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These arent the first trailers for XV. They arent changing it. Let them try something different. For all you know it will bring in more fans and you may even enjoy it.

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There is nothing tying XIII and XV together. The directors interpret the mythos however they feel. Type-0 and XIII had nothing in common but they both derive from FNC.

XIII and XV have as much in common as VII and IX have in common.

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The game started full development in late 2011.

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My assumption is actually the opposite. Because they are willing to show 40 seconds of extended footage at something so small as Thailand Comicon, they have definitely have something to show on a worldwide stage.

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That is incorrect too. Nomura is only involved in regards to story with Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

XIII - Main Character Designer
XIII-2 - Main Character Designer
LRFFXIII - Main Character Designer
Versus XIII - Main Character Designer, Director, Base Story
Type-0 - Creative Producer and Main Character Designer

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Read a little closer.

Tetsuya Nomura had NOTHING to to do with Final Fantasy XIII's story. NOTHING. I dont know where you are getting this Senario Designer idea from but its wrong.

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He designed the characters. He had nothing to do with the story of XIII. That is a blatantly false statement.

Nojima is writing Versus XIII with Nomura. The last story they wrote together was VII and Crisis Core. Nomura helped write VII and X. Those are the only FF stories he helped with. To try and discredit Nomura with a false statement like that is dishonest.

Writers on XIII:
Motomu Toriyama (scenario designer)
Daisuke Watanabe (main scena...

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No they didn't. They dont even use Crystal Tools anymore. Story terminology isn't considered assets in the industry. Nice try.

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Yes because a 13 year old girl with pink hair is WAAYYY more attractive. /s

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Do you mean "active"?

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You do understand that the democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House right? Obama had two years to do whatever he wanted. Democrats still control the Senate.

Lets get that fact strait.

So Obama for the last four years did (and didn't) whatever he wanted. What did we get out of it? Higher deficits, bigger government and a sluggish economy with tons of red tape. That's a winner right there folks.

(BTW I am an Independent; ...

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This should give them a big boost in support. I am kind of surprised that games media isn't picking up on this and talking about it like Operation Rainfall.

Kotaku talked about this sure but apart from them not many other sites have talked about Project Crystallis. And I think they should!

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Seriously? IGN? What's wrong with labeling this as a rumor (a rumor that some posters on NeoGaf thought of). I don't understand why IGN does what they do anymore. They avoid the word like a plague. Just call it what it is. It's not a report. That's misleading and tries to give this rumor more credit than it actually does.

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I just hope Square decideds to show up and be like:

"Alright guys heres Versus XIII and Type-0 for Vita. Now quit bothering us please! They will release on XX/XX/201X.

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Prepare to be dissappointed. Me and my friends went to PAX and me and a few colleagues went to E3. No one who has played the console has been fond of the controler. Most of them complain it too bulky and is very uncomforable to hold. The rest just say that the controler doesnt add anything to the experiance and just adds gimicks.

By all means spend your money on whatever you want. It's your hard earned money (hopefully). But dont expect it to revolutionize the indutry be...

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Link was fixed. Can we approve this now?

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The petition and group is for both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0's Localization.

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The last post was about the group. Now it's about the two new videos they have posted up on their YouTube channel.

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Here is the real petition for Project Crystallis:

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Please don't associate this petition with Project Crystallis. It makes the movement look bad. Please take it down or take the Project name off the petition. We only have one petition and it's the one in the article.

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