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Well seeing that Apple is using all versions of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad it should only go to reason that they should use the NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBA, DS, DSi, and the DSi XL in which case Apple has a long, long way to go still ;)

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It was crazy busy at the Top Pot Donuts 0.o

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The Naked Sample was the tech demo... hinting that Snake Eater might be the game that will be on the 3DS but nothing has been confirmed.

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Cool seems like there is a new air vehicle for this dlc :)

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I don't really care about trophies or move support for MGS4. Just give me some VR missions :) perhaps a skaters park as well...

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Well after they threw away Ushiro :( I'm glad they found another title to work on for the PSP

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Okay list. I'd throw in The World Ends With You too but that's what you get with lists

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Only playable with the Wii Remote

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Not bad. I like how at first the difficulty was easy because of the auto lock the weapon has yet turned to challenging for fights when you needed to focus your shoots in fp mode. The mixture of side scrolling features in a 3D world sounds fun and having melee will be a joy to mess with :)

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Sweet. So Mickey was up to his no good self well before his stardom and it finally caught up to him

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I still need to finish up some of those extra ops and I need to get more of the better vehicles to beat those last 2 outer ops! I do like taking those vehicles missions with no kills and a tank or chopper still at full health :)

Having more walkman material and new outfits to plow thru on is always a plus. I do have to say I never messed around with the Vocaloid stuff. Zeke is still Zeke for me.

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Won't be made by Grin though :(

How dare they add a jump button! This is Bionic Commando not every other platformer made ><

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Still kind of fun Wii is getting a Ghost Recon game and with Co-op...

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Since Bethesda came in they are running the same way just with twice the work force :) Good problem to have. Not sure about sooner than we think though as the mantra has always been it's ready when it's ready

Not saying they should slow down on Doom 4 as I am going to be getting that game as soon as it drops!

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Not bad. I did enjoy Crystal Bearers and hope another one sprouts up some time!

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Doing a few 3DS events to get the word of mouth going would be better than ads seeing that the nature of the device wouldn't show thru on ads.

Though doing hands on events round the world might be a bit more expensive than ads... good luck with that endeavour

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You still need the skateboard peripheral? Goodness.. good luck Shred

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The whole idea of being able to turn off the 3D effect is nice but that's also saying the games don't have to use the 3D feature at all then right? I wonder if they'll have any 3D only games?

Plus I know the Virtual Boy is Nintendos first foray into 3D but how come no one is bringing up Segas Time Traveler!

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Lost 2 years of my life playing XI! Mouse and Keyboard all the way :)

Though I am a bit crazy as I like a controller for shooters o.0

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Oh sweet you have to use guard in order for the shield to do something. Tanking might actually take thought process ;)

Glad SE is working on making mouse and keyboard controls smoother but kind of odd it's taking till the 3rd phase to get it going... MMO's are mouse and keyboard games!

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