i give up? #10
Obviously Valve is not a thread to all the app next box will have..
Steam box will be more gamer focus and next box will not. #17
a obvious one lol

I have been spoil by KZSF :/ thsi look oldish

Come on DICE show us BF4 running on Next gen consoles!! #1.1
well Sony keep improving in their mistakes and I bet they will work hard to not get hacked like they did on the PS3..
PS2 was very easy to hack, PS3 not so much.
in the end there is a way and someone will find it! #1.8
next gen images? not so next gen but it looks interesting.. #1.7
Plus if you did the maths you will have figure it out #1.8
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