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I feel a trademark lawsuit coming.

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Kai you are all grown up.

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At least we have Call of Duty Dog now.

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No, no it doesn't. It looks like absolute shit. Both character(shit poly and texture) and environment(absolutely no difference between BF3). The BF3 single player campaign lighting demonstration looked more impressive than this. BC2 environment looks better than this. If this is what they have to sacrifice for 1080p and 60fps. I rather they stick to 720p.

Loved BF3, was really excited for BF4. I am going to hold my breath and hope this is just awful screen shots.

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Looks like shit. I hope those are current gen pics.

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Really? So you are telling me that the reason games have rating in the EU or Japan is to prevent little kids from learning philosophy? Are Japanese and Europeans parents mentally retarded? Or is it some religious BS that makes European/Japanese not want to expose there children to Philosophy? Well regardless sounds stupid.

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Mature=/=White Knight.

The game is rated mature the content consist of various offensive and obscene content, which requires a mature mind to understand that none of it reflects real world attitude toward society. If you don't like the game bitch and moan as much as you want, just as long as you understand that the developers have no obligation to bend to your standards.

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Those are not TOW missiles. TOW missiles are small semi portable missiles.

That looked like a missile artillery truck, MLRS.

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No one would care if whatever little shithole of a country you came from, disappeared today.

No offence.

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Yeah it does.

Have you ever even been to Japan?
You wouldn't know what kawii desu is.

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That feel.

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Level 54 and I have seen plenty of spawn killing.
However that is only vehicle spawns.

Although in OP Metro CQ, you can work the other team in to choke point and get a few spawn kills that way.

The one that really piss me off was carrier AA being taken and used to kill anything spawning in the carrier. That has been fixed, the second most annoying one, is the maps with Scout Helis, which always leads to spawn killing. The least common one is, Kharg Is...

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Yes we have had hope ever since the PS2 came out.

But FFX remakes looks good too.

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I swear I must have seen around half a thousand "girl gamer" articles in the 4 or so years that I have been here. At least is not hiphopgamer. Are those fagg0ts still posting here?

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So far as I remember I have only seen 3 other people besides me use it. Taking into account that I have played a total of 65 hours.

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Fucking bullshit.

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I wish the IRNV had a bit more magnification.

The laser guided missiles for jets needs to be more powerful.

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>MFW /v/ is down and I have to come to shitty N4G to talk about vidya.

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How about letting people choose what their play list will be.

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