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Audio-Technica A700, and the Astros Mixamp.

My setup right here.

Ignore the recommendations you can tell they don't really game much.

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And when compared against other light weight notebooks the Macbook Air destroys them completely.

The only people that complain about Apple and it's products are the ones that can't afford them. It's not Apple's fault you're poor.



Because Windows software and PC hardware is so full of WIN. lol I gladly pay the Apple tax so I don't have to be anally raped on a daily basis by the hell ...

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"Calm down, we are talking about video games here."

I'm literally angry with rage! : | I am calm kid you read too much into it.

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it's f**king insulting that they would even dare compare a gem like GT5 against the hamster shit that is Froza 3 *gags*

I love the HD screenshots at 600x400 lol! Idiots.

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Sonic Free Riders barely works, shows issue with Kinect jumping

Review: Sonic Free Riders Shows How Bad Kinect Controls Can Be

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my 2nd account.

If all these reviewers where talking about Move instead of Kinect and it received the same level of criticism the attitudes here would be exactly the same except they would be coming form the other side of the fence.

Sonic Free Riders barely works, shows issue with Kinect jumping

Review: Sonic Free Riders Shows How Bad Kinect Controls Can Be

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No I don't own one but with sites like arstechnica and kotaku, they do and they're not happy.

Sonic Free Riders barely works, shows issue with Kinect jumping

Review: Sonic Free Riders Shows How Bad Kinect Controls Can Be

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Wut? By customize do you mean like in MW2?

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here's the translated version. (don't worry it loads quickly)

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compressed air canister works really well for getting dust out of those little corners.

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You can find it here.

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MS king of hyperbole.

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Dead Space
Resident Evil 5
COD 4, MW2
Bioshock 2
GOW collection
Medal of Honor
Killzone 2

15 PSN games

Black Ops
Resistance 3
Infamous 2
Crysis 2
Dead Space 2


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"The challenge with Windows 7 is that it's based on the same paradigm as 1985 -- it's really an interface that's optimized for a mouse and keyboard."

Those are the problems when stealing an OS--similar to when stealing a car radio--you don't have time nitpick and do the job right. You have bust the window in and break open the dashboard and rip the mother fucker out as quickly as possible and get it out onto the street and get some cash for it.

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You must learn focus Ballmer.... focus.

It's time for some fresh blood. Let Google/Chrome OS fill the void that MS can't seem to fill or uncle Steve release OS X into the wild so it can play with everyone else.

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Yes you do but it's not as dramatic as the SP. I shot someone today while he was up in the air and it began smoking then it flipped upside crashed head first. lol Freakin' awesome! I pawned his newbie ass. :P

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Should have been more "How dare you!"



Take seconds to find a game. Check your router and make sure you've forwerded the correct ports. Do a google search PS3 forward ports. Do that will all your firewalls that are in-between your PS3 and the Linksys Router/DSL/Cable box.

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I'm amazed how great this fucking game looks. Looks/feels like I'm playing SP but it's MP. Amazing job GG. I have yet so see a MP look this damn good!

Relax 8-bit he's just asking a question and you're going to continue to hear about it until the game is finally released.

The controls feel more responsive than BFBC2 in my opinion. They have it right where it should be and it's not an issue at all. It doesn't take away from gameplay...

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If a company shipped 1 million units to third party retailers it means that they sold that many because companies don't ship product without getting PAID FOR THAT PRODUCT.

What fanboys should really be focused on is how fast that stock gets depleted and the quantity of future orders.

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