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I'm looking forward to this after the preview. Glad it isn't trying to force the Metal Gear style and instead does its own thing.

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Really looking forward to this!!

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Pretty solid list. I agree with the point about handhelds; smartphones are becoming ridiculously powerful and it's harder to justify a dedicated handheld.

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Really interested in this.

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Wow, this looks incredible for a mobile game. May have to check it out.

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The Halo fan in me is doing backflips for Halo 4, and I'm also really excited for Dishonored.

An honorable mention should be PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. It may be a smash bros. clone, but that's why people will buy it.

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I rather like that big map...

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I agree wholeheartedly, but I think waiting on a date is the worst part. Microsoft played it close with only a 5 month span between 360 announcement and release... Nintendo said "WiiU", shut up for over a year, and then says "November 18th. 299/349."

At least it was two months and not two weeks!

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I was surprised at the optimization.. a few stutters here and there, but overall a very impeccable presentation.

The first time you get blood on your crowbar... I needed new pants.

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Even if the source engine they used isn't the most modern (as in CS:GO)... WOW!

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If I had disposable income...

But hey, you can't even buy the game pad separately...

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You mean, $999 US DOLLARS for the Xbox 720 and its Google glasses? :)

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Hmm.. was wondering why this wasn't at E3.

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Well, the pistol seems to be Halo 2-tier, so essentially it's a water gun. I don't think it'll be a problem.

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Yet another article that shouldn't be approved.

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I guess most gamers are turned off by not being constantly told what to do or aren't too intrigued with NOT being funneled down linear corridors.

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Not sure about this one. It seems like a Spec Ops to me: everyone thinks it sucks, but then it turns out to be a sleeper hit.

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Really excited for this game!! Glad something different on a AAA scale is coming out this year.

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An interesting take. Honestly, any game can be improved with UGC but I think as the author suggests, Nintendo can benefit from it.

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