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it won't fail

the whole crypto market will reach a trillion+ next year or so.

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Own a few btc myself and alot of other altcoins

Next year or so...the market will be over a trillion...

Cryptocurrency will not fail as said by some on here (think they need to get into it to understand it more)

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havnt you heard from Phil...they are bringing exclusives in 5 years... /s

and let's not forget about xbox 22 exclusives announced at E3

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Yes every company is out to make money but putting consumers first...

EA doesnt...they just want quick money and rush into it all and hope to make big bucks while destroying their own reputation and that can cause any business damage...

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Well its still xbox...thats how we know...

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Ah and forgot to add Playstation is about the gamers first...

Ofcourse they also need to make profits but Playstation brand is a gamers brand

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Same here!

I had the xbox 360 and did love that console due to games but then the games started to show up on the suddenly stopped with the games!

I owned and have always own every consoles and love them all but dislike MS stance since the few last years of the xbox 360 life cycle and the start of the xbox one...

ok they made up some of it but I really am not bothered with BC if the xbox have as many exclusives as the Plays...

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I find it messy with the xbox interface compare to the Playstations

Playstation interface is simple and smooth, it gets to where I want to go with ease and still looking glam!

Xbox interface is a little messy and takes clicks to get to where I want to get to... everything is everywhere! >.<

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Actually even Mario would be class as violence for them because jumping on top of enemies popping them off killing them!

some 'journalism' just have to bring something good down

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I agree on that.

China is growing and growing, (as I daytrade and also trade cryptos too)

I can see China being smart and takeover a said company

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same here...

I am currently playing Fable 3 on it lol...if it weren't for this ...It would be collecting dust

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I had pre ordered it when it was listed for pre order in Game.

I say I won't get the Xbox one X but knowing me and my urge of tech!

The funny thing is I have a Xbox one S and I only play Fable 3 on it!

I know full damn well that my Xbox one X will be just like my S lol

it really did collect dust until I got Fable 3 (bc)

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Well, what is not overdone these days...Zombies? shooters? fighters? rpg's? ect ect

Can't really say it's overdone at all.

aslong as it plays good and gives the players what to expect from whatever genre of games/titles they are playing, that's what counts. overall experience and quality.

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If it were to happen I would see EA or Ms(if ms are interested in 1st party again) taking them

I dont see nintendo nor sony as much as I prefer Sony, I just dont see it from both sides

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I can't excited, I bought the switch mostly because of this game :D

same with wiiU

This trailer totally making me want it now!

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LOL again another kid!

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Lol some kids!

I wasnt attacking anything or anyone! kids!

Just saying most pc gamers do upgrade and is willing to do so

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All I see is console gamers will buy consoles while pc gamers wills stick to their pc no matter how much it will cost them to upgrade

Xbox one X has the power and is the most powerful console right now, that is a fact

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lol PS5 is a start of a new I do see it beating the X...

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I love how the ps4 is getting games randomly like back in the ps1 and ps2 days :)

I love it!

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