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I may pick this up on PC via steam sales in the future...

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I'm kind of interested in the stealth mechanics. I know it's not a stealth game, but the ability to creep around is a good plus for someone like me.

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I'll be hated for this, but Dead Space was always very scary to me and I couldn't beat it. I enjoyed 2 more because it was more action-oriented and less repetitive, and the coop aspect of 3 makes it a must-buy for me.

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I'm looking forward to the coop...

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I definitely agree that games have gotten easier, but I disagree with Max Payne 3. That was a legitimately difficult game.

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It's really unfortunate... Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light, South Park... all great games almost released, and now someone else will get all the credit.

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Incredibly humbling. Even to the end, they could laugh.

It's a fitting sendoff.

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I love the concept, but I hate how finicky the zombies are. Waiting for the standalone release.

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Very true. Obviously they'll always exist, but I think this gen we'll only have a very small amount of exclusives. Games are just costing so much to make, it doesn't pay to be exclusive going forward. Obviously for some things like Halo or Last of Us. But the point remains

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Hmm... seems fair enough.

I'm sure N4G will love that the PS4 is the most powerful.

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Cue the onslaught of people who don't actually understand what this means.

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I'd wager a hefty sum that it has something to do with Spies vs. Mercs.

They want to make sure it's polished overall, but making sure the single most fan-requested feature for YEARS is ship-shape has to be a major concern.

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As a devoted MGS fan, I'm on the fence.

I'm obligated to buy it because it has Metal Gear in the title, but I don't know if I'm going to enjoy it and regret the purchase.

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BF4 would have to be a next gen title.

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Really enjoying this expansion.

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Really good to see that there may be hope... one day, ONE DAY... people may understand. Maybe.

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It's a risk and you should realize that.

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Hoping for a full 3D adventure on the Wii U.

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I really think the timing for Alan Wake 2 is perfect if it's in 2013.

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Oh, so sales in the US - the largest market - don't count?

Sound logic.

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