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... what?!

The plot doesn't just thicken, it congeals.

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Hmm... might be an elaborate troll.

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I love when people break embargo!

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This actually looks kind of interesting.. almost LBP-esque.

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I think it costs many millions to license, versus Unreal, which is significantly less and thus why we see it more.

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I'd love to see how that guy sweats out (no pun intended) Louisiana heat... London sounds wonderful right now!

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You own your games on Steam as much as you own games on your PS3.

People freak out over nothing.

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I was a little apprehensive about the whole not being open world concept, but I'm reassured now. Harvey is a great guy.

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The poetic justice aspect was really cool!

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Eeeeerily similar to this article...

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Poorest PC gaming argument out there.

To each his own. I enjoy being at my desk just as much as on my couch looking at a TV.

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Thank you for completely summarizing this "controversy". If only I could give you more agrees and bubbles...

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The article tackles this... it's implied, and many are shown blown up. They're dying, people are just making things up to provide a basis for this petty argument :P

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We get a box with a flag, for twice the normal price.

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@BadCircuit like the Damned 33rd?


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OXCGN wrote an article a while back about the death of arena shooters, and it talks about this somewhat.

Halo is one of the last big remnants of the arena shooter, and adding iron sights would kill that. Arena shooters are meant to have players running and gunning, not stopping to aim every time they get into a fight.

Obviously Halo has sniper rifles and the DMR/BR, but because they have scopes, it doesn't really detract from the action. If everything had...

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If anyone interfered, it would be heroic. If America interfered, it'd be us unnecessarily inserting ourselves in someone else's business.


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Oh lawd... what hath OXCGN wrought?! N4G, assemble!

Call them biased!

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Am I the only one who's not impressed? No way in hell this would look like a PS4 or 720 game.

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Yeah, I'll stick to fruit ninja.

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