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Indeed. I think I'm going to play it again now...

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How to get on the front page of N4G:

1) Name article in conjunction with unreleased games
2) Put Gordon Freeman/lambda in pic
3) Wait

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Really enjoying this game. I wish Splinter Cell stuck to its stealth roots :(

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No one has ever hoped for HL3, you're crazy sir! :)

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As a stealth fan, it was a wet dream.

It was extremely unique and my own personal GOTY.

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Dishonored, Dishonored, Dishonored... did I mention Dishonored?

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Awesome list. I think I'm the only one who enjoyed Burning Skies.

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Indeed, they don't sound downtrodden at all.

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It's still weird about how they were thrown in jail. Ridiculous.

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Best launch title, IMO. It gets bad rep, which I think is due to its difficulty... which is the best part.

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Really enjoying my Wii U. Good points about how the next gen will be more about the controllers than the tech... I want to play everything on my Wii U now but none of my friends have it :(

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We're gonna have a comment war because people are going to refer to a single thing without stating it, and everyone will say "Your idea sucks!"

On topic: I like the idea of the French Revolution. Maybe do it in a Brotherhood-style sequel in a year or two?

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No, it isn't. Didn't even click.

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This won't leave my disc tray for a very long time.

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Really interesting review... makes me want to go to New Orleans :(

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Never been much of a fan of sports games, but the tech behind this year's FIFA is interesting.

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It's Microsoft, therefore it must be bad!


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Yes, I am talking about the ending. To explain with no spoilers, it's like the author said -- we had all this buildup through the other games, and... well, there's nothing to complement that. It's just a really arbitrary ending.

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