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Heavenly Snipes - thanks for clearing some things up. I can't wait for the game and I will be giving MP another chance. I guess this particular beta wasn't very impressive compared to others. Knowing Insomniac and what they are capable of, I have total confidence in them.

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Thanks for the input guys. It just seems very generic. And, the visuals were kinda just there. Nothing new. Like I've played it before. Pretty much the same reason I stopped playing COD. Same old...same old. I can't wait for the solo campaign. Resistance games are one of the games I actually watch the cut-scenes cuz they draw me in with their storyline.

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Thank you for the input Chaostar. I tried to fix it a bit based on your input. Sorry, I wrote it at midnight after a 7 hour round trip to the beach with family in tow. I was exhausted and the laptop was on my lap, in the dimly lit living room (all were asleep) with PS3 controller in hand.
I did mention this was a beta and I understood what beta's were released for. It just didn't do anything for me. I loved R and R2 and I did see R3 in play recently and the game looked awes...

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I think COD is good for the industry. It's like McDonalds: simple; fun; dependable and familiar. Because of their dominance, others are trying to create something better and letting others know there is something else out there that is just as fun, but different. It makes the #2 guys strive harder to create something better. And, once #1 guy finds out, they try to re-create their product into something better. Doesn't matter which one you get. Get the one you like more, but don&#...

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Thanks for the support guys. Nice to see people aren't crapping over an article cuz its (almost) anti COD. I know I won't be getting the map pack. I'll see you guys online in KZ3.

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I wish we could keep the 15 year old from the Mature videogames. It's a balancing act with kids, as parents you try to protect them from the evils of the world and from potentially dead-end hobbies, ie. videogames, but on the other hand if he doesn't get some things that almost every other kid gets then he stands a chance of being ostracized from his peers. And, being left out by peers can be damaging to the child.

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Well said Matrix. We are trying in vain to get our 15 year old to do his school work. He's addicted to COD: MW2 and now BO.

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First of all, it's meant as a generalization, as it is a blog. Second, I am mostly referring to high school students of today, of whom I know several, who mostly play video games, as opposed to going out any doing other things together. Mostly the kids playing COD. Thanks for the comment, though, it was meant to be more sarcastic than truthful.

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Yes, at this point we will be reviewing them individually. Only because we have limited time to play so to get the full experience in we are dedicating a full night (as limited as it is) to each game within Sports Champions.

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TheHater: awesome. How do you do it?

Forbidden_Darkness: You are right. Thanks for the tip.

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Hey guys...just posted part 2 of the trophy collecting trilogy

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Thanks Nate-Dog.

Eddy - if you correct then this is going to be one hell of a game!

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I appreciate the comments and advice. And, I will definitely think twice about heading back to the game objectives in the future.

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I have a problem with the small amount of players who stake out the flag and shoot people and make no attempts to get the flag - which is the whole point of the game. My job as an attacker is to kill the opposing defender and take the flag, not take out the opposing defender and wait for another one to take him out as well. The flags are not bait - they are the objective. Flags as bait are for the greedy.

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Sorry, I didn't include KZ2 or MAG, even though I own both, because I haven't played KZ2 online (although an amazing solo campaign) and I have hardly touched MAG. I keep meaning to get into it more but I typically play online with friends (we have a website to help each other get organized and basically inform each other, and hopefully others, about what's going on) and none have MAG. Based on your comments, I will definitely make room for it tonight. Thanks for all the comments.

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