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nate is lukin gud lol

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She's very emotional for a community manager.

And any community manager who has less than 500 followers clearly isn't doing the social media thing particularly well, given it should be their full-time job.

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"If you don't like cod, why are you here?"

Because we're on N4G and this is an N4G story.

There's no rule stating that we have to agree with a news story to have our say.

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Sure. I don't see those developers talking about gun skill though.

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Advanced Warfare's multiplayer will be all about auto-aim

Like the others

It's more about learning the best positions on maps, hitboxes and understanding the respawn mechanics than it is 'gun skill'

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Good. More developers should think this way.

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Old. It's exactly the same excerpt of interview taken from here (the actual magazine):

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Good. The Call Of Duty series needs to step up after Ghosts.

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We'll have to wait and see what happens I guess. The only thing I have to say now is it's annoying see how the Kickstarter backers have reacted - it was never an -investment- per se and shouldn't be treated as such.

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Agree with all of these points. And if Dishonored 2 happens, I really hope that it's NOT a cross-gen title.

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Still my favourite FF soundtrack. Balamb Garden, Fisherman's Horizon... ahhhh memories

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The games are good. The controls are good. I don't see why it matters tbh - I'm not going to be snooty about indie games as long as I'm enjoying myself.

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As long as the indie games keep coming, I'm happy with my Vita

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I do miss the old-style of shooters but I don't think they work well on console. Shame really

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Want to see more horror games on console

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Titanfall minus mechs = COD, no?

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I am shocked by this news

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'Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 were all previously priced at £44.99, but are now on sale for £49.99.'

It seems like it's UK only atm, yeah

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This would be my main concern with an all-digital future - Microsoft controlling the prices and setting them far higher than you'd expect from physical copies

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All down to the stock situation

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