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True. Mark Whalberg was The exact actor i thought of Max Payne ...And that movie sucked,

i Wish young Kurt Russel or young Clint Eastwood could play Snake in metal gear solid movie, not the voice actor

That guy from FireFly should Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted and the elena voice actress should play her

And all the actors that were used in the mass effect series should be used for the Movie. I know Sheppard And Miranda are real Actors maby ...

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Sometimes it is just for the grammar Nazi's.. it is the only way i have come to be able to splatter whats in my head here Quickly.
I have spent literally various minutes typing up something and when i post it, everything gets lost. So i post everything as soon as possible and only have a small amount of time to edit it
It is not really worth my time. I have other things to do. I do not believe in the auto correct thing as it makes more mistakes than it Fixes

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It A Great Game, LOTS of Nudity.. there was other stuff too...YEP-Awesome Game, you'll Have a Fapping Good Time

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Wow Game looks Amazing ,Actually Looks like what i see everyday out here in Cali.. I could see the rich guy being Tommy Vercetti and the Black Hispanic looking Dude being Carl Johnson , but the Other Crazy Guy. Only Reminds me of That guy in Vice City that loves BoomShine,or Moon i dunno Phil Cassidy, anybody notice the See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil thing at the end... How would you reroute two trains to slam into each other . You should be ableto run into CLAUDE like we did in san...

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Gears Creed:Assasins of War, Just Cause 3 maby has his bulletstorm ultra bright Scenery and Over the top Characters.. what else does ubi make Hitman? i always thought Ubi Made Tomb Raider and FarCry.... his style would fit in with Far Cry also, I only really like The Way Epic Designs Vehicles, and the smoothness of UT3 and that NUDE chick mod on my PS3 , and it was cool playing Blood Gulch with masterchief on my PS3, friends minds were blown

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Meanwhile ,at Activision Offices there trying to Figure Out How To Get More Money out of this, sue the manufactures, Sue EA somehow, Sue God for creating the people who run the Plant, Sue Bioware, Sue The World For Buying the Game, sue Commander Sheppard For being Soo Awesome...i Dunno

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Bobby Kotick must be Pulling His Hair Out, out of sheer horror of this Debockle , he might lose sleep over this....or just stuff his ears and tape Money to his eyes and act like Whats a PS3? Beta Testing is That Spanish or something?

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Kotick is Humbled At the Trucks load Of Ca$h so he can fill his Olympic Pool With pure Benjamines.. Take a Swim, maby build a solid diamond heli Pad and Solid Platinumb Brick Mansion, Build a Human Powered Limo , so they can flintstone him to Work

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Cant Forget To Pick Up the floating Piles of ¢a$h.! And ALL That Jet, Helicoptor Pilot Training , and How easy it is To Steal a Tank

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I Passed that Experience, It Was Soo Beautiful, I felt Many Ways, Goose Bumps weird from A $15 game

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Grand Theft Auto 5 or San Andreas, Little Big Planet so you can Create New Levels, Skyrim With all the DLC would be cool also

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Made Me Think Of THIS^

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They Probrably Thought, God Damn The Second disk Looks and Plays amazing finally They Changed something since COD4.. Sells First Disk to Little 10 Year old Kid for a Discount $54.99 it Would Have Been Epic if they Had Battlefield 3 on the First Disk .Chinese Trolls r da bestest

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Alot of my PS2 DVDs sre Cracking From the Middle cause i Have To Click them into place and it puts alot of stress on that area, thinking about Buying A PS3 with backwards compatibility. My Launch 60 lazted 2 years then mynephews disconnected it while i was playing and it YLOD on me .I was soo pissed

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I Love my Blu-Rays they Are really Unscratchable. My 2006 games still scratchless when my bros 360 Disk from 2012 got some light scratches , thanks to them for going the extra mile. Why are we still on disk and not on Chips?

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So Can You Watch Blu-Rays on it and get rid of the other player in the Living Room? Does it Support 4K Blu-Rays like the PS3? Can you Atleast Watch VHS or does it take 8-TraX

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how do i start my own gaming review thing to get free copies early? what nessesities? are required

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Call of Duky Black Kawks: DeCrapified where can i Find it for $40 anybody i need it in my Life.....i need to Play it in front of Buddies and make their A$$es hurt they dont got Vitas ,Make Them Pay for their Dumba$$edness, having to wait until work is over to PoP some Skullz

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