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They have!

But I do like the niche games that comes out here and there which reminds me of the Ps1/Ps2 era

They might not have rave reviews but fun to play. I remember just buying games every single week at my local used games store (they do get the rare games which are brand new)

these were the good days of gaming.

Too bad they aren't around anymore :(

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Hoping the game will do well, such a fab game

I see some PS4 fans defending it a little >.<

No point defending, if a certain game sells better on 1 system over yours then be it. Not the end of the world.

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Amazon got it's customers and now hiking the prices, getting rid of great offers and so on

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Lost Odyssey is a great choice!

Loved it and wishing for a sequel or prequel after completing the game I wanted more!!!

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@ Skull521

So what does that make us the Xbox one adopters? irrelevant and a cash cow for MS and MS made Xbox one owners fools!

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Did Sony and SE just screw Xbox with KH3 lol

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But it seems like the Xbox fans are happy with the current state of the Xbox one >.<

FIVE years into the Xbox one console and it toke Microsoft FIVE years to acquire studios (longer if you count Xbox 360) 50/50 so they can counter the criticisms and for a show, only time will tell.

FIVE years of waiting and waiting while Sony throwing out EXCLUSIVES after EXCLUSIVES...

FIVE years too late as I said before

But ...

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So like Xbox360 last few had no true exclusives and 5 years into the Xbox one they decided to confirmed about their next gen console...

I have no problem with it but the difference is Sony Ps4 had Exclusive games year by year...Xbox one S and X did not show that and it just seems to make xbox one absolute!

So the Xbox fans are happy with the new studios but forgetting about the true exclusive games within these 5 years...

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Phil says gaming starts now!!!

As expected 15 exclusives are for the Xbox only owners ears

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5 years too late?

These past years Xbox One "ONLY" owners kept believing in it...Even if Xbox delivers this time (which I really don't know, im 50/50 with their conference) me it's a little late, I have been constantly playing with my PS4 with its exclusives while with the Xbox one S & X, I have been using it to watch Amazon prime videos or Youtube >.< maybe a little Fable 3 here and there

...22 console exclusives... ...

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WHAT are you on about!

"„because sony gave us god of war i‘ll buy anyhing they will be releasing“

No No No...Sony gave us more than GOW before GOW released

Now The mindset of Xbox fanboys are the ones that should think twice about their line ups ;)

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Looks like a great list for xbox only owners tho lol

I remember E3 2017 very well...

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If you or a few other Xbox owners think this way then you guys must be very happy with what Xbox is offering

I am not happy as now I own an Xbox one S and Xbox X without any real great exclusives to play on my investment

Guess from the top people in MS, we shall wait and wait for every E3 lol

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Ps5 won't be announcing thats for sure!

But from the Xbox

New Halo or Gears

New Fable

Lost Oddysee (sequel/prequel)

New Perfect Dark

Will be good

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For ps4 games yes

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that's sarcasm right...right...?


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~"My copy is!!,it's good to know folks in high places."

your parents? lol

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to me FF7 is the best FF game :)

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it won't fail

the whole crypto market will reach a trillion+ next year or so.

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