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i would be angry too if i wasted 60 bucks on a game i already had.

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i hope this game gets the sales it deserves. If games like halo and call of duty gets 5 million+ this should get 20 mill. Day one for me

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playstation then, playstation now, playstation forever :D

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hey im just saying

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but i stopped paying for live when i got my ps3. i cant tell the difference really.

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a nerd dancing and busting moves. LOL

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because im not stupid and if anyone does fall for it then they are

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this game should be priced at 40 and now they want more money. Ok, there are too many good game coming out later this year (360 and ps3) no use to giving you hard earn money for this. Im sorry but its basically the truth

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never heard of this site

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how do they expect people to buy this game if they themselves have no confidence. im predicting the sales will be around 20k on this one

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still looks fun, sad they couldnt capitalize on it

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only problem is online tho. which they should focus on too

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wasnt me. ;)
i just joined.

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