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A very interesting framing of how gamers generalize things. Well done.

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I *almost* wish we'd go back to WW2.

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Definitely. Read somewhere that it will still be a stealth game first and foremost, so we can sleep easily

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Super stoked that Eidos Montreal is doing it... DXHR was incredible.

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I hope America gets good LE's... AC3 we got a crappy edition... and the game took place here, for crying out loud!!!

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I genuinely liked Judgment. It was a bit light, but was solid overall.

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Haven't been hearing too much on this one.

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This game is utterly fantastic!

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Does everything have to have a feminist connotation now? Can't it just be a good game that has a female protagonist?

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Exactly! I think that everyone has wanted a proper pirate game. Ubi is giving us that.

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This game just has so much potential.

AC3 was exciting in concept, but didn't quite follow through in my opinion. Black Flag looks to make up for that.

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I think this gen proved that we really will start focusing on the past as well as the future. Good article.

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Really, really good article. Sony is putting up a fair fight this gen.

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well, people have been itching for a good pirate game...

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Not too sure about this. Naval battles were fun... but an entire game?

This site's been right in the past, so we'll see

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It'll be interesting to see the two continue to go back and forth.

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I mean, I like my Wii U, but now it just looks even more dead...

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I have to say... I'm actually really excited for this. Microsoft is going to have a HARD time coming up with a retort.

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They'll probably elaborate on it today, but rumor has it that it's a timed exclusive. No confirmation on that though.

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AHHH! This is exciting!

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