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In their "related articles" section at the bottom they have a really good piece about how LE/CS's are declining, fits perfectly here..

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Interesting piece. I'm disappointed there's no Legendary edition. :(

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I've never heard of it! Now I'm curious...

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I remember way back in 2006 where The Outfit (yes, it lacked some polish, but was still a great game) was criticized.

Now, look at all the games building off of its formula: Toy Soldiers, Trenched, Starhawk... You truly never know where an idea is going to land.

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Tanks are fun...hehe.

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I thought the first was a bit mediocre... probably won't pick this one up.

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I like how a kid reviewed it! That works out well.

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THIEF 4 !!!

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Doesn't look like it! Well, it LOOKS like it sort of kind of but doesn't appear as if it'll play the same...

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I'm awaiting PETA's response to this.

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Reminds me of Homefront... but not in a bad way.

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Not sure...

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I really thought this was interesting... have to download the trial.

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... wouldn't that be 70?

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Well, put it this way. For the most part, if it's a WW2 game, you can generally walk away learning something.

If it's modern warfare, you walk away either A) USA USA USA DEMOCRACY FREEDOM YEAH or B) I HATE YANKS.

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Or where they decided that Chief can magically obtain new armor in the depths of deep space!

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That one shot of the campaign in Halo 4... sweet Jesus.

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While I agree that is true, I like how the author made a point about Halo and COD and how he can still open up Halo and win because it's fair and square. I miss when shooters didn't give everyone advantages from the get-go!

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I agree somewhat, but I personally say that arena shooters are too much of the past. Whether or not we enjoy them isn't relevant... games like COD sell, and that's what will get made. Vote with your wallet.

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