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The author makes good points. I really will never understand why The Force Unleashed 2 was necessary; the fans didn't want it, they want BF3!

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Nothing ever got done by staying in the safe zone, friend.

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I love how most people are thinking the author SAID Sony would drop out of the race, when in reality, he was PROPOSING by saying "conspiracy theory time!"

Man, I love the internet.

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I wouldn't either, but from a business standpoint it was. While it may have been a great thing to the players, to Sega it ultimately lead to their withdrawal.

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It's a shame Turok will never have glory again... that Turok title from two years or so ago was ABYSMAL and made me go back to the N64 version to make me feel clean again.

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As the title implies, it's simply the entry of what's to come...

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Game looks to go back to what FPSs are about: fun and nonsense... it's incredible that they're doing this with no pay.

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Precisely why Team Fortress 2 on consoles died... which is a shame; I wish console owners got to experience that like the PC version.

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Yep, MS is VERY strict on indie games and content. In all respect, Sony are the ones moving forward with indie support, NOT MS.

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The article clearly praises the game, but you're making it seem like the author is biased, unless I'm not getting your viewpoint.

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List was spot on... precisely why I truly hate online gaming.

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It's been a while, but long story short, the game is a multiplayer game revolving around a bunch of people on a ship, and you never know who is out to get who, or if they're out to get anybody for that matter.

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Indeed! I personally was surprised that the author was familiar with The Ship; it's a very unknown title, but has a very similar concept.

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I think you're suggesting that only the Xbox platform has seen it's fair share of bad releases.

The PS3 and most agreeably the Wii have both seen tons of terrible titles, as well as many good ones.

The writer never spoke in a biased sense, and your opinion on it should not be biased as a result, unless you're a sheltered single-console worshiping twelve year old.

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I agree. But LA Noire has a bit going for it regardless, because isn't it published by Rockstar?

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I concur. But maybe the dramatization was to send a message? lol.

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I concur whole-heartedly.

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Well, it's an excellent game, sir/madame. I'm glad the PS3 audience gets to experience it soon.

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It's a good list. While it may not reflect EVERYONE'S opinion, they did say that they all voted on it.

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But think of what you're getting for $15. I'm surprised $15 CoD rehash map packs get higher scores than this is getting.

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