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""Magazines are always gonna have some type of advertisements in them regardless; even strategy guides have some type of advertisements on the inside covers"

That statement doesn't justify anything.

How are they different. They are two services providing you with a product. They both are there to make profit and they both do make a profit.

An part of magazine production is printing, and as you said, the ads in magazin...

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It is optional but if you are willing to pay for PS+ when it may not be worth the $50, then why is it so terrible to pay for XBL when comparing what you get for each

Optional paid service is NO DOUBT better than required paid service, but if I signed up for PS+ knowing that it wasn't worth the $50, It would be hypocritical of me to rag on XBL for what is offered (free online or not) for that same price.

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I can agree with your comment but:
"don't understand is the over sensitive nature of some, and it's a big faction, Haloites these days. Why are they so touchy? When you're the big boy it doesn't sit well to respond to all the tiny little digs that ANYTHING so popular gets. It's got a lot of fans, it isn't going anywhere, you/we have a new one coming soon"

I really can't understand how are trying to criticize the Halo fans becau...

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No, not sure what that has to do with anything. Transformers are still for kids...whether or not the kids who played with them are grown up.

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according to N4G PS3 fanbase...

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I don't think you understood the argument

No one is tell you to trust VGChartz, but if Sony's sales are to be trusted than MS's are to be trusted as well because they both have to report to stock holders.

MS's sales are always called out, but Sony's are some how unquestionable.

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September 14th: Halo: Reach

Both reach and GT5 will sell a ton but in my uneducated opinion, people who are or were going to buy the PS3 slim mostly already have. Even if GT5 comes bundled with the PS3 slim, I think that most people will be buying the stand alone game because they already have the PS3 slim.

Again, in my uneducated opinion, MS has done a good job by releasing Reach not to long after the 360S release, giving a lot of p...

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That's what I am saying.. it was done in the first 2, they should go a different route for the 3rd.

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Definitely nice preview.

This game will be full of win.

Man I can't wait.

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There is absolutely nothing negative you can say.

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I just feel like they shouldn't include a supernatural element in 3. IT was like clockwork in the first 2 games. I didn't mind it, but if they do it a 3rd time i think it will be 1 too many.

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Its definitely expensive....but it does come with the game, a mic and an extra controller. You are saving money if you buy it bundles like this.

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So I LOVE Halo and I LOVE KZ2. Since I am such a bad gamer and only care about sales, what does that say about KZ2.

Play games, not consoles, you troll.

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so you wouldn't count the PS3 slims replacements then on total PS3 sales...?

Troll harder

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Its not my opinion that Halo 3 currently has more online players than Kz2...and when did KZ2 come out?

IF the game was "OMG SO FUN," online multiplayer wouldn't almost be extinct.

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Gotta love the acceptance of NowGamer articles by the PS3 fanboys when it is saying something negative against an MS product.

The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

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Elena is just wow. Chloe is definitely more than a looker as well.

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which obviously means that the PC is better...


Edit: You don't skip any opportunity to tell everyone that you think PC is better, do you?

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its probably his mom's basement... :)

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I really like the potential of move with Hardcore games,but the Move is a Wii copy. Maybe not the exact tech, but at the end of the day it does the SAME thing as a WiiMote but with more precision.

I still really like it and will be purchasing it, but I'm not going to call it something it isn't.

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