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I somewhat agree.

I love trophies and i'm glad they exist, but i find that i play games in a different way.

I used to play games purely for enjoyment, now there is a bit of a monotonous checklist type of playing involved.

Not always and not completely, but they have definitely changed the way I play, half good, half bad.

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Hopefully the handling physics aren't garbage like the last game.

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Great game. I have never felt so affected by my choices in a game. The characters were so well done, and I really felt for a certain someone near the end.

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This sucks, I'm legitimately saddened by this.

I'm actually playing driveclub right now, it's not bad at all.

I loved motorstorm Pacific rift, and especially apocalypse(which released at the wrong time unfortunately)

I guess we won't be seeing anymore motorstorm or Wipeout since studio Liverpool joined evolution.

Suuuuucks so haaarrdd

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I'm playing it right now, it's actually a very fun game. Very rewarding when you figure out how to kill an enemy for the first time.

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Doesn't include physical copies does it?

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Skate 3 was not crap. It was still good, just not as good as the 2nd. Still the best skateboarding series ever.

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Just keeps getting better and better.

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I can't wait for Hola 5! The suspense is killing me. What will mister chef get up to next?

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The biggest impact I've ever felt from a game is in Spec Ops: the Line.


When you bomb all the innocent survivors that you were trying to help, and you see the image of the mother and child, burned to death.

Truly impactful and devastating.

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Is Sacred 3 as bad as they say?

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Sounds like these "film buffs" don't know much about film.

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Crash was an amazing movie. I don't know why this comparison is being made.

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That's what freddy mercury said, you mean.

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Anybody else having trouble seeing half the deals on their 360?

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Haha, that's a good point.

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Complaining doesn't fix anything.

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I sold my 2 move and 1 navigation controller already. Still have the PSEYE, considering throwing it out.

This may be unique to me though, as I feel anything that I'm not using needs to go.

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This article got approved a bit late.

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