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That is a complete load. Times may indeed be hard for some but it doesn't stop the majority of society spending money stupidly like they always have as history constantly repeats itself.

You can't say people are hurting that badly when I see 6 year old's with iPad's and iPhone 5's that their parents bought for them.. You can't tell me parents can't afford a $250 dollar gaming system but can afford $600-$700 phones and tablets with expensive monthly...

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Target price matches. You need to learn to be more Savy.. and if you don't have a Target then think of something else that might do the same like possibly Walmart.

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Been a while since I played Smash Bro's and I honestly never used snake, so yes I will gladly chalk that up as a big mistake on my behalf.. a very stupid one.

People were asking for Snake as if he hasn't been in it. So I assumed he hadn't since I never used em or even noticed him in the game before until now or enough to rememeber.

Definetely stupid of me.

I just got on the subject of the first two then figured I would jump on the...

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It is free to play, so it most likely will be here also but I question if it even will come over seas. I really don't think it will.

Everyone is getting super excited over this but they have to keep in mind Monster Hunter Frontier is already a Monster Hunter MMO, it was released on ...

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I guess what you are trying to say would make more sense.. if the game wasn't already released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 a year ago. Maybe it has to do more with the fact it is a game people have already played and is somewhat old now..

The Wii U gets a powered up edition.. Whoopty doo. I would rather see a release date for Mario Kart on the Wii U.

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I don't get Okami and Resident Evil being in Smash Bro's. The others sure I can because they started on Nintendo systems.

Okami was first released on the Playstation 2 and wasn't released on the Wii until two years after that. It even ended up on the PS3 again in 2012. Resident Evil started with Sony, the game literally first appeared on the Playtation in 1996 and no other system at the time.

So how are these two included? Yes they ended up on Nin...

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Yea but that has been around before they started the year of Luigi. Not Dark Moon of course but you know what I mean.

Just saying, doesn't really seem any different than it was for Luigi is all. They made it seem like finally they would focus on Luigi more instead of Mario like with Luigi's Mansion but I don't personally see it.

I guess there is still most of the year left, hopefully we see more Luigi specific games, not ones where he is just bein...

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Meh I was excited for ZombiU and look how that turned out. I will wait to see more of the game first before I jump to any conclusion.

Great video no doubt but.. The only thing I can say, based on the video, is that if someone didn't tell me the title of the game.. I would have assumed it was a new Silent Hill game. That one guy looks eerily similar to Pyramid Head, only difference he carries a hammer instead of a sword and has a box instead of a pyramid on his head.

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Sadly these games are still mainly about Mario or at least that is how I feel. About the only actual Luigi thing they have done is the DLC for NSMBU, which I think should have been in the game to begin with.

I mean basically Luigi as they show him is just Mario's slave. I don't really consider it the year of Luigi.. When he really isn't starring in these games.. he is more like a co-star.

The title is Mario Brothers, so I have no clue why Luigi wa...

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Clearly you don't because you are incapable of telling the difference between "Since" and "Sense"..

Thanks for proving my point.

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I love how practically everyone holds the Vita wrong.. There is no reason why your fingers would be touching the back touch pad accidentally if they are resting in the grips like they should be.

According to IGN.. 142 Vita owners don't know how to hold it.. and people wonder why the gaming community is so stupid lately.

I have big ass hands also and I have never once had any of this happen. I put my mothers life, sisters and brothers on it. Amazes me, som...

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So sick of hearing people bitch and whine about this game like it is the end all be all for any gamer or system.

I really don't care if it comes to the Vita or not, if it does sure better for the people can't stop obsessing over the game. I am by no means saying it isn't a good game but god damn.. It isn't as original as people try to make it seem by comparing just about every god damn game with monsters in it, to Monster Hunter..

Sadly you pl...

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Do people even consider all the damn PSP games that haven't even been mentioned that will no doubt be on the Vita later on with sequels of some kind? Sony has more developer interest than any of the three right now anyway, so why would anyone be worried knowing that also?

I am not worried one bit, it has every thing it needs to exceed except massive sales.

What I find even more stupid is all the games people ask for anyway are just games that are already ...

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Why would they make a clone of CoD? CoD has been on almost every Nintendo system just like any other.

It was even on the 3DS also, So what point is there in you bringing up CoD? Only idiots would agree with a statement that has literally no weight.

Mika didn't say they should make games for a specific fan, Mika was just saying they should appeal to more people than just their fans..

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This is bullshit this is even tagged PS Vita, Sony. This has nothing to do with the PS Vita or Sony, this is just a article bragging about Nintendo IP's.

Classless fans. Some of them just don't understand not everyone cares for those games, just like I don't expect everyone to care for everything Microsoft or Sony makes or has on their systems.. That is why there are options and not just one company because not everyone has the same interest in video games.

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Story Quality - WTF?

Like this Website - No

Yes because no one can research or display Mexican culture other than Mexicans, no one else is allowed to talk about it or use it in games unless they are from Mexico and born Mexican... /s

It was so offensive, they just advertised Taco Bell through the entire games dialog, tacos, tacos and tacos! All the characters just made fun of Mexicans also with border crossing jokes... /s

I c...

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Would be great if it was ever announced to even leave Japan.. At this point I almost want to say Sega said this to moving it over seas on the Vita...

"Fuck it.."

I mean it is kind of ridiculous how little we have heard about the Vita version coming over seas. Especially knowing the Japanese version has been out for a good while now and they have talked about the PC version, which even that is taking way longer than it should to be localized..

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Well if it releases on the PS4 then I guess that won't be such a big deal but still. I am not going to expect the Vita to solely exist on remote play, as cool as it is I highly doubt it will end up like that.

They very well might not make PS4 ports for the Vita because I am guessing it is going to be vastly different versions regardless simply because of the power of both units is no where near the same, it will be more dependent on the games development I suppose..

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Inafune made it very clear why he did this, he wanted people to experience the game first hand and be able to make a decision based on that. It takes balls for anyone to give out so much of their game and risk people potentially just hate it and it kills sales before it even is released..

Regardless he didn't want to give people a short demo that really wouldn't give you a real idea of the game or its depth. I feel like either way people like you would probably compla...

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