gamers defend and buy crap games but when it comes to games that deserve to be bought dont buy them
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Yea but its to a very very limited degree,its not like he has control over time like the prince,so his limited time control will do nothing to the hulk,ive said it before yo have to read up on this stuff ive read hulk comics and ive played and beat every god of war besides ascension,and i can clearly see that kratos has no chance,sure he defeated giant enemies,but last time i check just because your big doesnt always mean you are the strongest,and then the gods themselves have nothing on marv...

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TO all the people that blindly disagreed you still have yet to give me clear reasons as to how kratos can beat the hulk instead of just saying he kills gods.

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ill agree with you that heavenly sword was pretty good, but enslaved isnt underrated it was pretty average and i went into the game very excited it was just okay gameplay wise story wise i played a few games very similar that came before but did it better, and trip was very reminiscent of characters like elika, or alex vance but she felt more helpless than those 2.

obviosuly there are more people complaining than you think DmC hasnt gotten half of DMC4 sales at launch, now it...

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right, heck im a huge Prince of persia fan and i loved the 2008 game, sure you couldnt die but prince of persia isnt really known for hard difficulty unlike DMC, but its known for great platforminh, great puzzles, great story, and great character interaction, and the 2008 game was just that in fact it felt more like a sequel to sands of time than warrior within did, it had things that were familiar from that game, and thats why i love it just the same way i do sands of time, but DmC not one t...

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how did they surprise anyone, its an okay game but its not an amazing AAA game, its not crap, its just average, enslaved was meh, heavenly sword was actually good, kung fu chaos was crap.

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right, but sadly i think that the rumored "assassians creed/egypt" looking game actually is the new PoP, and its kind of sad because ubisoft created this beautiful game more reminiscent of sands of time and instead of finishing the story they would rather turn PoP into another assassians creed game, but e3 2013, will reveal all so ill wait for my judgement.

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i dont think they deserve it, they have made 4 games, all oh whish are good except for kung fu chaos, but they arent all that, there are companies that have been making great games for years and still have yet to get the true recognition and respect they deserve, for example ubisoft, they have always made great games, but they just started getting talked about once AC2 came out, same can be said for suckerpunch which they still havnt gotten to that status, and theyve made really good games, h...

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true, but who knows maybe its just us, maybe the majority of men are as ripped as kratos, jin, dante, maybe they are a perfect looking like the prince, nathan drake, all men blatantly have 6 pack abs, raging biceps, and walk around shirtless.

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sweet, i just pre-ordered this sunday, so i get gray fox, and an artbook.

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right, at first i thought it was only me, i think he looks weird because hes a armored plated cyborg, driving a little car,its actually kind of funny.

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i really hope so i really want to play as fury next , because besides death she looked the most interesting, and vigil described her as a spell caster, sp for gameplay she could summon monsters like ellen and keats in folklore, and weapons would be her whip, the gauntlet on her hand, and a fiery bow and arrow, she would also have a lot of life draining abilities.

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right, they want to come out and put all the blame on videogames, now they ironically make a videogame where you use a gun, they just exposed themselves.

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i agree, shane to me just came off as the typical mainstream journalist jerk.

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1921d ago

wow, just wow, they just got EXPOSED!!!!, you know what i got the perfect song for this.

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my only problem is, how the heck could this even happen, i mean i guess time travel could be it, but time travel always creates paradoxes and loophole.

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dude buy it, its a very good game.

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Crash, heck yes just dont put him in skylanders, and he doesnt need naughty dog, true they made the best ones but there were still good crash games, after that.

streets of rage, i hope that supposed remake becomes true

never played the rest, but ill add
spyro(skylanders is not a spyro game)
Prince of persia(not neccesarily a reboot just a sequel to PoP08)
prototype(i think if they redid that series, and it focused more on alex it could...

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thats next week, crap i wish it were tomorrow.

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ah sorry man that sucks, believe me i feel your pain, you have to wait longer for an amazing game, but hey at least it will be worth the wait.

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